After getting kids to eat all their vegetables, forcing them to brush their teeth each night is one of the main challenges parents face. So why not add a little color to their routine with the Brush Monster Smart Toothbrush? This highly advanced children's toothbrush is super easy to use and is effective at keeping your little ones' mouths clean and cavity-free — plus, it's just as fun as any toy in their playroom.

Unlike many other children's toothbrushes out there, the Brush Monster Smart Toothbrush takes dental hygiene to a whole new level! Not only does the brush boast a 4-step sonic vibration with varying levels of vibration, but it also features an FDA-certified DUPONT's anti-bacterial soft brush, ideal for fitting comfortably in your child's mouth. The brush also contains a built-in sensor that can track and analyze brushes within 16 regions. And don't worry about the brush being hard for your kids to use — it's lighter than an egg!

But perhaps the most impressive thing about the Brush Monster Smart Toothbrush is its ability to make teeth-brushing fun with its accompanying educational AR guide app. This technology helps make brushing your teeth a fun adventure, as it encourages your kids to save the "Monster Family," rescuing Cheese, Cherry, or Soda from the evil Green Mold! Who knew brushing your teeth could be so fun?

Take the sting out of your child's daily routine and snag them their very own AquaSonic Brush Monsters AR Toothbrush, now discounted to just $40 with code BFSAVE20!

AquaSonic Brush Monsters AR Toothbrush - $40 with code BFSAVE20

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