When it comes to delicious coffee, Illy is where it’s at. With some of the best coffee around, it’s become a staple in many kitchens for coffee lovers. With all of your coffee needs from whole beans to instant coffee—a brand new addition to the Illy coffee family—Illy is one of the best ways to kickstart your morning. And not only does it taste amazing but the coffee brand is also eco-friendly.

As the first company to receive a Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Responsible Supply Chain Process certification in 2011, Illy set the bar for eco-friendly coffee with sustainable practices from bean sourcing to the final product. Along with a green supply chain, Illy also has recyclable shipping and product packaging and has set out to become carbon neutral by 2033 on its 100-year anniversary.

With Illy’s commitment to sustainability, indulging in a cup of Illy coffee is a great way to celebrate Earth Month. In fact, the coffee brand is having an Earth Day sale where you can get 10% off six-pack coffee cases with code EARTHDAY from now through May 24. But that’s not all Illy has in store. Check out everything else—from subscription services to gifts for coffee aficionados—Illy has to offer below.

Illy Is a One-Stop-Shop for Coffee Essentials

illy caffee beans and espreso

It’s no secret that Illy has some of the best coffee beans (and now possibly the best instant coffee) on the market. Among Illy’s product lineup, you can find whole beans, pre-ground coffee, and instant coffee to make everything from espresso shots to drip coffee, along with ready-to-drink cold brew so you can take your Illy coffee on the go.

Not only does Illy have compatible pods for Nespresso and Keurig, but you can also enjoy espresso with the brand’s very own IperEspresso capsules. Made with Illy espresso machines—like compact Y3.3 iperEspresso—you can whip up coffee with sleek, small kitchen-friendly appliances perfect for any kitchen counter. And the best part about Illy’s capsules is that they’re completely recyclable.

With a Capsule Recycle Kit, which comes with a collection bag and a prepaid shipping label, you can make sure the packaging is properly recycled with plastic being used to make new products and the coffee inside used for compost and garden soil.

Get Coffee Delivered to Your Door With Illy’s Subscription Service

illy caffe subscription

Yes, you read that right. Skip the grocery store and cafe lines with Illy’s subscription service that brings coffee directly to your home. With a subscription, you can schedule auto-deliveries at your convenience so you never have to worry about running out of coffee again.

You also get a free welcome gift when you sign up. As if that wasn’t good enough, you also get 20% off your subscription order and free shipping.

Illy Has a Loyalty Program for Die-Hard Coffee Fans

variety of Illy Caffe coffe cups

There are perks to being an Illy fan, especially when you sign up for its loyalty program. Through the program, you can get special gifts and exclusive promotions, and expect to enjoy additional surprises along the way.

After registering with your email, you gain a heart for every dollar you spend on Illy. The more hearts you earn, the higher you get in the loyalty program. There are three tiers in the loyalty program: Explorer, Master, and Ambassador. Each tier has unique offers, including discounts on your order, free shipping, and free coffee at Illy Caffè locations.

Illy Also Makes the Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers

coffee pot pouring a hot cup of Illy Caffe

If you have a coffee lover in your life, Illy coffee can be the perfect gift (especially for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up!). Illy has a fantastic gift section with customizable coffee sets, reusable cups, and all the accessories need for at-home baristas like an espresso tamper and milk frother. There are also sweet jams and gourmet teas available.

If we had to pick our favorite Illy gift, it would be anything from the Illy Art Collection. Blending art and coffee (which is honestly a work of art in and of itself), the Art Collection is a unique way to enjoy your caffeinated drinks. You can find everything from espresso cups matched with colorful saucers, like the bold patterns by Stefan Sagmeister, to mugs, like the set by Maurizio Galimberti that features iconic locations in Milan and Rome. The Art Collection also highlights work from artists including Olimpia Zagnoli, Marc Quinn, Marina Abramovic, and Max Petrone.

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