There’s something luxurious about putting on face oil. It provides instant brightening to a dull face and seals in moisture for a dewy look on fresh skin. In the past few years, the importance of including vitamin c into your skincare routine has become commonplace for its moisturizing and brightening powers and retinol as the skincare HERO you cannot not* use as you age. So when I came across a product that combined both ingredients and billed itself as “liquid gold,” I was naturally curious—and skeptical. I had never heard of the brand MD Complete, but after a quick search, I was sold on the approach the brand uses and the background on its founding.

The Backstory: MD Complete

Good skincare and anti-aging treatments are usually only found at the doctor’s office or with the assist of a needle. Thanks, Botox- (don’t worry we still love you). But as we age, wrinkles aren’t the only problem. What about age spots, discoloration??? Help!

“We created MD Complete as an easier, more affordable alternative to procedures and treatments dermatologists offer in their offices. We spent years exploring ways to achieve in-office results with non-prescriptive skincare. It wasn’t until we discovered a unique ingredient delivery system that this goal was made possible.” - Dr. Brian Zelickson, Founder

MD Complete began developing treatments for chemotherapy patients with highly compromised skin. They discovered a way to improve ingredient absorption, and how the skin used and responded. This ‘magic sauce’ made the products less irritating and enhanced their effectiveness. This proprietary ingredient delivery system enables MD Complete to formulate much higher levels of much more active ingredients. So, in 2015, MD Complete was born applying their expertise and technology to offer skin rejuvenation, acne clearing, and therapeutic products.

What makes MD Complete Unique/Special?

Every product on the market makes outlandish claims, and good skincare never seems cheap so what sets MD Complete apart?

  • Absorption: the company touts a “proprietary delivery system” that improves penetration, increases skin uptake, and protects nutrient freshness.
  • Potency: uniquely high levels of active ingredients, up to 20x higher than department store brands.

The Product we LOVE: Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate

The serum claimed to show results with two weeks, and the fact the product combined two of my must-haves I was sold on giving it a try.

“I’ve never loved my summer skin as much as I do this year”

Normally my skin can look dull and damaged in the summer after sun exposure, swimming in pools, and being outside more. This year, I can notice the added brightness and lightening of my dark spots and sunspots. It goes on smooth, absorbs quickly, and manages to make my skin feel moisturized, but never greasy. I am so sold on this product I cannot wait to try other items from their line!


You too can try MD Complete, and possibly for free! They are included in our Summer Swag Giveaway, and the miracle serum is included as one of the products. Enter now because the giveaway ends on July 4th. Good luck and good skincare to you.

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