With over 200 reviews on Amazon, the TONY MOLY lemon sheet mask is at the top of our list. Not only does the lemon leave a fresh and clean scent, but its brightening technique is to die for!

This mask is a 3-layer pulp sheet that is filled with natural ingredients and is sure to hydrate your skin.

One Amazon user said, "I have super sensitive combination skin (dry patches/oily t-zone) and I've quickly found out that this is basically the only mask I can handle. No weird burning sensation, no dry tight feeling, no harsh smells or flakiness afterwards. Just a super soothing basic mask."

See for yourself and try the lemon TONY MOLY brightening face mask!

The second on our list is The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask. It's price is crazy low and for the benefits of this mask, to say it's worth it is an understatement!

Not only is this a nourishing mask for dry skin, it also works to improve skin's elasticity and helps to relieve overall dryness. But the best part? It's 100% vegetarian, paraben-free, paraffin-free, silicone-free and mineral oil-free. Sign me up!

One Amazon user said, "I originally got a sample of this product from The Body Shop, as I was interested to try it for its detox properties for pores. After trying the sample 3 times, I decided I really liked it. I don't often buy masks after I sample them because I feel like they don't do anything extraordinary, but this one is a keeper."

Check it out for yourself!

At number 3 on our list, we choose a Hydrating Honey Comb patterned mask created by Fast Beauty Company.

Hydrate and revive your complexion by using this mask! Moisture binding Hyaluronic holds onto your skin's own moisture while plumping fine lines and wrinkles leaving a youthful renewed tone behind.

This mask's plant based collagen increases skin elasticity and improves firmness. But don't just listen to us! Check out this Amazon reviewer:

"The mask is a full face mask with a pretty gold honeycomb pattern. I kept my mask on while I soaked in the tub for about 20 minutes. When I removed it, my face felt smooth, plump, and well hydrated. I had no after effects of skin irritation! The scent is mild and pleasant, and doesn't stick to your face after. I've tried a few other masks from Fast Beauty and have always been pleased with the product, and the price."

If you don't want just one sheet mask and want a product that will last you a little bit longer, then the Epielle Exfoliating Bubble Mask Charcoal is the one for you!

Its combination of invigorating oxygen bubbles, activated charcoal and gentle exfoliating beads draw out dirt, oil and dead skin to cleanse, refine and refresh pores.

It is made in Korea, but no need to worry; The price of the total product includes shipping!

One Amazon user said, "Great product! Got rid of my acne completely in one week! I received the products overnight, and didn't even ask for it! Highly recommend!"

The last inexpensive face mask on our list is Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Hydrating Hydrogel Mask.

Even though we put it as #5 on our list, its quality and reviews are worth the #1 spot!

This mask leaves skin moisturized and smooth with its unique hydrating 100% hydrogel material which holds up to 50% more essence than a standard paper face mask! Take it from a dermatologist-recommended skin care brand: This hydrating face mask sheet is gentle and non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores!

One Amazon reviewer said, "I’ve been so curious to try these, but due to the low price, I’ve been hesitant. But oh wow was I impressed. These are the only masks I’ve tried that fit my face perfectly due to the way they are cut in two pieces. I loved the results as well my skin is dry to normal and these bad boys hydrate it in only one use!! So worth the money! Ps. I used these masks right before applying makeup and it works beautifully!"

We hope you can find a mask out of these options we tried that leaves you satisfied and with plenty of money left in the bank! Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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