What exactly is “Human Design”? It’s kind of like astrology and enneagram had a baby. Human design digs in deeper than the Myer’s Briggs, and gives us a significantly more in depth look at how we live in alignment with our authentic selves, and well, SLAY!

Human Design consultant Erin Claire Jones explains that: “Human design gives us access to information about ourselves that we can’t access anywhere else. It’s about our energetics and how we are uniquely wired to operate. More specifically, how we best make decisions, cultivate relationships, communicate, create opportunities, and more.”

Based on the time, date, and location of your birth, Human Design synthesizes patterns from the I’Ching, Western Astrology, the Chakra system, Kabbalah, and Quantum Physics to calculate your specific chart. With millions of combinations possible, it’s unlikely that you would ever meet someone with your exact same chart. Once you have your chart calculated-- understanding it is a whole other story.

Ok, so before we proceed, the birth of human design is a little “woo woo” and definitely had me questioning its legitimacy. Take the creation story with a grain of salt, and maybe a shot of tequila, and save the judgement for reading your chart. After reading how on point my chart was, I’m totally on board!

Where does it come from?

One fine day in January of 1987, Ra Uru Hu (Alan Krakower) received a transmission from the divine and spent eight days and nights listening to this voice. The result of this download was the Human Design System. A couple years later, he transcribed it into the Rave I’Ching which outlines the foundations for calculating and understanding your human design as well as “the key to unlocking our genetics”.

How do I find my human design chart?

There are several resources online to have it calculated, but we recommend the Jovian Archive Website. The information you will need to have available is:

Once you submit your information, you will receive an email with your chart that looks something like this:

Ciara Brewer

While it may look a little intimidating at first, there are 2 things that you can pull out to start your journey through your chart: your type and your authority.

Part 1: The Four(ish) Human Design Types

There are four(ish) human design types-- some sources claim five, but most claim four. (more on that below) These types paint the overarching picture for your overall chart. The shapes you see in your chart are either colored or open (no color). Each shape relates to energy centers, similar to the chakras and kabbalistic tree of life. Depending on how these are filled in determines which human design type you are, and therefore what kind of aura you have.

Each type has both a “strategy” and a “not-self theme”. These are guides for if we are living in alignment with our type. The strategy is how we operate best with outside forces to ensure success. The not-self theme is the feeling that arises to let us know that we are out of alignment with our highest self.

Generators: The Great Builders

  • (& Manifesting Generators)
  • Strategy: Waiting to Respond
  • Not Self Theme: Frustration
  • Aura Energy: Open & Enveloping
  • Best Roles for Generators: Working on a team
  • % of Population: ~70%
  • When is a generator in alignment?

They are the powerhouses! Making up most of the population, our world is build to suit generators best. They are the people who have boundless energy to get things done and are who we have to thank for building so much of the world we live in. They operate with almost boundless energy from their Solar Plexus.With the strategy of waiting to respond, generators are at their best when they follow their gut. When they allow their strong center to guide them in responding to what is presented before them-- their boundless energy is infectious! Generators know that they are in alignment when they disappear for hours into their work and lose track of time.

Out of alignment?

It will present as a sense of frustration. For example, when they are working hard on a project (perhaps that was assigned to you) and as hard they work on it, nothing seems to be working. No matter how many different ways they try to tackle the project, the universe just seems to be stacked against them. This is a sign that as a generator, that this project is not for them. When this happens take a deep breath, and shift your focus to the bigger picture: is this project aligned with serving your highest good? If not, maybe it’s time to let the client/project go, or find a way to outsource it.

The ish in the Four(ish)-- Manifesting Generators: The Sprinting Builders

Manifesting Generators are generators with some manifestor qualities. This subtype makes up about half of all of the generators, making it about 37% of the population. On the chart, the MGs have a direct connection between either the Solar Plexus, Sacral, or Heart Center and the Throat Center. The subtle difference between a regular generator and a manifesting generator is that the manifesting generator has a stronger call to inform and initiate, like the manifestors.

Projector: The Guides

  • Strategy: Wait for the Invitation
  • Not Self Theme: Bitterness
  • Signature: Success
  • Aura Energy: Focused & Absorbing
  • Best Roles for Projectors: Advisors, specialists, guides, consultants
  • % of Population: ~20%
  • When is a projector in alignment?

When they are acting as guides. Their aura energy is magnetic, drawing people naturally to them. Their sacral center is undefined, meaning that they have a much more limited energy supply, in contrast to the generators. Projectors operate best with lots of rest. Their magnetic energy coupled with their undefined sacral center also means that projectors can be easily drained by overworking as well as influenced heavily by the energy of others around them.

The strategy for the projector is to wait for the invitation. While this may sound counterintuitive to productivity, it is a very effective method for the projectors. Projectors operate at their best when they establish themselves as a recognized expert. They will realize their success when they direct their limited energy supply to embodying their expertise and wait for the invitation to use their gifts.

Out of Alignment?

Bitterness ensues when a projector is not in alignment with their energy. For example, a projector may be a leadership coach who has a friend that is stepping into a new leadership position. The projector calls their friend to give them a whole bunch of advice (unsolicited) and the friend may disregard it all entirely. This will bring on a sense of bitterness for the projector because they really want to use their gifts to support their friend. Projectors must learn patience to wait for an invitation and recognition of their gifts.

Manifestor: The Initiators

  • Strategy: To inform
  • Not Self Theme: Anger
  • Signature: Peace
  • Aura Energy: Closed & Repelling
  • Best Roles for Manifestors: Director, manager, leader,
  • % of Population: ~10%
  • When is a manifestor in alignment?

Manifestors (yes-- this is the preferred spelling) are the initiators of our world. They motivate teams and communities. Their energy comes off as the king or queen archetype: great leaders with a tinge of intimidation.

Communication is key to manifestors’ finding their signature of peace. Their strategy is to inform, and they often have to declare what they want in relationships and invite their own opportunities.

They are most aligned when they are initiating things and speaking up about what they believe in. Manifestors work best in short sprints and are at their best when they can create their own schedule. As serial project starters, the manifestor launches many innovative ideas to life, but lacks the energy of the generator. So, it is very important for manifestors to take breaks between their sprints for rest. When a manifestor takes breaks to recharge, they return inspired and ready for the next big thing.

Out of Alignment

Anger transpires when a manifestor is out of balance. When a manifestor decides to launch something new, they have to take time to declare it to their community. After the initial development, they will need to call in some generator friends to see it come to life and sustain the vision. If the manifestor tries to do it all themselves, they will tire themselves out with anger.

Reflectors: The Mirrors

  • Strategy: Waiting through a 28-day lunar cycle
  • Not Self Theme: Disappointment
  • Aura Energy: Resistant & Sampling
  • Best Roles for Reflectors: Therapists, Facilitators, Inuitives
  • % of population: ~1%
  • When are reflectors in alignment?

Reflectors are entirely open, and often act as mirrors to others. Their identity is always shifting based on the energy around them. Reflectors find their power when they let go of trying to define themselves and embrace their ever-changing nature.

The strategy for reflectors is to wait at least one full lunar cycle before making a decision. Human design experts say that this allows for the reflectors to be clearer in their choices, since they are continually cycling through others’ energy.

Reflectors are meant to be operating in the center of communities reflecting back the health of the group. Though, they are not really meant to stay in any one place too long. When the energy becomes draining, it’s time for reflectors to move on. Drifting along and feeling through things is where reflectors truly shine in their power.

Out of alignment?

When the energy of a place becomes draining, reflectors will find disappointment. This is their cue that it is time to change their environment and find a new group of people to be around. It is easy for reflectors to get out of alignment when they don’t take time to be with themselves. They spend so much time sampling everyone’s energy that they can lose themselves easily in others.

Part 2: Inner Authority Types

Our human design type (above) paired with our inner authority type are here to guide us. The authority influences how we can best seek answers and make decisions-- in short it’s a more in depth look at our intuition and how it works specifically for us. This will be listed at the top of your chart.


This is known as the solar plexus authority and accounts for just under half of the population. Those with an Emotional Authority type can get swept away in emotion, and are best served to “sleep on it”.


Those with sacral authority are guided by their direct responses to something. People with sacral authority are operating in their highest expression when they wait to respond to something. Their energy often pulls things and opportunities to them.


The splenic authority types are those who are guided by their intuitive sense in the moment. The spleen is believed to be our oldest awareness center rooted in survival, health, and wellbeing.

Environment/ No Inner Authority

This is always a projector type with a lot of openness. Environment authority is guided through their open centers and find grounding in being able to bounce ideas off of others.

Self Projected

This is unique to the projector type as well. The self-projected authority’s task is to listen to their inner voice and speak their truths, unfiltered.

Lunar Cycle

The lunar cycle authority is unique to reflectors. Due to their totally open centers, they are heavily impacted by their environment and the lunar cycles. These types are tasked with waiting a full 28.5 day cycle so that they can make the best decision, being able to recognize the patterns emerging over the cycle, as they are ever-changing.


The ego authority can be in a projector or manifestor’s chart. They are asked to follow their instantaneous responses in the moment. When those with authority release control and allow their body to to respond, they are in their highest alignment.

Using Human Design

So, there’s a whole lot of information here, and even more once you begin to dive deeper into your chart. How can all of this be used?

There are several human design consultants that can offer support in diving deeper into your chart if you’d like to go that route.

If you’re more of a DIYer, start with getting familiar with these two main parts. Afterwards, you can dive deeper in your life’s purpose through your incarnation cross, how energy works through you with your individual channels, jumping into how you best consume with your variable arrows, and so much more.

Learning your type and authority alone can create a huge shift! Take your time and most importantly, have fun with it!

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