31 Dupes On Amazon That Are Cheaper Than The Competition And Work Just As Great

Leggings just as comfortable as Align leggings from Lululemons

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I get it––it's hard to swallow the price tag for a pair of Lululemon leggings, which is why this pair from CRZ YOGA is so amazing. It features the same design and fit as the Align at the fraction of the cost. You get it all––the lightweight, buttery soft material, the high-waisted compression design that hugs your curves, and a hidden waistband pocket for safe storage of an id or key. Sizes range from XX-Small to XX-Large, so there is a size to fit just about everyone.

A Le Creuset like Dutch oven as attractive and useful as the original

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Any serious home cook knows Le Creuset is a cult classic Dutch oven manufacturer, crafting quality cookware that also comes with a hefty price tag. If you're looking for an attractive and functional enameled cast iron Dutch oven for a much more manageable price, this option from AmazonBasics is quite impressive. Available in a number of beautiful colors and sizes, easily cook a number of meals thanks to the even heat distribution and retention, as well as being able to use on the stove, in the oven, or on the BBQ.

Jump on the Roomba craze for less

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It's hard to not want a robot vacuum––a machine that will clean your house for you? Yes, please! But the price tag that comes along with many top models? Eh, no thanks.

For a good budget option, check out this model from Yeedi. Great for hard floors and carpet alike, this quiet vacuum can run for almost 2 hours straights, picking up all that pesky pet hair and dust that seems to be never-ending. There are also different cleaning modes for when you want to target one area or clean the entire house.

A David Yurman lookalike bracelet that is perfect for everyday wear

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David Yurman is known for his classic but statement-making designs, and also the designer price tag that goes along with it. For the designer look at a fraction of the price, this two-tone chain bracelet from Mytys is a dead ringer for the original. It's perfect for casual and dressed-up looks alike, matching almost every outfit in your wardrobe.

This insulated tumbler that works as well as Yeti

Move over Yeti
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Thanks to double-wall vacuum insulation and an airtight, splash-proof lid, your drinks will retain their desired temperature for hours on end. Similar to Yeti, these tumblers from Green Steel come in a variety of sizes and colors, and feature a condensation-free exterior. But unlike Yeti, you'll get two stainless steel straws (one wide and one curved), a cleaning brush, and a lifetime guarantee with your purchase, all for a lower price!

A beautiful eye shadow palette to rival Urban Decay's Naked line

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Even if you're new to the world of makeup, you've probably heard of Urban Decay's legendary Naked eye shadow pallets. While each is unarguably gorgeous, the often $50+ price tag can be the cause of some serious sticker shock. Enter this lovely palette from Coastal Scents that features shimmery and matte pink and brown shades similar to UD but not only is it a fraction of the cost, it also has 20 total shades in one palette! And don't let the price fool you, each shade has wonderful pigmentation with little fallout that will deliver beautiful results.

A casual sneaker to rival the timeless Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

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I have a confession––I have been wearing replicas of Converse sneakers my whole life, and they are comfortable, cute, and no one has ever noticed the difference! And this option from ZGR is no exception. They're flexible, lightweight, and feature an anti-slip rubber sole. The lower price tag also means you can stock up on different colors (the leopard print is awesome!) without the price tag guilt.

Track your activity and sleep habits for way less than buying a Fitbit

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Smart and fitness watches are slowly replacing the classic wristwear, and for good reason. But you don't need to splurge on a Fitbit to help set and track healthier habits. Costing a fourth less than the popular brand, this fitness tracker watch from LETSCOM features a large, customizable display, has nine different sports modes, tracks your sleep patterns, syncs with your smartphone to receive alerts directly to your wrist, and so much more. And with a number of band colors, it's easy to stock up to accessorize your watch with your wardrobe.

A great alternative to pricey Apple AirPods

Better than the OG
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I get it, I love my Apple products too, but Bluetooth earbuds don't need to cost over $100. For a pair that works just as well and looks almost identical, check out this option from LASUNEY. Utilizing Bluetooth 5.0 technology for the strongest connection, these earbuds come with their own handy charging/carrying case that can fully charge the headphones in less than 2 hours up to 5 times for 30 hours of total playtime. With features like a built-in mic, single or binaural modes, and one-button control, these headphones have more control and options than your standard AirPods!

This stand mixer that holds its own compared to KitchenAid

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For the novice to professional baker alike, a quality stand mixer is an invaluable tool in the kitchen, but shelling out for even a base model KitchenAid stand mixer is no joke. Enter this mixer from Aucma that has all the essentials plus more––a 6.5 qt stainless steel bowl with two handles, three attachments, a splash guard, six-speed with pulse function, and a powerful 660W motor. For comparison, KitchenAid's more powerful mixer only has a 550W motor. Plus, there a number of color options to match your tastes!

A lovely Sherpa pullover that's just as comfy as Nordstrom's Wubby Fleece Pullover

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When the weather gets a bit cool, there is nothing better than getting cozy in a soft and fuzzy Sherpa fleece jacket. There are plenty of expensive options out there, but there really isn't a point shelling out the extra cash when you can get this comfortable pullover from Boxercraft. Running from X-small to 3X-Large, this jacket fits true to size and will definitely keep you warm all winter long.

A stylish backpack that looks and feels just like Michael Kors Rhea backpack

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There is no denying backpacks are convenient, but they are probably not the first thing to come to mind when you're trying to make a fashion statement at the same time. Michael Kors is known for stylish, well-built bags, but that designer price tag isn't in everyone's budget. If that's you, be sure to check out this vegan leather day pack from Humble Chic. The American made bag has plenty of pockets to organize all your essentials and has a bit of flair with its attractive gold zippers. A great bag for errands, travel, or to replace your purse.

Enjoy a refreshing cup of espresso without shelling out for an expensive Nespresso machine

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Move over Keurig, Nespresso is taking the coffee drinking world by storm with convenient (and recyclable!) pods that create delectable espresso shots that can be enjoyed as is or mixed with steamed milk to create your favorite coffee house beverages at home. The machines themselves can be quite an initial investment, so if you're looking for a device compatible with the pods but for half the price, this Mixpresso machine fits the bill. Its compact design won't take up too much space in the kitchen, it heats water within 30 seconds and produces delicious espresso every time.

Cleaning power similar to Dyson but without the hefty price tag

On par with Dyson
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Dyson is known for their thoughtful engineering and quality home products, most notably vacuums, but it comes at a steep price. For a much more economical option to get your home clean, check out this stick vacuum from Orfeld. With up to 22,000 PA of power, 60 minutes of runtime (hello cordless cleaning!), and an automatic detector to change the suction mode based on the mess size, this vacuum has all the bells and whistles to tackle the mess left behind from pets, kids, and your husband.

A fashionable purse set that costs much less than one designer bag

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I admittedly was at one point in my life caught up in sporting designer purses, but it soon became an expensive (and unnecessary) habit when there are plenty of more affordable options that are still well-made and super stylish, like this 3-piece set from LOVEVOOK. The large tote features 3 pockets and a zippered closure to hold all of life's necessities, the fashionable crossbody holds all the essentials without weighing you down, and a wallet clutch is a lovely option for date night. Available in a number of attractive colors, you're sure to find a set you love.

A waterproof pair of duck boots a fraction of the cost of L.L. Bean

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I love duck boots as, besides being cute, they are the perfect year-round boot to protect your feet from the elements. From rain to snow, these boots are so versatile and are easy to clean after an afternoon hike or day running errands thanks to rubber soles. There are plenty of high-priced versions on the market, but this comfortable option from DKSUKO can contend with the best. A side zipper makes them easy to slip on and off, while a faux-fur lining keeps feet warm and dry.

Take the Beats out of your cart and go with these headphones instead

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From work calls to train rides to long walks in the park, having a pair of quality over-ear headphones are essential for prolonged comfort and immersing yourself into whatever you're listening to. Brands like Beats and Bose might be the first to come to mind when looking for durable construction and superior sound quality, but this more affordable option from COWIN should not be overlooked. Available in a number of fun, fashionable colors, these Bluetooth headphones offer ultimate comfort, up to 30 hours playtime on a single charge, and exceptional sound that rivals the top dogs.

A translucent setting powder that will give you a smooth complexion for a fraction of the cost of Laura Mercier

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If you're like me, you've probably seen this face powder from Airspun in your mom's cosmetic collection, and it turns out mom was onto something. The airy translucent powder creates a smooth finish that isn't cakey or thick and is perfect for setting your makeup for all-day wear. Sworn by causal and professional makeup artists alike, this economical setting powder is easy to use and creates a lovely finish that is just as good (or even better) than the more expensive version from Laura Mercier.

A powerful blender to satisfy your Vitamix dreams

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If you've ever watched a cooking show, you've surely seen a Vitamix blender in action whipping up delicious sauces, soups, and more. But for the average home cook, the cost of even the base model can be too much––seriously, people are trying to save money cooking at home.

If you're on the hunt for a high-performance blender at a fraction of the cost, check out this option from Hamilton Beach. A powerful 1500W motor with speeds that range between 3000 and 18,000 RPM will quickly blend, purée, crush, chop, or emulsify any ingredient you throw in. As an added plus, a removable shield helps to dampen the noise while in use.

Sunglasses as fashionable as a pair of Krewe Collins

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With the number of sunglasses I have broken or lost in the past, I have a hard time paying a lot for a single pair. I also like to have numerous colors and styles on hand for every occasion and mood. But designer sunglasses are so pretty! Enter these retro-chic sunglasses from SOJOS that has all the flair and style of a pair of expensive Krewe Collins along with great UV protection and a handy travel pouch to keep your shades clean and scratch-free.

A versatile Santoku knife that can handle daily prep comparable to more costly brands

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Slowly becoming more popular than a chef's knife, a Santoku knife is an invaluable kitchen tool that can slice, dice, and mince with ease. Any professional or well-versed cook know that the most important tool in the kitchen is a sharp, quality knife that can get mise en place done quickly and effectively. That being said, paying over $100 for one knife when many block sets cost well below that can be hard to stomach. That's why this Santoku knife from Victorinox is such a great option. It's sharp, maintains a good edge, and will cut through tomatoes like butter day after day.

A flat iron and curling iron in one that performs just as well as more expensive brands

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In the world of hairstyling tools, there are a lot of options available, and you may be wondering if shelling out $100+ for a hot tool is really worth it, especially when you need different tools for different styles. For a functional but affordable option, check out this awesome product from KIPOZI that not only straightens hair but is rounded to serve as an easy to use curling iron as well. Heating up to your desired heat level within 30 seconds, nano titanium plates easily styles while adding shine. Plus, it's made with worldwide voltage, so it's perfect for traveling overseas!

Join the air fryer craze on a budget

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I'll admit, I was skeptical about buying an air fryer––another kitchen gadget that would probably end up getting used a few times before collecting dust in the pantry. Then I actually got an air fryer and became a believer. It works better than the oven to crisp up food without oil, and also doesn't heat up the whole kitchen. If you're looking to try it for yourself, check out this economical option from Dash. Featuring a 2.5 qt basket, variable temperature control, and auto shut off, it's perfect for everyday use.

Supportive, cute sport bras at a fraction of the cost of designer wear

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I don't know about you, but I don't like the idea of shelling out over $50 for one bra that I know will be covered in sweat every time I use it. That's what so great about this option from BHRIWRPY––you get three bras for less than the price of one well-known athletic brand bra! Not only do they feature cute, strappy back straps that look great peeking out of tops, but they provide the support needed while being active sans wire. The material is lightweight and breathable, with just enough padding (that's removable) for a little lift if desired.

Protect, hydrate, and cover with an affordable face lotion that rivals more expensive brands

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This lotion from Australian Gold really does it all at a fraction of the cost of other well-known face lotions. The eco-conscious, cruelty-free formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin as its sulfate, dye, oil, and fragrance-free, among other things. The 100% mineral sunscreen provides SPF 50 broad-spectrum coverage, while botanicals such as eucalyptus provide a hydrating, antioxidant-rich product. Plus, the light tint is great for helping to even out your complexion on days you rather not layer on a thick foundation.

Fill in those brows naturally and economically with this eyebrow pencil that's as good as Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

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Bold brows made a strong comeback in the 2010s, and they aren't going anywhere soon. The result has been the never-ending hunt for products to help fill and shape over plucked or naturally light brows for that Insta-worthy finish. Many in the beauty world highly praise products from Anastasia Beverly Hills to get those perfect brows, but you don't need to shell out that much money for great results. This highly affordable option from Etude House features an angled applicator that helps to make natural, hair-like strokes that you can easily build for the perfect look for you.

A beautiful, affordable chair that can be used just about anywhere

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Quality, functional, and attractive furniture can cost a great deal, but you get all three of those qualities in a more affordable package with this chair from Art Leon. The vintage yet modern style can fit with a number of decors, and the 360° swivel capabilities makes this chair perfect for the home office, dining room, or as an accent piece. Well-cushioned for comfortable support, a sturdy metal frame coupled with tailored leather and beech wood legs adds durability to the design.

A beautiful area rug that won't break the bank

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One of my first lessons as an adult was how expensive rugs could be! Who knew? But their ability to tie a room together, add a little spice to an otherwise mundane decor, or the ability to add some comfort to hard surfaces is undeniable. That's why this 5' x 8' rug from Antep Rugs is such a great option. The bold design is perfect for rooms that need a little extra something but comes in colors that fit a large number of decors. And it comes with a much more attractive price tag than a lot of options out there.

Cozy up in a weighted blanket that won't weigh down your monthly spending money

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When weighted blankets first became popular I desperately wanted one, but was instantly turned away by the hefty price tag. Luckily there are plenty of great bargain versions on the market now, including this 15 lb weighted blanket from ZZZhen. Constructed of breathable cotton, the box stitching not only looks great but helps ensure the glass beads are well distributed throughout the blanket. The result is comforting, stress-reducing relaxation that will help you unwind after a long day or blissfully fall to sleep.

A practical dining room set perfect for small spaces and tight budgets

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Furniture, especially dining room sets, can set you back a pretty penny pretty easily. But it doesn't have to! If you have a small kitchen and/or apartment but want some functional seating, this option from Best Choice Products can't be beat. Two chairs fit perfectly underneath the table to save even more space, while a steel rack under the tabletop itself is perfect for extra storage for items such as dishes, wine bottles, or snacks!

A handy kitchen cart that instantly adds more storage space for a small price

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The struggles of enough kitchen space are real, especially with all the awesome kitchen gadgets and tools available today. A great inexpensive solution is this wheeled cart from AmazonBasics. The wood top is perfect for holding appliances you use regularly, like a microwave or toaster oven, or as additional prep space if needed. Sturdy steel shelves can each hold up to 50 lbs, perfect for other small appliances, cookware, or pantry goods. The handy side hooks are great for kitchen tools, utensils, oven mitts, pans, or anything else that can be hung.