I have been using natural deodorant since before it was cool. It’s been almost 10 years since I took the plunge and I have unlocked the secret to getting it to actually work.

First things first, I am a super sweater. I have been "pitting out" shirts since middle school and ruining white garments for decades. So, if I can make it work, then almost anyone can.

The Secret: Part 1

different versions of natural deodorant

I get so tired of hearing friends try natural deodorant and then complain that it stops working after a few months. They try others that work temporarily, but then go on to give it up entirely. What most people fail to realize is that this has less to do with the actual product than with our body’s reaction to some products.

Desensitization is a medical term that is actually quite common and can apply to everything from prescription drugs to shampoo. “Desensitization is a biological response to a drug or active ingredient that diminishes in effectiveness over time when it is given continuously or repeatedly," according to Pharmocologyeducation.org.

For whatever reason, natural deodorant is one of those products that your body gets used to rather quickly. For this reason, I keep three different brands on hand that I like, and periodically mix them up. I don’t let my system get too used to one or the other.

Note: Over time, even with the switch-up method you still might have to keep your armpits guessing by introducing new ones as you run out of your current rotation.

The Secret: Part 2

Young woman using natural deodorant

Not all-natural deodorants are created equal, and there is lots of nuance on what works for some and not others. Some are just bad and do not work, a good rule of thumb is that if one doesn’t work for you the first time out then it’s not a match for your body.

Here is a list we recently published of our favorite natural deodorant brands and I have personally tried 15 out of 17 and all of those get my seal of approval.

Current Favorite

Young woman holding different versions of natural deodorant

I am absolutely loving the natural brand think and their Thinksport natural deodorant. It was a serendipitous purchase, as I love them for their mineral sunscreen and added this to the cart on a whim for free shipping. It’s amazing and has even held up for over 24 hours!

This may seem like a ton of work and forethought to go into a stick of deodorant, but it’s so worth it. In my experience, natural deodorant doesn’t stain clothes as bad, and rubbing aluminum on my armpits daily has never sat right with me.

Go forth and conquer your natural deodorant journey!

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