If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, the zodiac is worth 10,000. Our zodiac signs can tell us a lot about ourselves: where we should live, the current astrological age’s influence over our affairs, and the alignment of the stars at the exact date and time we were born.

The zodiac’s energetic influence rules over all living things, four-legged friends included. Analyzing one’s zodiac make-up can help find the dog breed with which they’re the most compatible. So, are you a Rottweiler or a Cocker Spaniel person?

Aries: Border Collie

Border collie sitting in grass

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by fire, and under a cardinal modality. Given this powerful trifecta, it’s not surprising Aries is naturally passionate, brave, motivated, and spontaneous. Aries' are straight shooters; what they lack in candor they make up for in insatiable determination and alluring, effervescent disposition.

Border Collies are athletic, medium-sized herding dogs that can easily mesh with Aries’ bold, energetic personalities. These black and white beauties are considered among the most agile, balanced, and durable dog breeds noted for their trainability and intelligence. Like Aries, Border Collies have a zest for life that quickly rubs off on those around them.

Taurus: Shar-Pei

Shar-Pei puppy on purple background

Taureans’ bullish mascot causes the second zodiac sign’s stubborn reputation to precede them. But don’t mistake their headstrong nature for indignation; this earth-ruled sign’s steadfastness is a direct cause of their grounded, logical, and comfort-seeking personality. No fancy bells or whistles are needed for a Taurean—just security, stability, loyalty, and fulfilling work.

The distinctly featured Chinese Shar-Pei complements Taureans’ loyal attitudes beautifully. These squish-faced doggos are strong, majestic, and fiercely protective of their loved ones. According to the American Kennel Club, “early training and socialization are essential,” and let’s be honest; the same goes for a Taurus.

Gemini: Boston Terrier

Close up of Boston terrier looking up at camera

Geminis get a bad rep for being two-faced, but this seems more like a poor attempt at demonizing the sign’s twin symbol than an accurate assessment. Two-faced implies deceit; Geminis are simply adaptable. This mutable sign is ruled by air, two flexible categories that contribute to their versatile, outgoing, and intelligent personalities.

Boston Terriers are a small, lively dog breed known for their trademark "tuxedo" coat and saucer-like, friendly eyes. Boston Terriers are incredibly people-oriented, curious, and at times, mischievous. Okay, okay, Geminis can get a little mischievous, too.

Cancer: American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull looking up at camera

The emotions of Cancers run deep. Their cardinal modality keeps them locked in their water-ruled ways, emphasizing this sign’s sensitivity and sentimentality. But like most less-than-popular signs of the zodiac, Cancers are just misunderstood. These big-hearted signs are fiercely loyal, intuitive, and caring.

Another big ol’ sweetie undeserving of their stigma is the American Pit Bull Terrier. Despite their reputation for being uncontrollable and violent, American pits are fun-loving, gentle, and patient (read: great with kids). Cancers, used to their soft interiors being passed up due to intimidatingly tough exteriors, can empathize, bond with, and properly love a pit.

Leo: Golden Retriever

Golden retriever laying in grass with sunlight shining behind it

Regal Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun, so it’s fairly unsurprising that they are left to assume the world revolves around them—after all, the Sun is the center of our solar system. These fiery signs are charismatic, confident, warm, loving, and all-around dazzling. Leos light up a room when they walk in; like their ruling star, they’re natural centers of attention.

Golden Retrievers’ affectionate, intelligent, and playful personalities make them a great match for similar Leo temperaments. Because retrievers are so eager to please, they excel in obedience and service training. Are they eager to please because they want to help or because they love the attention? As a Leo, this author thinks it’s safe to lean on the latter.

Virgo: Standard Poodle

Chocolate standard poodle laying in grass

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which governs communication, and the sixth house, which governs service, schedules, and helpfulness. These mutable Earth signs are adaptable for the sake of pragmatism, not because they prefer anything but their normal, perfectly scheduled routine.

Communicative, practical, and meticulous Virgos will find good companionship in a standard poodle. Standard poodles are highly intelligent, eager, and athletic. In the early 1800s, French and German hunters used poodles as water retrieving dogs. "Poodle" comes from the German pudel, meaning "puddle" or "splash." Because the person who gets shit done needs a dog that can get shit done, too.

Libra: Labrador Retriever

Chocolate lab rolling on grass

As the cardinal air sign of the zodiac, Libras are masters in empathizing, emoting, and forward-thinking. Libras’ propensity to people-please likely comes from their ruling planet and house. Venus, ruler of receiving and giving affection, and the seventh house, in charge of all interpersonal relationships, work together to give Libra their fair, reliable, and well-liked personality.

Besides sounding like a good match—Libras and Labs—equitable Libras bode well with sociable, friendly, and kind Labrador Retrievers. These happy-go-lucky pups are generally non-confrontational and liked by all who meet them, just like their humans.

Scorpio: Rottweiler

Rottweiler laying on brick

Ruled by ever-changing water under a fixed modality, Scorpios can seem like an intimidating, brooding contradiction. Considering this sign lives in the eighth house governing the darker, more mysterious facets of life, it’s no wonder these intense signs are so often misunderstood. Once their tough exterior is finally peeled back, Scorpios reveal a soft, sensitive underbelly and a fervent loyalty to those they love.

Rottweilers have been similarly mislabeled as menacing, scary, and unfriendly. Their stocky physique and unapproachable demeanor hide a playful, silly personality seen only once they’re comfortable enough to let their robust guard down. Oh, but when they do, how sweet they are! Just like Scorpios—a match made in bad boy heaven.

Sagittarius: Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherd walking through grass

Sagittarius is the only zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter, governing good fortune and personal growth, and it shows. This vivacious, mutable fire sign resides in the ninth house, representing the higher mind, expansion, and broadcasting. Sagittarians are explorers, adventurers, and big-hearted optimists.

A Sagittarius will find a kindred spirit in a blue-eyed Australian Shepherd pup. These long-haired herding dogs have a powerful work drive and a wit capable of hoodwinking unsuspecting owners. Australian Shepherds can be a lot to handle—but really, so can you, Sagittarius.

Capricorn: German Shepherd

German shepherd close up with grass in background

For as whimsical as their sea-goat constellation is, Capricorns are incredibly no-nonsense. Their 10th house rules tradition, discipline, and authority; their planet, Saturn, oversees responsibility and personal challenges. Their ruling element, earth, keeps Capricorns’ hard-working nature more pragmatic than it is performative.

Equally receptive to discipline, authority, and tradition is the German Shepherd. Like Capricorns, these distinct doggos are industrious, intuitive, and a bit intimidating to someone unwilling to fall in line with the strict rigidity these busy bees prefer. Once they hit their working groove, Capricorns and German Shepherds stay dedicated, self-sufficient, and reliable.

Aquarius: Greyhound

Greyhound standing in grass

The 1960s counterculture movement emphasized equality, innovation, and free-thinking, which is why the flower power movement was quick to dub its era the Age of Aquarius. Aquarians are ruled by the 11th house, which governs social justice, rebellion, humanitarianism, and friendship. They are the trendsetters of the zodiac, always staying one step ahead of the curve.

Aquarians need four-legged friends that can blend with their groundbreaking, unique, and independent personalities. Luckily, they can find just the companion in the slender, remarkably quick Greyhound. Known for their distinct appearance and 40 to 50 mph maximum running speed, Greyhounds are incredibly independent, sweet-tempered, and noble.

Pisces: Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniel sitting on grass looking up at camera

The final fishy sign of the zodiac is ruled by creative, dreamy, and imaginative Neptune, a constantly fluctuating water element, and a free-flowing mutable modality. Don’t understand a Pisces? Don’t worry; neither do they. Pisceans often struggle to process the tangled emotions and thoughts rattling around their psyche—from the outside, this can look like aloofness and a chronic, insatiable predisposition for melancholy.

Not every dog breed is up for the challenge of navigating their Piscean owner’s deeply flowing emotions—that is, except the cocker spaniel. These bright-eyed dogs are easy-going, affectionate, and empathetic. Cocker spaniels want nothing more than to make their owners happy, pulling Pisceans out of their depressive moods with doggo kisses and aaaall the cuddles.

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