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Weather The Storm In These Boots

Forever's chunky over-the-knee riding boots help you weather the colder months in style! The boots have a chunky heel that's just the right height—the heel is high enough to make a statement while still being functional and comfortable!

The boots come in 11 different styles with suede options, faux leather, and weathered leather, in neutral colors ranging from light brown to black!

The boots are priced between $20 to $55, so the price entirely depends on the material you like most. Spending under $100 for a pair of boots is no small feat though, especially for a pair that looks as expensive as Forever's!

Why I Keep Getting Complimented

Because of the lace-up design, the boots work with any body type! You can adjust the laces to be as tight or as loose as you need, and the look will still be effortless and gorgeous.

The boots can make any outfit cute, and any cute outfit adorable.

They're great for a night on the town or brunch with friends! No matter your hobbies, the boots make any look fashionable and cool.

I've only worn mine twice and I got complimented both times! The dramatic over-the-knee look makes a statement people will notice and appreciate right away.

Don't believe me? Read on for three reviews from people who felt the same way I do about these jaw-dropping boots.

Girl You Better Get These Boots!

"OMG! I'm a very picky person and I always think when my purchase actually comes, it won't be as good as I hoped it would be. Before I purchase anything I view the ratings and go through all the pictures others have taken with the product and THESE SHOES HAVE TRULY EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS.

I can never find boots that fit my calves and I hate high heels. I'm the type to carry flats in my purse, but I'm so in love with these boots. GET EM GIRL!"

Fantastic Boots Especially For Ladies With Larger Calves

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE these boots. I usually wear a size 7 in shoes but always order half a size up when ordering boots due to my muscular calves. I wasn't sure that equation would work for over the knee boots but these were so special I decided to give it a go. These are ideal for ladies with larger calves who want to wear a stylish boot. I ordered the black suede in a 7.5 and the shoes are a little large on me but a thick pair of socks will handle that.

These boots are VERY forgiving. They have an interior zipper that comes up just below the knee and a separate tongue that rides behind the laces - which actually works - so you can adjust the boots comfortably over your calves and not have the laces look strained. You can lace the boots up to over the knee or just below giving you a pirate-type panache. The chunky heel is just the right height. These are quality boots at a terrific price. The shipping took a little longer than usual but arrived right on the estimated delivery date.

You can't go wrong with these boots—they are comfortable SHOW STOPPERS. Did I mention I love these boots?"

Awesome And True To Size

"I love love love these boots. I ordered all 3 colors: tan, black and brown. The boots do not look cheap and they are made well for their price point. The boots come to the top of my knees and they fit perfectly on the foot.

I did spray a shoe stretch spray in the inside of the boot to add even more comfort and flexibility for those all-day wears. This has been the best shoe purchase for the price that I've ever made. Random people are complimenting my boots everywhere I go."

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