Taking a 200-hour yoga teacher training is a great next step in your yoga journey, even if you’re not looking to teach. Going through yoga teacher training can help you deepen your practice and learn (or reconnect with) the foundations of yoga. Before the pandemic, most yoga teacher training programs took place in-person, but now online options are more popular than ever.

Why should I take an online yoga teacher training?

An online yoga teacher training provides the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn new skills from the comfort of your own home. Not only are they typically more affordable than in-person trainings, but some are also self-paced and can be ideal for people who need more flexibility and can’t commit to a set schedule.

What is the Yoga Alliance and do I need it to become a certified yoga instructor?

The Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that sets the standard for the “quality, safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga.” While many yoga studios and gyms may require instructors to register with the Yoga Alliance, it’s not mandatory in order to teach. However, you’re going to want to keep your goals in mind. If you’re looking to be credited as a Registered Yoga Teacher, you’re going to want to look for a Yoga Alliance-approved training that is run by a Registered Yoga School.

Another important note when it comes to online yoga teacher trainings and the Yoga Alliance is the current online teaching exemption. Pre-pandemic, the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School standards allowed only a certain number of classroom hours to take place online. Due to the pandemic, the Yoga Alliance put in place an online teaching exemption that allows members of online trainings from approved yoga schools to register with the Yoga Alliance through September 2021.

Check out our top five 200-hour yoga teacher training certifications you can get online.

My Vinyasa Practice

Young diverse people with African ethnicity yoga instructor standing on mats performing Warrior one asana or Virabhadrasana 1 pose. Work out physical activity in modern studio class, wellness concept

My Vinyasa Practice has a physical studio space based in Austin, Texas, but offers an affordable online 200-hour yoga teacher training. The training is set up as a weekly format (although you can move at your own pace) so you can go through the course in as little as eight weeks. The online training follows the same curriculum as in-person training and covers yoga history and philosophy, yoga anatomy and physiology, meditation, different types of yoga, Ayurveda, and more.

As for the price, you can get 50% off the training when you pay in full ($375) or opt to do a three-month payment plan of $250 per month. My Vinyasa Practice also offers a full refund if you’re unhappy with the training within the first 30 days.

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes
Price: $375-$750


Yogi black woman practicing yoga lesson, breathing, meditating, doing Ardha Padmasana exercise, Half Lotus pose with mudra gesture, working out, indoor close up. Well being, wellness concept

YogaRenew is another completely self-paced 200-hour online yoga teacher training. The program includes lifelong access to videos, live Zoom calls, readings, workbooks, handouts, and lectures covering the foundations of yoga, finding your teaching style and building confidence as an instructor, and more. Students also get access to bonuses like sequence ideas, teaching tips, yoga resume templates, and access to YogaRenew's online community.

YogaRenew is another affordable online yoga teacher training and only costs $437 when you pay in full or $480 with a six-month payment plan. But if there’s a chance you’re unhappy with the yoga teacher training within the first 30 days of enrolling, you can get a full refund.

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes
Price: $437-$480


fitness, yoga and healthy lifestyle concept - group of people doing lotus seal gesture and meditating in seated pose at studio

YogaWorks' online yoga teacher training has been up and running for over three decades and has an extensive network of over 15,000 alumni. The 200-hour yoga teacher training—available online and in-person—centers around vinyasa-based yoga and covers asana, anatomy, and sequencing. The online program takes place over nine weekends via Zoom. When you pay in full early, you can get $300 off the full tuition price of $3,250. Payment plans are also available. Some of the perks to the YogaWorks 200-hour teacher training program include three months of free unlimited yoga, five digital training manuals, and alumni discounts and benefits.

During the training, students are required to take 12 yoga classes to get a feel for different styles of yoga. YogaWorks also recommends having at least six months to a year of consistent yoga practice before taking the training.

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes
Price: $2,950-$3,250

Online Yoga School

Group of young sporty people practicing yoga lesson with instructor, sitting in Balasana exercise, Child pose, friends working out in club, indoor close up image, studio. Wellbeing, wellness concept

The Online Yoga School by the Yoga & Ayurveda Center offers an online 200-hour yoga teacher training with lifelong access to the program even after completion. The training is completely self-paced, so you can go through the modules—that cover everything from yoga philosophy and history to in-depth human anatomy—on your own time. The Online Yoga School offers multiple weekly Zoom sessions: one for Q&As and another for feedback on asana form and practice teaching. You can also access the Online Yoga School’s support groups to connect with fellow students.

When you sign up for online 200-hour yoga teacher training, you also get bonus materials including additional courses—including restorative yoga, chair yoga, and Ayurveda—and teaching tools like class plans, asana cue cards, and more.

The training only costs $385 and is certainly one of the more affordable options out of the programs out there with payment plans available so you can pay in installments of five or six months.

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes
Price: $385

Uplifted Yoga by Brett Larkin

women practicing the cobra pose during their yoga class in a gym

The Uplifted Yoga 200-hour yoga teacher training is an interactive program created by Brett Larkin, a yoga instructor with 15 years of teaching experience, entrepreneur, and founder of an award-winning yoga YouTube channel. The vinyasa and hatha yoga-based program consists of 24 modules that give you a deep dive into not only yoga but also the business of yoga including social media marketing, insurance, waivers, client relations, and more.

The program has multiple cohorts a year with weekly, mandatory live calls over Zoom that allow students the opportunity to discuss module materials, get personalized asana review, and practice teach yoga classes. Once you sign up for the training, you have up to 18 months to complete the certification but if you commit to eight to 10 hours of studying homework, attending live calls, and watching the module videos a week, you can expect to complete the program in approximately 16 weeks. On top of access to the training videos, you also get a 600-page paper manual sent to you so you can keep it on-hand throughout your training and yoga journey.

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes
Price: $2,850

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