2020 is the year we bring back the house dress. One of the non-tragic side effects of the global pandemic has been spending way more time at home. All this non-social time has had a significant impact on our wardrobe, and the nonexistence of fashion. Whether you are working from home, in need of new inspiration for your weekend wardrobe, or are just in the market for new loungewear, look no further. The updated version of the house dress is the answer.

In my most recent piece of hard-hitting journalism, I explored the origins of the house dress from the turn of the last century till they fell out of favor in the 1970s with the mainstream acceptance of women wearing pants. God forbid!

All of my research led me on the hunt to find a modern version of the house dress. I didn’t want the frumpy, southern-inspired relic my grandmother wore, instead I wanted something chicer, and akin to a shift dress in a fun pattern. Another must-have was the fabric. If at all possible, I wanted a jersey cotton dress, and preferably something that could be thrown on post-shower and worn around the house, and even on a quick outing.

Turns out the internet was not my friend, what I was searching for either didn’t exist or was called something different to modernize and attract the younger generation. Most of my searching ended in a retro house dress or something too much of a muumuu for me to consider. Then on page 43214 of my amazon searching, I found it.

Behold, the house dress you need to buy NOW,

Ellen Prinzi

It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, is a soft cotton material, and hangs just above the knee, safely outside of muumuu length. It buttons up the front, but it’s just as quickly thrown over your head. I chose a very loud floral, tropical pattern, but if I had it in a solid color, I’d easily wear it out of the house to the grocery store, or anywhere. Did I mention the dress has pockets? That alone makes it an excellent choice for around the house. Easy to hold dog treats, kid toys, keys, money, you name it. The dress is both breathable and lightweight, comfortable for loungewear and sleepwear, and, most importantly, non-see-through. The possibilities are endless now that I’ve received it. It’s already been used as a robe, swimsuit cover-up, Sunday cooking outfit, and on many neighborhood walks with my dog.

If you are wondering about sizing, it runs a smidge big. Where I normally would have gotten a medium, I got a small, and it fits great. It’s not 100% cotton; instead, it’s made of 95% Cotton and 5% Polyester. The care is easy peasy, machine washes cold, and dry on low heat. It didn’t noticeably shrink after being laundered either.

Now that the house dress bug has bitten, I am searching for more of this versatile and comfortable type garment. 2020 is the year we bring the house dress back. Won’t you join me in our house dress revolution!?

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