I don't know about you, but I love avocados. I've often thought to myself that I would pay someone just to eat them, not the other way around. (I mean, I guess I have given that I order it a bunch in restaurants.) But, how does earning $300 just for eating some sound? Pretty great, right? It's no longer just a pipe dream, people because a university study is officially paying applicants to be part of their study. The only thing you need to do is sit around for six months and ingest some of the superfood.

Loma Linda University School of Public Health is willing to pay 250 applicants 300 big ones to be a part of the school's most recent study. Apply on the study's website.

a split open avocado with a spoon inside

Joan Sabaté, MD, DrPH directs the Center for Nutrition, Lifestyle and Disease Prevention at the university and plans on hosting the six-month trial. Two groups of individuals will partake in ingesting avocados; one group will be asked to eat an avocado a day for the duration of the study while the other group will be asked to eat only two a month during the same period.

Sabaté told the LLU journal that "the study will examine whether eating one avocado per day reduces visceral adipose fat in the abdomen."

In order to be considered for the study you need to be at least 25 years old, be willing to eat said amount of avocados, and measure at least 40 inches around the waist if you're male and 35 inches if you're female. You're also expected to participate when you're traveling or during holidays. Throughout the trial, participants are expected to visit the LLU clinic a total of eight times and undergo two MRI scans.

You'll also be required to complete an additional survey questionnaire including further medical information, attend a group information meeting at LLU, and attend a face-to-face interview before you're officially selected.

a halved avocado on the counter with the pit still inside

It's also not only LLU that will be participating in the study. It was reported that Penn State University, Tufts University, and the University of California will each take on 250 participants of their own. With these combined schools, approximately 1,000 participants will contribute to the study.

In addition to the free avocados throughout the study (and that $300 stipend) you'll also be able to receive some of your lab results and small gifts throughout the study. Though, what exactly the gifts are is being kept under wraps.

Due to the overwhelming number of applications already received, the study at LLU has currently halted receiving new applicants. However, if you're still interested in joining you should keep your eyes peeled because they will be accepting new applications in approximately two weeks.

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