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I’m pretty sure I found the secret to not spending my entire paycheck at Target! A personal way to protect the environment, and discover new products—all in one place. Let me introduce you to my favorite quarantine purchase—a Grove Collaborative subscription.

The Grove Co. is a home delivery service that makes it easy to commit to health-conscious and environmentally-friendly household products, including everything from makeup to cleaning supplies, to baby products and probiotics.

This Earth Day there is no better way to start doing yourself and Mother Earth a solid. Check out our top seven reasons why you should give the Grove Collaborative a try this year.

1. A Grove Co. membership is FREE

Woman picking up a Grove Collaborative box
Grove Collaborative

Yep, you heard that right. The service is free and provides you with a curated online store that makes shopping a breeze and serves up the best in eco-friendly brands.

They do not require a monthly shipment, so you can skip a month at no charge. The consumer is in control, and there are no unwanted deliveries. Meaning, you only receive shipments for the products you want and need.

The only requirement is that each shipment meets a certain dollar amount depending on the frequency.

2. Brands You Already Love

Mrs. Meyers soap from Grove Collaborative next to a sink where a woman is washing her hands
Grove Collaborative

Grove offers an extensive list of products for almost every household need from some of the most well-known and loved eco-brands.

Some of our favorites include Mrs. Meyers, Dr. Bronner, Ursa Major, and Burt’s Bees.

The Grove Collaborative has also created their own line of products that are just as good—if not better—than some of the household names.

3. Plastic-Free by 2025

Grove Collaborative will be plastic free by 2025
Grove Collaborative

Today Grove Co. is ‘plastic neutral,’ and they have made a pledge to be plastic-free by the year 2025. Even with their diminishing plastic footprint, currently, every product on their site is ethically sourced, sustainably packaged, and non-toxic.

4. Product Discovery

discover new brands with Grove Collaborative
Grove Collaborative

Since getting a Grove Collaborative membership, I absolutely love discovering new products, and receiving my shipment has made me giddy over homecare products. Who knew that was possible?

Bonus they often include extra surprises for your cleaning pleasure.

5. Grove Co. Does the Thinking For You

Grove Collaborative does the thinking for you
Grove Collaborative

Between working from home and pandemic parenting, Grove Collaborative helped me to never run out of household supplies like toilet paper, laundry detergent, and cleaners.

Plus, they are really great with shipment reminders before your order is shipped. This gives you the opportunity to log in and take stock of what you actually need, or even delay or pause a shipment with no added cost.

6. Grove Collaborative Hydrating Hand Soap

mother and daughter washing their hands with Grove Collaborative hand soap
Grove Collaborative

I am a tad obsessed with this hand soap, and it may or may not be in every bathroom in my house.

This was the first Grove Collab brand product I tried and I haven’t looked back since.

You cannot go wrong with any of the scents, and the way it leaves your hands smelling and feeling is my favorite part. Don’t miss filling your next box with some of this soap

7. Even Something For Fido

Grove Collaborative even has pet supplies
Grove Collaborative

The versatility of product offerings is one of the reasons I never miss a month ordering from Grove Collaborative. The pet line is another winner and a way to make your four-legged friend go green too.

Aunt Fannie’s line of vinegar-based cleaning products are a game-changer, and the treats are an easy throw-in if I ever need to fill a box with a last-minute order. My mini poodle approves.

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