Valentine's Day is quickly rounding the corner, and it's not just for lovers! Holidays offer parents and caregivers a unique opportunity to create family traditions that their children will treasure for a lifetime. There are several ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with toddlers and preschoolers. Our favorite way to celebrate love with little ones is to make adorable Valentine's crafts. Check out some of these cute and easy Valentine's Day craft ideas for kids you can make right at home.

Valentine's Sensory Bottles

sensory bottle, bottle of calm with golden glitter

Easily themed to any holiday, sensory bottles are simply mesmerizing for any child. Fill Valentine's sensory bottles with an assortment of Valentine's Day trinkets such as hearts, glitter, and pom poms mixed with water and clear glue. Grab these crafty items at any Dollar Store, Target, or Hobby Lobby. Valentine's Day sensory bottles' red, pink, and purple hues are hypnotizing and will calm and soothe little learners.

Valentine Slime

pink valentine slime

Slime is hands-on, creative, slimy fun that all kids, including grown-ups, get hooked on for some mesmerizing sensory play. Slime-crazed kids will go bonkers for Valentine slime! Valentine slime is made from only three ingredients, making it a quick and easy Valentine's Day craft that both kids and parents can enjoy on a lazy February afternoon.

Grab some pink glitter glue to give your slime a sweet Valentine's Day hue. Also, make sure you have some contact solution and baking soda. Mix it up, and you'll be ready to have some glittery sweet slimy fun.

Fizzy Heart Art

Set of red, pink, rainbow watercolor hearts. Print to Valentine's Day with hearts. Isolated hand painted objects on a white background. 14th february, valentine

Fizzy heart art is a trendy art activity amongst little ones today, and it's not hard to see why! Your child will be fascinated and delighted by the magical fizzy reaction they create. Vinegar and food coloring mixture combine with baking soda on the watercolor paper cut out hearts, resulting in a stunning fizziness and a beautiful color burst that will make your kids squeal with excitement!

Heart Windsocks

1 Diy windsocks 4th July toilet sleeve, crepe paper colors American flag, red, blue, white. Gift idea, decor July 4, USA Independence Day. Step by step. Top view. Process kid children craft. Workshop

We guarantee this simple yet adorable heart windsock will have your little ones feeling swooned with happiness. This festive Valentine's Day decoration will look lovely hanging inside the home or gently dancing in the wind outside on the front porch. Have your child decorate the cardstock with Valentine's Day stickers, and then help them bend the paper into a circle.

Conversation Heart Photo Frame

conversation heart photo frame

Make sure to pick a bag of those timeless hearted shaped antacids during February so that the kids can make an adorable Conversation Heart photo frame. Kids will love sneaking the candy while helping mom or dad glue them down to the popsicle sticks.

Attach a sweet picture to your frame, along with some magnets if you wish to attach it to the refrigerator. This charming Valentine's keepsake will be cherished forever!

I Love You to Pieces!

Paper heart made in quilling craft technic

This charming I love you to pieces heart is an easy Valentine's project for toddlers and preschools. Begin by outlining a heart and then having your child cut small pieces of tissue paper or construction paper. Have your child glue each piece of paper on to the heart. Kids will be so proud to present this heartfelt card to those they love on Valentine's Day.

Valentine Wreath

Happy Valentine's Day diy pencil toy step by step. step four glue the heart pieces

After the holidays, our front doors can tend to feel somewhat bare, as they're stripped of their warm and inviting greenery. Have your children brighten it once again with a lively, fun, and sweet Valentine's Day wreath.

Your little artist will enjoy preparing a simple decoration that will welcome guests into your home. To create a Valentine wreath, all you'll need is a paper plate, scissors and construction paper to cut small hearts, and a sparkly ribbon to hang your new homemade paper wreath.

Silly Heart Puppets

heart on a popsicle stick

Your child will have so much fun putting their imagination to work, creating a silly heart puppet! Using just a simple popsicle stick, cardboard, and various art supplies, a whimsical, silly puppet will soon come to life. Watch as these adorably easy to assemble popsicle stick puppets foster creativity and imaginative play with your children.

Valentines Heart Bouquet

3d rendering: A heart of red roses isolated on white; love and tenderness concept - Valentines Day or Mother's Day

Does your little one want to send someone special some flowers this Valentine's Day? They should know that the best flowers don't always come from the florist. Have your child make an unforgettable Valentine's heart bouquet that is guaranteed to melt any heart.

Help your child cut out various hearts in card stock and decorate them with Valentine's Day-themed accessories, from pom poms to scrunched up tissue paper and glitter. Glue the heart-shaped flowers on to their "stems" aka pipe cleaners.

Valentine's Day Edible Play Dough

edible play dough

Slime may not always be suitable for toddlers, as they're notorious for putting everything and anything into their little exploratory mouths. Instead of slime, prepare a batch of Valentine's Day edible playdough for curious toddlers.

Made from cornstarch, oatmeal, food coloring, and water, edible playdough may not taste great, but it will certainly ease your mind knowing that it's not dangerous. Grab a set of Valentine's Day cookie cutters and allow your child to have a blast with some sensory play!

Thumbprint Hearts

thumbprint hearts

As years pass by, the more precious this Valentine's keepsake will become. Thumbprint hearts will encapsulate your child's tiny thumbprints in salt dough for years to come. These adorable valentines are the perfect holiday project for toddlers or preschoolers. Have them grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter, help roll out the salt dough, and then cut out several hearts for those they love. Capture their tiny fingerprints in the salt dough, so you can look back on those precious memories of when they were small.

Shaving Cream Art Marbled Hearts

shaving cream marbled hearts

If you ever experienced the joy of cleaning your elementary school desk with shaving cream during your childhood, then you'll know how much excitement this last Valentine Day craft will bring any kid. Valentine marbled hearts are not only beautifully unique with abstract-like patterns, but they're also easy and, most importantly, loads of fun to make. Display your child's festive shaving cream art in windows, or have them gift them as Valentines.

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