I'll never once take toilet paper for granted again. Never once did it cross my mind that toilet paper might become some hot commodity, that would fly off store shelves like a Tickle Me Elmo on a Black Friday in 1996. People endlessly searching for paper products, flushable wipes, or tissues to take care of their business. Absorbency, softness, two-ply or three-ply, those luxuries seem silly now, because honestly who cares as long as it does the job!

Never did I wonder what I would do if I ran out, until recently where it has become the forefront of my mind as I inch closer and closer to the very last of my cushy toilet paper stock. If you're in the same sad state as myself, I welcome you to read my seven toilet paper alternatives for when store shelves continue to stay empty. We also encourage you to share your handy alternatives if you don't see them listed here.

Bidet Attachment

bidet attachment

This may be everyone's best option to survive the toilet paper crisis of 2020. It may be a bit of a shocker the first time you use it, and it may take most folks a little bit of time to adjust, but you'll find that having a bidet is much more effective, healthier, and cleaner for your bum. Not to mention, with a brand new bidet, you won't have to worry about spending a hefty chunk of your stimulus relief check on any more toilet paper, because let's face-it, toilet paper gets expensive. We recommend the easy installation, Rohsce Bidet Attachment, from Amazon.

If Amazon Prime is running late on shipping time, you'll want to have some of our other items in your arsenal for back up.

1. Tissues


If you found yourself scoffing at the first item on our list, don't worry, we still have plenty more alternatives to cover. Ah, tissues, they're basically the same thing as toilet paper. If you can find them, or you still have some lurking in your house, they're a welcomed and comforting alternative.

2. Flushable Wipes And Baby Wipes

honest baby wipes

So fresh, so clean! The gold standard of wiping! Wipes help you achieve that optimal cleanliness that dry toilet paper just can't touch. Keep in mind whether you choose to use flushable wipes, wet wipes, or baby wipes, these products labeled flushable or not, do take more time to break down when compared with traditional toilet paper. Flushing these products often will lead to unfortunate events, clogs. Choose to throw your wipes in a Diaper Genie, a covered trash can, or forego proper disposal and have your plumber's number ready.

3. Paper Towels And Napkins

paper towels

Surely, you may have thought of using paper towels and napkins already. Both items are just as challenging to come by at your local grocer and big box stores. However, when you're in a pinch, and you have these on hand at home, they're both excellent options to use. Just remember that it's not recommended to flush either of these products down the toilet, as it may lead to blockages in your pipes. Also consider party napkins at your local dollar store, or if you have any from birthdays past.

4. Coffee Filters

coffee filter

Now that we have the most apparent toilet paper alternatives out of the way, let's get into the nitty-gritty of emergency choices. If you own a drip coffee maker, chances are you already have a hefty stash of coffee filters in your kitchen cabinet ready to help you in your time of desperate need. Due to coffee filters' questionable durability, they'll most likely do best with scrunchers.

5. Gift Wrapping Tissue Paper

wrapping tissue

If you have an abundance of gift wrapping tissue in stowed away in your attic from the holidays, now is an excellent time to bring it out. You'll find that gift wrapping paper is much more than a lovely touch of lining to a gift box or gift box but a much-needed rescue for your bathroom needs.

6. Cotton Balls

cotton balls

Understandably this may not be the most ideal on the list, but cotton balls are soft, and with a good wad of them in hand, they can get the job done.

Also, to keep residue minimal, and to make for easier cleanup, try squatting over the toilet if using smaller products to clean. Squatting will also cut down on how much product you use. Utilize less toilet paper with Squatty Potty on Amazon.

7. Worn Bed Sheets Or Old Clothes

bed sheets

If you have bins or bags in the closet of worn bed sheets, and old clothes, consider using them as an alternative to toilet paper. Simply grab a pair of scissors and cut the cloth into squares to store in the bathroom for wiping. Just remember, please dispose of in the trash after use, as this will create a blockage if flushed.

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