17 Perfect Puzzles For a Night In

Mandala Puzzle

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A challenge for even advanced puzzlers, this mandala puzzle has a beautiful gradient purple background. Mandalas have different religious meanings, particularly in Eastern religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism. In different contexts, the mandala can represent the whole of the universe, aspects of enlightenment, and symbols of wisdom and impermanence. 

Whatever your beliefs, practicing mindfulness while working on this puzzle could help ease some stress while engaged in a fun activity. Pieces are alphabetically coded on the back to help with sorting. This pretty puzzle could easily be hung as a piece of art after completion.

Santorini Sunset

Aegean Sea
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Canceled travel plans got you down? Take solace in the fact that we are bummed too, but we are revisiting and revamping our travel bucket list. If the Greek isles are on your list too, take out your frustrations on this 1,000-piece scenic Santorini sunset puzzle. "Challenging but not impossible," as one reviewer described it, this puzzle is quality-made and will keep the family entertained for at least a few hours.

Birds of a Feather

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For the birders out there, this 500-piece puzzle is a fun way to spend an afternoon indoors. For added fun, set up your puzzle in view of your birdfeeders. Fill your feeders with suet and wait for the birdies to come calling. Break out your bird identification book and try to name all the birds that visit your feeders.

Music Cats Family Puzzle

David Meowie
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Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Dolly Purrton, David Meowie, and Meowyonce make this 500-piece puzzle from Mudpuppy a fabulous activity for any ailurophile/audiophile. When you complete this one, check out some of Mudpuppy's other puzzles, like bookish cats, tree-dwelling slowpokes, or this 500-piece songbird puzzle. Put on some records and get puzzling!

Main Squeeze

Fruity Scene
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We love this colorful fruity scene from Puzzledly, made with all recyclable materials, even the box! Challenging yet satisfying, this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is sure to be fun to put together. 

Other scenes from Puzzledly include the gorgeous pink blossoms of Full Bloom, gradient color in Geometrical Rainbow, and the primary colored fish in Something Smells Fishy, which are all super cute designs.

World of Dogs

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Cynophilists rejoice! We've found this 1000-piece puzzle to keep you busy for a while. Dachshunds, dalmatians, poodles, chihuahuas, and more grace the front of this puzzle. Some puppies are wearing sweaters or antlers, some are placed in buckets or baskets, and others are just snoozing peacefully... and we can hardly handle all the cuteness.

The Mandalorian

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Get the whole family involved with this 500-piece Mandalorian puzzle, featuring the cutest little alien ever. Catch up on The Mandalorian on Disney+ before its third season release alongside The Book of Boba Fett, slated for a late 2021 premier. If you're all caught up on The Mandalorian, get cozy and watch or re-watch all the Star Wars movies, series, specials, and shorts while you work on this fun puzzle.

World Map

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High quality and made of recyclable plastic, this 1000-piece puzzle is a great activity for a night in. Because they are made of plastic, these pieces have a satisfying click that ensures the pieces fit together well, the finished product is sturdy, and the world map image is crisp and clear. Reviewers give this puzzle 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Flamingo Puzzle

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Mix yourself a mai tai, think warm thoughts, and get tropical with this pretty flamingo scene. Bright, colorful, and fun this 1000-piece wooden puzzle will make the dreary winter weather a little more bearable.

Cottagecore Puzzle

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This rustic cottage nestled in the countryside scene gives us a warm and peaceful feeling. Bake a pie, press some flowers, and give this puzzle a go. #Cottagecore vibes and a sense of tranquility will enter your living space.

Sweet Succulents

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A puzzle for plant parents, this 300-piece puzzle has larger pieces for beginners or even those with arthritis. Pretty colorful succulents keep this puzzle entertaining, and with "perfect snap" technology there will be a snug fit between pieces. This puzzle is 18x18" when completed.

Puzzle in a Puzzle

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Unique and difficult, this totally meta puzzle is recommended for those who want an extra challenging project. Sustainably made in New York, this 1000-piece puzzle will have you feeling accomplished after finishing it.

Northern Lights

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Another travel bucket list destination, Alaska is a great place to view the Northern Lights, particularly starting August. Until then, work on this 1000-piece puzzle featuring a serene scene with the aurora borealis shining brightly.

Classic Rewind

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Be kind, do a puzzle. For the movie buff with a sense of humor, this 1000-piece foil puzzle is perfect. With memorable titles like Florist Gump, Donnie Barko, and Glazed and Confused you'll have fun putting this puzzle together. One reviewer even called it fancy.

Moon Puzzle

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One thousand pieces of moon rock will keep you busy for hours with this lunar puzzle. This large, round, quality puzzle is a wonderful activity for a night (or several nights) of staying in. After completing the moon, move on to the sun and the earth.

Life Before Social Media

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Remember when the only game on our Nokia bricks was Snake, and texting wasn't even much of a thing? Order this 1000-piece puzzle (on your phone) and then take a break from technology to complete it. Of course, you can post a picture of the final product on social media in an ironic post.

State Flowers Puzzle

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We kind of love this 1000-piece sturdy state flower map of the US. It also comes with an insert about the artist Wendy Gold and each state's flower identification for reference.