20 Cat Houses Your Feline Baby Would Love

Mod Cat House/Table Combo

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Maximize your living space with a midcentury-style cat house/table combo. This custom-built piece from PurrFurrPL on Etsy features a cozy nook for your cat and a round-edged white countertop you can use as a nightstand, coffee table, record player holder, and more.

K&H Heated Kitty House

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If it’s too cold outside for you, there’s a good chance it’s too cold for your kitties. Keep them warm from the harsh tail-end of winter with this heated cat shelter from K&H Pet Products on Amazon.

The shelter includes a 20-watt heated blanket and has been tested and certified by MET Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards. And despite all of these top-notch specs, this heated cat house is one of the more affordable heated cat house options available online.

ACRO Wood Cat House

Most Unique Pick
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Aesthetically pleasing, structurally functional, and easy to assemble, this wooden cat house on Amazon checks all the boxes. Your kitty will love the comfortable sleeping spaces, scratching boards, and wooden toys, and you’ll love the way this uniquely designed house blends into your living space.

FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree

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You can’t go wrong with a classic, and this multi-level cat tree from FEANDREA is the consummate cat tower. Featuring a roomy condo, hammock, scratching posts, perches, and dangling toys, this cat tree is sure to keep your kitty entertained for hours.

This all-purpose piece of furniture also has top-rated stability features, making it a great option for slender cats and chonks alike.

Anbull Cat Condo in Green

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It’s hard to tell who’s going to love this multi-level forest-style cat house more, you or your cat. This cat house has plush sleeping areas, a natural sisal ladder, and multiple tiers for exercise and play. You also get to enjoy the insanely adorable hobbit house and twisted tree design, so it's a win-win!

On2 Cat Activity Tree

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Enjoy the look of a houseplant without having to worry about dirty cat paw tracks with a cat activity tree. Featuring three levels of artificial leaves, cats will love relaxing, playing, and "hunting" in their own indoor natural habitat. And if you do end up getting a real houseplant, make sure you choose one that’s non-toxic to cats.

9-Piece Wooden Cat Climber and Condo Set

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A rambunctious cat burning off energy in a small space can become... catastrophic, if you will—things get spilled, broken, knocked over, you get the idea. Give your feline friend space to roam that isn’t all up in your grill or underfoot with this deluxe wall cat climber and condo set.

Big Nose Wall Mounted Cat Condo

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If you’re interested in a wall-mounted cat house but not so interested in spending over two hundred bucks, try this mounted cat condo from Big Nose on Amazon. The condo can be affixed to the wall by itself or added to other Big Nose cat tree shelves for a spacious (but still affordable) space for your fur-child.

Macramé Cat Swing

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Another easy way to keep floor space clear is with a swinging cat bed hung from the ceiling. BohomoArt on Etsy makes a gorgeous bohemian macramé cat swing with a locally sourced cushion available in coral, olive, mauve, or navy blue. Good luck resisting the urge to buy one for yourself.

Mushroom Cat Tree and Condo

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Any devoted cat parent knows that nothing in the world is as cute as their precious fur baby, except maybe this adorably whimsical mushroom cat tree and condo combo. Coral and yellow flowers, an eye-catching polka-dotted mushroom cap detail, and mint green carpeting will leave you wondering why they don’t make these human-sized.

Cat Solarium - The Veranda

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Give your kitties the access to the outdoors they’ve always wanted with a custom-built cat solarium. Solariums fit into a window opening like an A/C unit and let your cat smell the fresh air and watch wildlife up close from the safety of the indoors.

These can be used in any living space with the right-sized window, but the solariums are especially great for cats living in crowded areas with little to no yard access.

FEANDREA Vintage Cat Tower

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Perfect for the lover of all things vintage, this Swiss chalet-esque cat tower with a hideaway condo, scratching post, and multiple perches will effortlessly blend into midcentury, Scandinavian, bohemian, or rustic design themes.

Zimtown Two-Story Outdoor Cat House with Balcony

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Let your feline friend in on the wonder that is hanging out on a wooden deck in warm weather with this charming two-story outdoor cat house. Featuring a cozy sleeping area, stairs, and endearing latticework balcony, the only thing Kitty is missing is a lounge chair, good book, and ice-cold beverage.

Felt Fairy House Cat Cave

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Soft, cozy, and fantastically fanciful, this made-to-order cat cave from FeltField is as unique of an art piece as it is a comfy place for your cat to sleep and hide. The cat cave is made with natural, undyed wool, making it both incredibly insulated and (most importantly) easy to clean.

Good Life Deluxe Modern Design Cat Tree House

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With a whopping six floors of play space and over five feet tall, this cat play-mansion is perfect for climbing, sleeping, jumping, and adding an eye-catching sculpture to any room in the house. Chonky cat owners fear not, this sturdy cat tree was deemed “an iron fortress” by one satisfied customer.

Bordeaux House for Cats

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Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, this Italian-made cat house is a must-have for homes rocking the minimalist and/or luxurious aesthetic. This ultra-sleek cat cave features a cat scratcher floor in the bottom pod and a plush sleeping area in the top pod. After all, one-of-a-kind cats need a one-of-a-kind house.

Cool Cedar Cat Cottage

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If you’re looking to spoil your outdoor cats rotten, look no further than this custom-built cedar cat cottage. When we say this cottage is fully equipped, we mean fully equipped.

This all-weather house is basically a miniature, fully-functional condo. Optional customizations include a remote control air conditioner, heat pads of multiple sizes, porch and deck systems, a raised foundation, and magnetic seal safe doors.

Deluxe Window Catio

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Solariums are great for prime weather seasons like spring and autumn, but many open-style catios can rack up the heating bill if left installed over winter.

A slightly more enclosed, winter draft-proof version of the previously mentioned cat solarium, this custom deluxe catio from CatsWithAnAltitude on Etsy comes with a plexiglass front and mesh cat door, rot-resistant PVC components, and a reflective roof to protect your feline friends from prolonged sun exposure.

Cat Wall Cave with Honeycomb Window

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Indoor cats will love observing the going-ons of their domain in this wall-mounted cat cave with an acrylic honeycomb window. The blonde natural wood makes this a welcome addition to any wall in the house, and the transparent window frames your precious fur-baby like the beautiful work of art they are.

Lotus Cat Tower

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For the truly fancy feline, the sophisticated shorthair, the tasteful tomcat: the lotus cat tower, which is the most elegant piece of cat furniture we found in our internet search. This cat tower's symmetrical, flowing nature makes it both a cozy dojo for your cat and a beautiful piece of contemporary minimalist art.

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