Whether you watched the sitcom Family Matters while growing up, as an adult, or have never seen it at all, chances are high that you've at least heard of Steve Urkel. Aside from his super-geek and lovable personality, Steve Urkel is probably most well-known for his oh-so-famous catchphrase "Did I do that?"

As you may or may not remember, Urkel was portrayed by actor Jaleel White. Along with his iconic portrayal of Urkel, White has appeared in TV and movies including Sonic the Hedgehog, Dreamgirls, Psych, House, Castle, and Boston Legal.

But now, Jaleel White has entered a new kind of business: the weed industry.

Jaleel White's New Cannabis Brand

jaleel white

Jaleel White is launching his own line of designer weed, called, ItsPurpL. The weed line is created in collaboration with cannabis brand 710 Labs, an award-winning company based out of California and Colorado. They'll be launching the line on April 20th, using high-quality cannabis from some of the best breeders in the United States.

Family Matters fans will be delighted to learn that the logo of ItsPurpL is a purple graphic of White as Steve Urkel. One of the strains is "Purple Urkel," obviously inspired by the beloved character. Other strains will include "Stefan," which is a cross between Purple Urkel and another strain called "The White," and Mendo Purps x Zkittlez.

White's intentions are to create not only a cannabis brand but also a lifestyle brand to promote healing through weed and breaking down the ways that cannabis laws have historically disproportionately affected Black Americans.

If you're a fan of Steve Urkel and a fan of weed, this is pretty much a match made in heaven.

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