Aromatherapy is a holistic well-being treatment that uses essential oils extracted from plants to manage one's health. Certain essential oils can mend the body or mind. The oils can be used by breathing them in through the nose, or by applying them to the skin. Having an oil diffuser in the home is the most common way of taking advantage of essential oil benefits. However, there are more convenient, and quicker means of achieving the benefits of aromatherapy.

A company named BoomBoom developed an inhaler for those looking to have aromatherapy on the go. Why limit yourself to enjoying the benefits of having an essential oil diffuser stuck in one place when you can take your BoomBoom inhaler anywhere? Take it to work, on your commute, anytime you're away from the house. It's not like we only need aromatherapy when we're sitting at home. Thanks for getting that simple fact, BoomBoom!

About BoomBoom


The BoomBoom team were inspired when they went on a trip to Thailand and encountered significant amounts of nasal inhaler use among the people living there. The reason behind it was positively fascinating! They learned that it held essential importance not only as a powerful decongestant, but also to enhance mental perception, physical energy, and to focus the mind. The BoomBoom team were motivated and excited to share this portable medicinal item with those back home, as well as develop one of their own.

How Does The BoomBoom Inhaler Work?

essential oils

BoomBoom inhalers contain custom blends of essential oils, meant to be inhaled through the nose. Breathing essential oils is a quicker way of receiving the benefits. Aromatic molecules will travel within the wall of the nasal cavity to the part of the brain called the limbic system. The limbic system regulates both the endocrine and autonomic nervous system. The endocrine system controls functions in the body such as mood, and the autonomic nervous system regulates functions such as our awareness.

In short, the BoomBoom inhaler will enhance your focus and keep you feeling refreshed. Unlike an energy drink, BoomBoom inhalers contain 100 percent all natural ingredients and will leave you feeling amazing. Ditch the processed junk, and get energized naturally, not chemically!

Types of BoomBoom Inhalers

tropical rush boomboom inhaler

BoomBoom offers five different scents of inhalers for purchase. They sell for $7.95 each. BoomBoom also provides a variety five pack and custom three packs.

  • Wintermint
  • Melon Drop
  • Tropical Rush
  • Cinna Mint
  • Berry Breeze

Each inhaler will provide you with enhanced focus and improved breathing. Each nasal inhaler offers a custom blend of 100 percent all natural essential oils of refreshing scents to keep you feeling your absolute best!

Are you looking to ditch the energy drinks, or needing something to get you through the rest of the day, which feels endless? BoomBoom inhalers are a healthier, safer alternative to processed, sugary products that are meant to keep you going, without the crash. BoomBoom is 100 percent natural, and convenient, and a lot less expensive than other means of energizing. Do you BoomBoom?

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