Gone are the days of paying exorbitant prices for frames you don’t really like at the optometrist’s office. Discount Glasses, Discount Contact Lenses, and AC Lens have your eyeballs covered with brand name eyewear at the lowest prices. Sure, you can try frames on virtually, but each of these brands has so much more to offer. Let’s dive into why you should be shopping at these sites for all your eyewear needs.

Renew Your Prescription from the Couch with an Online Vision Test

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First thing’s first, no visit to the eye doctor is needed. That’s right, renew your prescription from the comfort of home with an online vision test. Discount Glasses, Discount Contact Lenses, and AC Lens all offer this service. The exam only takes about 15 minutes. Then, an in-house optometrist will review your test and provide your free prescription! The in-house optometrist verifies your new prescription with your regular eye doctor to ensure accuracy.

Name Brand Glasses at the Lowest Prices

From prescription glasses and sunglasses to reading glasses and accessories, Discount Glasses really is a one-stop-shop for the whole family. With brands like United Colors of Benetton, Nike, Candies, Disney, Kendall + Kylie, and popular in-house brands like Westend and Lunettos, Discount Glasses truly has something for everyone. Kid brands Picklez and Picklez Flex have styles for babies, toddlers, little kids, and preteens. These high-quality glasses are affordable, cute, and have a 365-day kid-proof warranty.

Shop for Frames

Shop frames at Discount Glasses and licensed optometrists cut your prescription to order. These are the same glasses you’d find at your doctor’s office, so quality is guaranteed. Discount Glasses makes it fun and easy to try on different frames for the whole family. Jump on Discount Glasses and choose a model with similar features as yourself or follow the instructions to take a short video. Virtually try on hundreds of different frames and styles, including cat-eye, rectangle, aviator, oval, and more.

Measurements of the lens width, bridge width, and temple length of your frames are all adjustable, guaranteeing the glasses will be a great fit. Browse through hundreds of frames online. If you already have a style in mind, Discount Glasses makes it easy to find.

There are several different categories to filter by, including material and color. If you prefer a certain price point, brand, or shape, you’ll easily be able to find your perfect pair of spectacles. With prices as low as $5 for some frames, and as low as $20 for a complete pair of glasses, there’s something that fits any budget.

What Shape Frames Should I Choose?

Frame options abound, but Discount Glasses makes it easy to find a flattering frame shape for your face, on the cheap! Bringing balance and softness, thicker tops and thinner bottoms of browline glasses complement a square or pear-shaped face. Aviators aren’t the easiest look to pull off—if you have small, dainty features, this shape may overtake your face. However, those with heart-shaped faces should totally go for the aviator look.

Cat-eye glasses are darling and look best on those with oval faces. Most anyone can rock a pair of rectangular-shaped glasses, as opposed to round-shaped glasses, which look best on those with a square-shaped face. Oval-shaped frames soften angular faces and fit a square face shape. Softening features, a pair of square glasses will work on anyone with an oval or oblong face shape. Fun, geometric glasses look awesome on those with a heart-shaped visage. Find the best fit for you by trying on a few different styles on Discount Glasses.

Add Prescription Blue Light Lenses to Any Eyeglasses or Try Non-Prescription Computer Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses should probably be a standard-issue at this point. Pre-2020, blue light blasting screens were so pervasive that limiting children’s time in front of them was a common practice. However, after scolding your children for spending too much time on their tablet, you probably went to work and sat in front of your own screen. Add virtual learning, remote working, and virtual hangouts, to our already screen-saturated lifestyles, and the need for blue light blocking glasses has grown exponentially.

Blue light blocking glasses are definitely worth the hype as they protect your eyes from symptoms of eye-fatigue, including eye strain, dryness, and irritation.

Add prescription blue light lenses to any eyeglasses or shop Discount Glasses' array of prescription-free computer glasses. Featuring scratch-resistant coating, blue light blocking lenses not only protect eyes from blue light but also filter out ultraviolet light. Protecting your skin and eyes from ultraviolet light is also so important. These rays can cause temporary or permanent damage to your eyes. According to WebMD, photokeratitis, cataracts, pinguecula, and pterygium are all preventable eye diseases when you take the correct precautions, like wearing UV filtering glasses.

Discount Glasses Isn’t Just Glasses

In addition to eyewear, Discount Glasses also offers a plethora of accessories. Anti-fog spray, glasses cases and bags, safety glasses, and swimming goggles can all be found for much cheaper than at a retail store, like these cute sunglasses for under $15. Kiddos will love these smart-looking frames—and you’ll love the price tag!

Returns and Refunds

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Discount Glasses prides themselves on their amazing customer service. If something is wrong, they will do everything they can to make it right. Discount Glasses makes exchanging or refunding simple by offering a free 365-day return policy. You read that right—you have an entire year to decide whether you like your glasses or not. Five days after receiving the returned item, the company issues a refund or sends a replacement, free of charge!

Discount Contact Lenses Is Your One-Stop Online Shop for Contact Lenses

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That’s all well and good, but what if I wear contacts? Well, Discount Contact Lenses has got the hookup! Not only does Discount Contact Lenses have the largest selection of name brand contacts, but it offers them at the lowest prices! Prices for brands such as Acuvue, Dailies, Air Optix are at or below competitors' prices with Discount Contact Lenses' Price Match Guarantee.

Like Discount Glasses, there’s no need to go to the eye doctor for a new prescription. Simply renew online from the comfort of your home. Also like its glasses counterpart, Discount Contact Lenses offers a 365-day no-questions return policy. New customers can save 20% on their first order. Everyone gets free shipping on orders of $99 or more to the US. Save 20% on all orders by ordering via the mobile app, Alexa skill, or set up a convenient subscription service.

The Best of Both Worlds: AC Lens

Price Match Guarantee

Perhaps you wear both glasses and contacts. If so, AC Lens is a great option for you. AC Lens carries both eyeglasses and contact lenses, as well as sunglasses, and eye care accessories. Shop the latest styles from brands like Oakley, Ray-Ban, Ted Baker, and more, backed by a manufacturer warranty.

Like Discount Glasses and Discount Contact Lenses, AC Lens offers Price Match Guarantee which not only matches competitor pricing but also gives you an additional five percent on the price difference. Like its cohorts, AC Lens also offers an online vision test, free shipping on orders over $99, and Free 365 Day Returns in the USA. AC Lens also offers 20% off first-time contact lens orders, plus, get 20% all contact lenses by signing up for AC Lens’ contact lens subscription service.

What About Insurance?

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Depending on your insurance, you may be eligible to receive partial or full reimbursement for your purchases. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are another great way to use your money for out-of-pocket expenses like eyewear and contact lenses. Definitely check with your provider to see what your policy covers. Many work-provided plans cover prescription eyeglasses, reading glasses, and/or contacts. Some will even pay for prescription sunglasses!

Our Takeaway

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No matter whether you order from Discount Glasses, Discount Contact Lenses, or AC Lens, you’ll be getting fast delivery and award-winning customer service. Each brand also offers an online vision test, free shipping on orders over $99, and Free 365 Day Returns in the USA. First-timers and subscribers both get 20% at each online store. We see savings in your future!

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