Something sinister is lurking in your vanity. It's not the shameful amount of unused eye shadow palettes, but the toxins inside! Beauty products may not be as helpful as they claim to be, or as safe as you may assume. In fact, many of them contain toxins and are often riddled with preservatives such as parabens, formaldehyde, and isothiazolinones. Ditch the toxins and choose paraben-free skincare from KORRES.

What's the Deal With Parabens?

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Perhaps you’ve noticed several cosmetics rocking a new label: paraben-free. While it may seem like a trend, paraben-free should be a standard for all beauty products, and for a good reason.

Both cosmetics and body-care products contain ingredients that can biodegrade, leading to harmful bacteria growth. Widely used as artificial preservatives in beauty products, parabens are used to extend product shelf life, but at what expense?

Studies have shown that parabens can disrupt the body's hormones. According to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, "Parabens are known endocrine disruptors that can mimic estrogen in the body. Several studies have shown that parabens can affect the mechanisms of normal breast cells and potentially influence their abnormal growth, leading to increased risk for breast cancer."

Given that parabens could increase your risk of developing breast cancer, why expose yourself? Thankfully, companies like KORRES offer safe, paraben-free skincare that you can trust.

The KORRES Commitment

Similar to the farm-to-table movement, KORRES is committed to the seed-to-skin journey. As the farm-to-fork pillars are intended to raise awareness in how we consume food, KORRES' seed-to-skin commitment will change the practice around how we should protect our skin and the planet.

Led by their belief in the power of plants and inspired by over 3000 herbal remedies, Greek pharmacist Giorgos Korres and chemical engineer Lena Korres founded KORRES over 20 years ago in the oldest apothecary in Athens. Since then, the beauty brand has been committed to providing its loyal customers with the most natural, cleanest products made from pure botanicals grown in Greece's stunning nature for thousands of years.

With a library of over 3,000 herbal remedies, biological research, and exceptional confidence in the rich prosperity of their beautiful country's natural resources, KORRES has inspired state-of-the-art natural plant-based beauty products, paving the way for healthier skin and a healthier you.

KORRES Ingredients

KORRES offers a wide selection of all-natural beauty care products from body care, makeup, hair, and fragrance to skincare, all deeply rooted in ancient Greek homeopathy.

While choosing from KORRES' top-selling skincare products, you'll discover seven stunning ingredients. Highlighting Greece’s natural beauty, each ingredient targets a specific type of skin concern:

  • White Pine: Improves wrinkles and age spots
  • Olympus Tea: Detoxifies skin of impurities and pollutants
  • Pomegranate: Battles breakouts and creates a poreless complexion
  • Greek Yoghurt: Soothes and calms sensitive skin
  • Wild Rose: Even skin tone, refines and brightens
  • Black Pine: Firms and redefines facials contours
  • Golden Krocus: Restores volume and vitality

Let’s take a closer look at four of KORRES' best-selling skincare products and allow you to decide whether or not this all-natural brand is the right fit for you and your skin’s needs.

KORRES Greek Yoghurt Collection

Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

My introduction to KORRES was their popular Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser. Over the years, I've purchased plenty of cleansers. Yet, this cleanser, based on first impressions, seemed different. Reserved and sophisticated, the packaging wasn’t flashy, because the ingredients stand for themselves. KORRES doesn’t depend on bells and whistles to sell its products, which signals confidence in what they are creating.

Imagine my surprise as I read that the Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser is soap-free. If it doesn’t use soap, how does it clean? Apparently, soap-free cleansers work essentially the same way soap cleansers work. However, soap-free cleansers don't contain a mixture of fats and alkaline additives, but rather emulsifying ingredients that break up excess oil and dirt on the skin.

I was very pleased with KORRES’ Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser. With a dime-sized amount of product, it provided an impressive amount of lather, which gently cleansed without harshly stripping my skin.

What I enjoyed most about this product was the immediate cooling sensation I felt as soon as I applied it to my skin. Having an autoimmune skin condition that causes burning has made it difficult to find skincare products that feel soothing. I can say that this was the first cleanser that I have used in a long time that didn't irritate my sensitive skin. I highly recommend this product, and I'll continue to use it as a daily cleanser.

Greek Yoghurt Probiotic SuperDose Face Mask

KORRES’ Greek Yoghurt Probiotic SuperDose Face Mask feels like a mini-spa day in a jar, made specifically for moms like me. A sweet little pick me up is just as good as a venti latte from Starbucks, sans calories! Every mom should have this secret weapon stashed away for emergency replenishment.

Although the Greek Yoghurt Probiotic SuperDose Face Mask is a bit pricey, it does deliver on its promises. It tackles skin dryness like no one's business—an essential for cold and/or dry weather. A must-have winter weather product for someone like myself living in northern New England. I also loved how calming and refreshing this felt, especially after a long day. I just never knew I needed it until I put it on my face!

KORRES Pomegranate Collection

Pomegranate Triple-Dose Resurfacing Mask

KORRES’ Pomegranate Triple-Dose Resurfacing Mask is a natural resurfacing mask specifically formulated to target pores, acne, blemishes, and oiliness. I was slightly nervous about using it on my sensitive skin, wondering if the exfoliation might be too harsh. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it was somewhat gentle, more so than other exfoliators I have tried in the past. This mask noticeably improved my oily, acne-prone skin and reduced the overall appearance of pores. After using this product, my skin felt cleaner and refreshed.

Final Thoughts

Laura Bennett/OOLA

What does your skin need? Skin needs to be healthy. Healthy starts by removing toxins from store shelves. KORRES avoids over 2,000 toxic ingredients. The skincare brand is committed to providing its customers with the cleanest, most natural products. I fully support the company’s initiative to ditch toxins!

If you're looking for a one-of-kind holiday gift, look no further than one of our favorite paraben-free beauty products from KORRES. This holiday season, give the gift of glowing skin from a company that values health. 'Tis the season, the season to wear KORRES.

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