Has your impish sprite, Elf on the Shelf, become sluggish and predictable? Have your kids lost interest in his omniscience presence because he stays in one place for a week at a time? Has he become another Christmas obligation for you? You aren't alone. Remember, though, that Elf on the Shelf is Santa's spy and intended to keep track of naughty girls and boys even though he is, ironically, the naughtiest of them all. Here are are some clever ways to have fun with Elf s job through different scenarios. More importantly, it's a chance for you to live out your naughty ways vicariously through your elf!

Before you begin, here are a few tips.

  • Name your elf. This gives him a little personality that you can develop which helps you know what naughty antics he'll create.
  • Create a plot line. You can have separate scenarios for your elf but consider one plot line that takes a whole month to fulfill.
  • Collect props. Oh yes, props are needed to fully explore the depths of naughtiness your elf will delve.

1. Battling Brad Elf

lego elf

This is a great example from Picklehead Soup of how you can create a plot line. Your elf has clearly been captured like Gulliver and the Lilliputians here but consider how he arrived on the Legos' Land. Did he arrive by boat, by land, by helicopter? This is great and funny in of itself but it can also be the end - or just the beginning of your elf versus your legos.

2. Minion Mike Elf

minion elf

Sometimes your elf will get lonely so he has to create his own friends. Fancy Shanty suggests that yellow bananas are a perfect backdrop to create minions for elf. This whole gang is sweet and naughty. It can also help your kids get their potassium because who wouldn't want to eat a minion?

3. Photo Booth Phil Elf

photo booth elf

This elf has mad game. He has created an entire photo booth just so he can get alone with a couple of Barbies and have photographic evidence to show his minion pals. The mini -props can be found from Living LoCurto. Although elaborate, the result is worth the effort. You can switch up who he sits next to and even have him take a selfie!

4. Cutting Carl Elf

scissor elf

Glitter is the only thing worse than tiny scraps of paper all over when teaching kids how to properly use scissors. Well, this elf doesn't have to worry about cleaning up so he makes a giant mess! You can use this as a good example from A Small Snippet to your kids what not to do.

5. Warden William Elf

toy jail

When kids or elves behave badly, it's okay to illustrate their consequences. Lunchbox Memories converts elf into a disciplinarian to remind kids that, even though he does naughty things, he doesn't have to worry about being punished like they do. Making game controllers off limits is certainly a great way to ground kids whether it come from mom or elf.

6. Bubble Bath Billy Elf

spa elf

Elf-ing around can be exhausting so one may need to take a break. A mini-tub complete with shower head and rubber ducky filled with cotton balls as bubbles is a great way for elf to relax according to Lunchbox Memories. If only we could all be so lucky and have a respite from our daily responsibilities. Well you should. Take a not from this self-indulgent elf.

7. Conductor Cori Elf

shoe train

A shoe train is a cute and easy easy way to place elf as depicted by this creative parent. Elf leads the train full of other stuffed dolls and figures as his passenger. This is also a good reminder that kids should put their shoes away.

8. Nadia Comaneci Elf

gymnastic elf

With his long, lithe body, it's no wonder your elf is adept in gymnastics. To create this like Leslie Banner, simply tie both ends of a candy cane with twine or yarn. Use mini-velcro dots you can find in any craft store or trim bigger strips you may have lying around to secure your help on to his swing. If you don't have any, tie the elf's legs together with a red yarn. Then hang him from anywhere - a chandelier is preferable just because it's usually a focal point.

9. G.I. Joe Elf

camo elf

We all know elf is super sneaky. Using regular kids' markers, color a couple of shades of green to create camouflage onto his face then hide him in your tree like this elf from Frugal Coupon Living. You can take this a step further by wrapping him in green felt to hid his red outfit. Either way, try to cover him with as many branches as possible to keep kids searching (and thus busy!).

10. Tool Time Tim Elf

fix it elf

Sometimes elf can be helpful and is a good reminder to children that they should be also. By simply placing him in a box of screws like A Few Shortcuts did, (or use an entire tool box, nail, bolts), with a screwdriver in hand, you effectively illustrate that fixing things is part of living in a home. We suppose he's going to fix something...but he could also be unscrewing light plates, for example, the next day if you want to keep him naughty.

11. Frozen Fred Elf

frozen fred

This takes some foresight but the results are so worth it! Nelly Cole props Elsa, from Frozen, casting her powers to cage the naughty elf. To do this, place your elf in a plastic cup (not glass as it may break) and fill with water. Pop it in the freezer overnight or until a solid block of ice. To remove, run it under warm water until the elven icicle will slide out. It's best to do this while you hear your kids rousing in the morning so he doesn't freeze all over and nullify Elsa's prowess!

12. Citation Sam Elf

citation sam

Elf likes to get into as much trouble as he enjoys writing kids up who do naughty things. These printable notes can be found here from The Gum Road. They are a great way to have lying around when you forget to set your elf up in some predicament. All you have to do is fill it out then place on his lap. You can secure it by using a little bit of velcro.

13. Igloo Iggy

igloo iggy

Elves can sleep anywhere - even in a tundra home igloo. Using a bit of hot glue and cotton balls, Domestic Femme creates the shape of an igloo big enough to fit your elf. He can be lying down or sitting. You can add a piece of felt for a blanket. A flashlight shining from behind the structure will give it a glowing effect.

14. Artist Abe

Artist Abe

Coloring is a fine motor school that not all kids have mastered yet. Artist Abe from A Little Bit Funky exemplifies that not coloring in the lines can create masterpieces in of themselves! So just scribble a few colors onto a coloring book page and prop it in the elf's lap along with some crayons.

15. Hair Dryer Henry

Hairdryer Henry

Hair Dryer Henry is a super naughty elf from Pink Peony Home. He has killed a snowman! Pour a little bit of milk onto you counter and create the remnants of Frosty's outfit using blueberries for eye, a tip of a carrot for a nose, cut out a mouth from construction paper, and use mini-cookies as buttons. This was one of the worst elves of all times!

16. Taco Tom

Taco Tom

Taco Tom can come on any day - not just Tuesdays according to Picklehead Soup! To create this little elf, fill a couple of hard shell tacos with whipped cream and add a few sprinkles on the top for a sweet and salty treat perfect for any elf.

Elf on the Shelf is a fun way to keep Christmas present in your house in a humorous way. The elf can be many things - naughty, nice, convict or warden. Whoever he is on a given day, just make sure he's your special elf!

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