Decorating the house for Thanksgiving is just one of those tasks that's tradition at this point -- sort of like putting the star on the Christmas tree. It gives us something to look forward to, starts conversations among guests, and just makes the house look more festive.

While the homeowners in magazines seem to revamp their homes entirely, who really has that kind of time or dough to spend on Thanksgiving decorations? Working on a budget doesn't limit your decor possibilities, though. If anything, it gives you even more to work with, and we're going to prove it to you!

DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Paper Pumpkins

paper pumpkins on a table

If you need colorful little pumpkins as part of your centerpiece or as simple decorations for around the house, you won't need more than a few sheets of paper. You can create amazing pumpkins of various colors and sizes to scatter throughout your space without hassle or spending a lot of money.

Corn Placeholders

corn on the cob placeholders

A little bit of gold spray paint and corn on the cob can make chic placeholders for the dinner table. Just grab some smaller cobs, spray them, and write the names of your guests on the husks. Their compact size guarantees that everyone at the table will get one, and you won't need to spend tons of money to get them done.

Pie Garlands

a paper garland that looks like pie slices

Pie is the ultimate Thanksgiving dessert, so there's no reason why you shouldn't celebrate it by making super easy garlands to hang around your home. All you'll need is string, construction paper, and pom-poms to make little slices for display.

Banner With Book Page Leaves

a banner made of fake leaves and pages from a book

Garlands and banners are great to have around the mantelpiece or dangling from windows. People will get a kick out of the hard work you put into your Thanksgiving decor, and banners are quite easy to make. This tutorial teaches you to make a beautiful leaf banner using nothing more than twine, clothespins, leaves, and the pages of a book.

Mason Jar Candleholders

mason jars with candles in them and covered with leaves

Sometimes the best things in life are the simple things. You don't need to go crazy with the Thanksgiving decor to make your house stand out. When you need a killer centerpiece or a few candleholders, try decorating with these leaves glued to mason jars. The finished project will give off a beautiful glow that is crazy easy to make.

Basket Of Pumpkins

a basket filled with white pumpkins on a table

Of course, you'll need some Thanksgiving table decor with everyone gathering there for dinner. Get yourself a handful of pumpkins and place them in a black wire basket. The final look is lovely and wonderfully uncomplicated.

Basket Wreath

a basket wreath on a white door

Decorating on a budget means you get to do a lot of creative DIY projects that will look as stunning as the expensive stuff. This adorable basket wreath comes complete with beautiful calligraphy on its center and flowers adorning the bottom to keep things elegant. You'll only need seven things, too -- what a deal!

Apple Candleholders

apples being used as candleholders

I'll bet you never thought of using apples as candleholders! Instead of buying expensive candlesticks, you can make your own holders using apples. Use a melon baller to scoop out just enough of the apple for tealights to fit into.

Store-Bought Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Throw Pillows

thanksgiving throw pillows on a brown couch
  • $15.29

Thanksgiving dinner is a giant part of the holiday, but that doesn't mean guests won't be crowded on sofas or loveseats, mingling until dinner is ready. The idea of throw pillows isn't exactly revolutionary, but the throw pillows you get can be. Choosing pillows that suit your tastes and home will give your space a pop of personality.

Light-Up Fall Leaves

glowing leaf garland on a banister
  • $9.99

This fantastic garland available at Walmart gives you a bunch of benefits for just ten bucks. You get leaves for Thanksgiving, small lights that can keep things bright as night falls, and a cozy atmosphere on the cheap. Hang it over the mantelpiece or on the banister for maximum effect.

Succulent Plant Pumpkins

white pumpkin with a succulent in it
  • $9.98

When you're busy doing everything to get dinner and the house ready, you just don't have time to spare for a DIY centerpiece. That's where these cute white pumpkins stuffed with succulents come in. You can spread them throughout the house or just keep a few for the dinner table -- they will look great either way.

Felt Pumpkins

a felt pumpkin on a white end table
  • $9.47

When little ones are coming to dinner, breakable decor might not be the best idea. Keep things kid-friendly with affordable felt pumpkins that come in a variety of colors. The cheaper price allows you to grab more than one to spread around the house. The smaller ones can be used for Thanksgiving table decor.

Framed Pieces

a framed picture of the word "thankful"
  • $6.49

Some framed words or quotes etched in stunning calligraphy can be used to make the house look ready for Thanksgiving. You can find an assortment of thanksgiving phrases expressing gratitude for family and friends, blessing the house, or welcoming guests. Go with whatever suits your personal tastes.


a thanksgiving wreath with pinecones
  • $24.74

When guests knock on your door, they should be greeted by welcoming Thanksgiving decor. A nice wreath is a just one of the ways to spread a bit of festive charm to the outside of your house. You don't need to spend lots of money to get a good-looking wreath.


cloth napkins
  • $7.99

Just as important to Thanksgiving table decor as a centerpiece are the napkins. Chances are you're breaking out the nice flatware and dishes for dinner, so why not complete the fanciness with some cloth napkins that won't break the bank? You can grab them in whichever design best matches the aesthetic of your home.

Welcome Mats

a welcome mat with owls on it

The first thing guests are going to see is the outside of your house, so why not greet them with a festive welcome mat? There are plenty available at affordable prices, and they come in a variety of Thanksgiving-themed designs. You can place the mat outside the door or inside for people to leave their shoes on.

Thanksgiving decor really gives you a chance to show off your personality. Remember, you don't need to spend your savings on lavish decor; you can make your home look as beautiful as ever with a few dollars and your imagination.

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