Beauty trends come and go, but a healthy, white smile never goes out of style—even for those of us with sensitive teeth. No one prefers yellow, stained teeth to a mouth full of pearly whites. But the truth is, what we put in our mouths every day takes its toll.

The stains on our teeth can come from many different sources. Dark ingredients in food and beverages cause stains and discoloration, as does smoking and the natural process of aging. Intrinsic sources can also cause stains, like the yellowing of the inner layer of the tooth.

Teeth stains and discoloration may be a normal part of life, but there are ways to get your smile looking its best. The problem, though, is that there are a ton of whitening products and kits available in the marketplace. And when you have sensitive teeth, you have to be even more careful about the products you use. So, how do you know which whitening product will work best for you?

Whitening Results Do Vary

Perfect smile before and after bleaching. Dental care and whitening teeth

Unfortunately, there is no single teeth whitening option out there that's perfect for everyone with sensitive teeth. There are just too many variables to consider. Different methods work for different lifestyles. And when it comes to teeth whitening results, there are a lot of factors at play.

Everything from genetics to diet to oral hygiene habits to medication can play a part in the results of any teeth whitening product. Which is something to keep in mind when you are shopping for a whitening solution.

One thing that is for sure is that putting a bleaching product on sensitive teeth can be extremely painful if you don't use the right strength. It can also taste pretty nasty, too. This is why we recommend trying Coconut Whitening Strips from BURST.

What is BURST Oral Care?

BURST Sonic Toothbrush in rose gold

BURST is a new kind of oral care company that is on a mission. They want to disrupt an industry that doesn't have the best history when it comes to providing its customers with "the highest quality, affordable and well-designed products." BURST does everything with the input of thousands of dental professionals.

BURST is a subscription service that begins when you purchase their popular BURST Sonic Toothbrush. You receive brush head refills every 90 days, which only cost six bucks. You can also add other oral care items to your subscription like whitening toothpaste, expanding floss, and Coconut Whitening Strips.

You don't have to buy the BURST Sonic Toothbrush to gain access to their other oral care products. If you prefer making a one-time purchase so you can try them out, that option is available.

BURST Coconut Whitening Strips

BURST Coconut whitening strips

BURST offers everything you need for optimal oral health, and their products won't bust your budget. For those with tooth sensitivity, BURST Coconut Whitening Strips are definitely worth a try. The thousands of online reviews have given these strips an average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and that pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

BURST Coconut Whitening Strips will start removing years of stains in just one week. They are easy to use, with little to no sensitivity. They can do their magic in just 15 minutes, and there is no nasty chemical taste.

These amazing strips whiten your teeth by getting right into the porous surfaces to remove the deepest of stains. At the same time, the enamel-safe gel on the back of the strip is kind to your teeth. It's perfectly balanced with soothing and nourishing coconut oil so as not to cause any pain. This is what makes the BURST Coconut Whitening Strips so gentle, yet so effective.

We should also point out that purchasing these strips comes with absolutely zero risk. BURST is so confident that their Coconut Whitening Strips will work for you and your sensitive teeth that they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Whiten your teeth for less than professional whitening costs. A one-time purchase of Coconut Whitening Strips costs $19.99. Or, you can add a package to your BURST subscription and receive a new package quarterly for just $14.99.

How Do BURST Coconut Whitening Strips Work?

BURST Coconut Whitening Strips are thin plastic pieces coated with a hydrogen peroxide gel. The hydrogen peroxide in each strip penetrates the enamel in your teeth and releases oxygen and hydroxyl radicals which oxidize the large stain molecules. The oxidation is what breaks down the stain molecules and makes them smaller. As a result, teeth appear whiter.

A Whiter Smile in Just Four Steps

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When you use your BURST Coconut Whitening Strips, there is a four-step process that’s recommended for best results.

Some whitening strips can take 30 minutes or more to do their magic, but BURST works in just 15 minutes. You will have enough BURST Whitening Strips in a package to repeat this process every day for two weeks. When you're done, you won't believe the results!

Oola's Takeaway

Process: Simply remove the whitening strip and toss it in the trash. Then, rinse out your mouth and brush your teeth with a BURST Sonic Toothbrush and whitening toothpaste to clear out the gel.

Play: As Elvis would say, “TCB” while for 15 minutes while the whitening strips do their thing.

Place: Open up the package of strips and peel one from the back liner. Align the gel side along your gums and press against your teeth like painter’s tape.

Prep: Before you open up your strip, the first thing you should do is floss. Brushing your teeth first isn't recommended because it can reduce the strip's effectiveness.

TLDR - Too Long Didn't Read acronym with marker, business concept background

Tooth whitening is possible for those with tooth sensitivity thanks to BURST Coconut Whitening Strips. Simply put, these pina colada-tasting strips deliver excellent results, sans pain. This whitening system isn’t expensive, doesn’t hurt, tastes good. We're pretty confident that after you use BURST Coconut Whitening Strips, you'll be smiling a lot more.

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