American Journey dog food is a grain-free nutritious food, without common fillers like corn, wheat, and soy. Every single product American Journey releases is created with real animal protein as the first and main ingredient. Sadly, most pet food brands cannot boast this fact. They round out the rest of the ingredients with nutrient-rich essentials, and offer a full line of limited ingredient dry and wet food options for those pups susceptible to food allergies.

So, why is it so important that you feed your pets quality food? Besides the obvious about wanting them to live long healthy and happy lives, we discuss the scientific benefits below.

Grain-Free Dog Food

American Journey dog food in bowl

So, you may be thinking, "Humans need grains, right? Why wouldn't my pooch need some daily grains in his diet?" The short answer is that grains aren't necessarily harmful to your dog, but there are many benefits of removing them from their daily diet you may be missing out on. While some claim that grain-free diets can aid in higher energy levels, better dog breath, less room-clearing gas, and shinier coats, we are going to focus on the advantages backed by science.

First of all, grain-free foods tend to eliminate skin issues, especially for those prone to itchy and dry flakes. It is not uncommon to notice a difference after switching for only one week (although some with severe allergies may take longer)! This comes back to the fact that many dogs can suffer from corn, wheat, and barley allergies. Eliminating these grains from their diet will greatly improve their quality of life -- and stop that aggressive scratching up against any hard piece of furniture.

Another advantage will be most appreciated by the resident "pooper-scooper" of the family. Grains add a noticeable amount of (cough, cough) substance to the piles in your backyard. On the flip side, going grain-free will result in less landmines, both in quantity and size. This is because the diet has less indigestible fiber, compared to foods with corn and wheat fillers. Also, the other ingredients typically used to provide the necessary carbohydrate concentration, like potatoes or tapioca, thicken the food as it passes through your pup's body and slows the time it moves through the intestines.

High-Protein Dog Food

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High protein diets are rising in popularity for dogs and humans alike, for most of the same reasons! Quality protein is essential to your pet's diet to support active muscles, as well as helps with weight management, improves skin and coat health, boosts the immune system, and is vital to keeping your furry friend full throughout the day. Unfortunately, protein is a macronutrient that isn't stored in your -- or young dog's -- body, unlike carbohydrates and fat, and it's imperative routinely replenish it from real food sources. If the body's supply is ever lacking, it may begin breaking down muscles and other organs in order to get it. American Journey sources all of their protein from real animals, aka "complete protein" which contain all the essential amino acids, versus some brands that rely on byproduct.

Protein is literally the building block of muscles. Of course, this doesn't mean you're going to turn your Doodle into a bodybuilding machine, but he needs to be able to grow and repair lean muscle in order to stay active and healthy. Aside from muscles, protein is also necessary for healthy skin. It contains two amino acids, L-lysine and L-proline, that support the body's production of collagen. Furthermore, it contains the amino acid keratin, which leads to that shiny coat each dog deserves to flaunt.

This macronutrient is also the most vital for weight management. You may think that chubby dog is cute, but carrying around extra weight takes a huge toll on their back and hips, as well as stressing their organ function. Protein has been proven to increase satiety in both animals and humans, therefore decreasing overall hunger pangs. Who else wakes up to their dogs drooling an inch from their face, begging for their breakfast? It's time to find a higher protein meal!

Finally, if you're like me, you know there is nothing sadder than a sick lethargic pup (okay fine, sick kiddos are sad too). Your dog's immune system relies on protein to create antibodies against illness, and fight against unwanted bacteria and viruses. It aids in the recreation of the immune system's cells' structure and rebuilding process. If the dreaded sickness does occur, it's time to add some more protein to their food, as it will help them recover much faster and fully back to their normal tail-wagging selves.

My Experience With American Journey

happy Golden Retriever

Let me detail my own personal experience with American Journey dog food. Growing up, our family dog was very loved and spoiled, but my parents kept the care to the basics: Walmart or grocery store brand dog food, generic boxes of treats (usually whichever box was on sale), and whatever toy or bone would keep him from chewing up our shoes. That's all I knew! Well, lucky for my merry band of (three!) idiots, we've come a long way baby.

The amount of research I did to ensure I would be the best doggy mom before bringing home my first dog as an adult would rival any full college semester of studying. I wanted to make sure this pup was given every chance to grow up happy, healthy, BIG, and to live the longest life possible. My only constraints were money (I could not afford to spend more on his food than my own!) and the fact I did not have the time nor knowledge to create the food myself. My research landed me on the American Journey collection. The brand's promise on creating the highest quality dog food possible, yet still vowing to remain affordable for the everyday pet owner, made it the perfect fit for my Bodie.

From the day I brought him home at 8 weeks old (and already 15 lbs!), he enjoyed various types of American Journey meals twice a day, as well as regular treats scattered in. I started him on the American Journey Chicken And Sweet Potato Large Breed Puppy Food and this Golden Retriever would gobble it up before I could put the cup back. During puppy training, I used both "clicker" and reward training tactics, and the American Journey Salmon Soft & Chewy Training Bits were the ideal size for quick bites. The vet and I were amazed at how quickly he grew to his current 90 lb stature, and I fully attribute that to the quality protein-first food. I routinely received compliments about how soft and silky his long blonde locks were, and I simply smiled and credited the food.

Once it was safe to transition him to adult food, I settled on the American Journey Lamb And Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food, and he loved it just as much as the chicken flavor. Although high energy levels are typically NOT an issue with retriever puppies, Bodie was always up for being my distance running buddy, and he was happiest when romping around the dog park with his buddies or swimming for hours in the nearby lake. Nothing could slow this dude down and the sentiment still rings true in his mature years. I credit his lifelong healthy diet and am so thankful to American Journey for providing such quality at a price I can always afford.

Oh, did I mention I now have two more and triple the dog food cost? Although sometimes I feel like they're eating me out of house and home, Chewy makes it super easy to ensure I always have food and treats on hand with their auto-shipping options. Plus they routinely offer promotions to save some extra cash each month. Right now, they are giving a 35% (!!) discount on any new auto-shipment customer. Sounds like the perfect time to try out their extensive American Journey food and treat offerings, no?

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