iHerb is an international online retailer that specializes in all-natural products, most notably an extensive collection of vitamins and supplements. In fact, iHerb stocks over 30,000(!) premium health supplements. In addition to wellness products, they also carry one of the largest selections of natural home products, personal care products, and even pet care products, in the world. They stand behind the quality in every single product they offer, and the thousands of satisfied reviews prove they stand behind this.

What is iHerb?

So, you’re asking, “Cool, but why should I order from iHerb instead of Amazon?”

Everyone knows the internet's superstore leader, Amazon, but did you know that may not be the best site to depend on for your wellness products? iHerb sets itself apart from the online retail giant in a few major ways. iHerb guarantees quality supplements, only provides authentic reviews, and goes above and beyond by offering their iTested and Rewards programs.

iHerb's Sells Quality Supplements

iHerb stands by their supplements and focuses on freshness and quality in every package they ship. They only offer products from well-established and reputable brands. They offer full transparency into their storage practices and only use temperature-controlled Good Manufacturing Practices registered warehouses. The temperature remains at strict 74-75 degrees, free from humidity, and they have multiple freezers and refrigerators for products that require cooler temperatures.

Each product is regularly inspected for expiration dates and moved out of the rotation if their expiration is looming. Thanks to this policy, they average an 8.1 inventory turnover rate annually. Have you ever gotten a supplement with an expiration date in the same week?! I have, and it was basically useless to me at that point. Supplements, like food, can become less effective, or even harmful, if left sitting on a dusting shelf too long.

iHerb Reviews Are Authentic

iHerb’s hundreds of thousands of reviews are from REAL PEOPLE. We know, this shouldn’t be as revolutionary as it is, but in today’s world, it is huge. As you probably know, not all the reviews out there are authentic and some are downright fake.

With iHerb, you never have to worry about this! They only allow verified purchasers to leave reviews on each product. iHerb provides full transparency on their items, so they do not remove negative reviews. They also provide a separate iHerb Community page, where customers can browse others’ reviews, recommend their favorite products, and peruse and/or join the thousands of user profiles. The personalization and community made me feel so much more confident that I can trust real people’s reviews.

iHerb's iTrusted Program

One of my favorite sections of iHerb is their iTested Program and logos. This is another step iHerb takes beyond its competitors to verify the quality of its supplements that are part of the iTested program. The program involves testing, done by independent third-party laboratories, on products to confirm the quality and authenticity of the products. The products that have undergone this testing will display an iTested logo on their page and the link will provide the full details of the testing report. Of course, It gives me great peace of mind to know these products have been thoroughly tested so I can trust what I’m putting in my or my family’s bodies.

I found one of my newest daily go-to products through the iTested product page. I had been in the market for a new Collagen supplement and noticed the California Gold Nutrition CollagenUP powder had over 5,000(!) 5-star reviews. I am a fitness enthusiast, at times to a fault, and am constantly looking for ways to support muscle and joint health. Collagen has been my saving grace; however, I’ve found some of the other products to taste horrible. The California Gold Nutrition CollagenUP powder had thousands of reviews promising NO taste, which makes it even easier to add into any liquid to easily consume. I also love that this product includes the added benefit of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, to help support healthy skin. I’ve been taking this for a solid month now and will report back with my own non-scientific study results. Give it a shot here and let us know if you agree-- California Gold Nutrition CollagenUP.

Another iTested product that has squeezed its way into my daily routine is the California Gold Nutrition Premium Fish Oil tablets. Fish oil is a supplement I have long known I should be taking, but have always been turned off by the fishy taste. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fatty fish, support heart health. In order to consume enough Omega-3s through your diet, it’s recommended each person eat 1-2 servings of fatty fish weekly. Unfortunately, thanks to my beef-and-potatoes taste buds, I don’t usually fall into this category so I like to supplement. I browsed the iTested page and couldn’t ignore the 11,000 5-star reviews on these capsules, plus at only $7 per 100, they’re a great price, so I decided to give them a try. I was so pleasantly surprised with both the (lack of awful) taste and the results I began noticing in only a few weeks. Call me an official fish oil convert! Try them for yourself here-- California Gold Nutrition Premium Fish Oil.

iHerb Rewards

Another huge perk that iHerb offers, setting it apart from other online supplement retailers, is their iHerb Rewards program. This program shows their dedication to forming long-term relationships with their customers. iHerb Rewards is very simple to use; each customer receives a discount on their original order when they sign up. Once registered, you will also receive a unique promotional code to use when bragging about how great your iHerb experience and products are. When your family or friends (we recommend sharing on your socials for the best reach!) use this promo code for their orders, they receive a 5% discount AND you are credited $5 to your Rewards account. Getting paid to share the wealth with others? Count us in!

iHerb Rewards also allows you to build out lists of your top products in your profile, making it super easy to reorder or save products you wish to try in the future. I don’t know about you, but I have a running list of recommendations from friends and yet, am unable to remember a single item when I’m ready to order. With this handy tool, I can add the recs right away and give my poor memory a break (maybe I need to look into memory supplements?). Regardless, I am a huge fan of this for reordering and organization and it has guaranteed I’ll continue to be a repeat customer.

What are you waiting for? Health supplements are at the forefront of our minds, now more than ever. Don’t settle for the basics, switch your retailer to iHerb and treat your body with the best.

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