Halloween doesn't have to break the bank to have a spooktacular time. Not only are there spectacular, affordable Halloween decorations available to you, you can also try your hand at some spooky DIY decoration ideas.

Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations

If you have a bit of creative spirit and a can-do attitude, there are tons of great ideas that you can make yourself. These DIY Halloween decoration ideas look amazing, are easy to create, and you'll have a unique house that everyone will talk about after this year's Halloween party.

Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

Floating witch hat halloween decoration

It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus! The witch's hat is a Halloween classic. No Halloween celebration is complete without the iconic black pointed tipped hat. Greet your trick or treaters with this whimsical yet simple decoration, as they magically float on your front porch. Add a special touch by turning them into luminaries and make them shimmer with glitter.

Spirit Milk Jugs

milk carton ghosts diy halloween decoration

This budget-friendly DIY is a great way to add a ghoulish glow to your walkway this fall. It's an easy activity for your children to participate in, as well as an excellent lesson on repurposing recyclable materials. All you'll need for this simple project are some rinsed milk jugs, a permanent black marker, scissors, sand and or rocks, battery operated tea lights or glowsticks.

Witchy Legs

DIY witch legs decoration

This adorable and funny decoration is affordable and amazingly simple to recreate. All you'll need is a bunch of saved up plastic grocery bags or pool noodles, a pair of witchy looking shoes and some striped stockings to make a set of hilarious witchy legs. Check out the simple tutorial here.

Pumpkin Lantern Porch Light Cover

hanging pumpkin lantern

This may be by far the most budget-friendly DIY Halloween decoration item on this list, and most straightforward. The pumpkin lantern porch light is an inexpensive way to dress up your front porch area. It's a great alternative to carving pumpkins, it's cheaper, not messy, and this pumpkin lantern cover fits most lights. Check out the tutorial here.

Witch's Broom

sparkling witch's broom

Homemade broomsticks are super magical. There is a spookiness element to the twiglike look of the bristles. They make for the perfect Halloween decoration! All you'll need for this project is a long stick, the creepier looking, the better, and to gather some unique looking twigs to form your witchy broom. It's doesn't get much more cost effective than that. Find the directions here.

Tomato Cage Ghost

tomato cage ghosts decoration

If you happen to have tomato cages, laying around from the summer, this would be an excellent DIY project for you. All you need are a few other inexpensive items to create these surprisingly simple yet impressive decorations. These glowing ghoulish ghosts will undoubtedly be a chilling sight.

Glowing Jack O Lantern Totem

illuminated jack-o-lantern totem

This affordable DIY project reminds me of the outdoor mid-century plastic blow mold decorations. It has a cool vintage vibe, and it's not hard on the wallet. The simple to follow tutorial can be found here.

Creepy Eyes

red yellow and purple spooky eyes

Someone's watching you! A creepy decor option for those on a budget. All you need are some empty toilet paper rolls, glowsticks, and eye cutouts to enjoy the effects of this DIY Halloween decoration!

Halloween Decorations that are Easy on the Wallet

Indoor/Outdoor Halloween Mini String Lights Orange - $3.60

Mini orange halloween lights

Adorn the inside our outside of your home with a ghostly glow. A perfect enhancement to any Halloween themed decor. These mini orange lights provide a simple, and understated Halloween feel to your outdoor space. They are even better when used with other decorations to create a spookily lit scene.

Ghostly Spirits Jumbo Decor-$2.99

Giant shadow banner

This affordable, versatile banner may be installed on either a wall or a large window. However, setting it on a window with a light in the background will produce a much eerier effect. Covering up the borders of the window with spider webs or lights will enhance the illusion even further.

Halloween Foam Tombstones - $9.00

foam tombstones for a graveyard

Transform your front yard into a bone-chilling cemetery with these classic headstone decorations. For the ultimate creep factor, place carved and lit Jack-o-Lanterns by each of the tombstones. These gravestones create an eerie scene that can help create a haunted path for trick-or-treaters to follow.

12-Piece Bag Of Bones- $9.97

bag of bones graveyard decoration

What would make a better combination than a bag of bones and a cemetery? If you have wheelbarrow fill it with dirt and add the bones for a spooky fun effect along with a shovel. No, wheelbarrow? No problem. Scatter the bones throughout your yard near the tombstones. That'll stop the trick or treaters dead in their tracks.

Unicorn Pumpkin Decorating Kit - $6.99

Pumpkin unicorn kit

Everyone knows at least one person obsessed with unicorns! This is the perfect pumpkin decorating kit for that unicorn lover in your life. It's ideal for those that want to paint a pumpkin, and eliminate the mess of pumpkin goop. Not to mention it's a safer alternative to carving for the little ones. It even comes with pumpkin paint to complete the effect.

Stretchable Spider Webs- $9.48

Fake stretchable spider webs on a desk

Halloween is never complete without fake spiderwebs. They can transform any space into a crypt keeper's dream home. Simply pull out the web and stretch it onto objects. Keep pulling apart until you have a scary spider's den. Combine it with the fake bones for an extra horrifying look.

LED Skeleton Ground Breaker- $13.98

Laughing ground breaking skelaton

Trick-or-Treaters won't be expecting this shocking unearthly surprise as they make their way to your door. A highly rated budget-friendly item to add to your Halloween haunts. You won't be disappointed.

Hairy Spider with Light-Up Eyes - $15.98

big hairy spider in fog

A terrifying scare for anyone with arachnophobia. Pair this big guy with some fake cobwebs, and you have a total nightmare!

Don't break the bank this Halloween. There are plenty of alternatives to expensive decorations that will turn your house into a bonafide haunted house. You can also create lasting memories with your family by trying some DIY Halloween decoration ideas. Don't forget to use your imagination and combine ideas for a completely unique look.

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