Raise your hand if there’s something that bugs you about your home. (Most likely, every last one of you has your arm extended high up in the air.) Whether you just moved into a new-to-you home or you’ve been there for decades, chances are there’s at least one thing that nags at you every time you see it. You may even have a list of a few things?

The idea of hiring an expert to come into your home and fix those little issues can feel daunting at best. But that’s not a reason to give up on it! For jobs too big to tackle alone, you want someone you can trust to see it through — because designing a new and improved look for your home needs a personalized touch. This is where Home Services from The Home Depot comes in. Through its Home Services, The Home Depot connects you with a vetted, certified local service provider to tackle the job for you, just the way you want it done.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that might bother you around your house the most — and how Home Services from The Home Depot can help.

A Lack of Storage Space

Tired of overstuffed closets, your messy home office, and garage cabinets that you can never seem to find anything in? Through The Home Depot’s Home Organization Services, an expert can help you get all those areas—plus the garage, mudroom, laundry room, pantry, and more—under control. You can take your own measurements and chat with a design consultant who will present you with storage solutions and a free quote, or you can schedule a (safe) in-person visit at no charge. 3D renderings help you visualize how the shelving or closet system will look and function in your space. Once your home organization system has been fabricated, A certified local installation expert backed by The Home Depot will deliver and install it for you.

Beyond custom shelving systems and storage solutions, THD’s Home Services can also suggest out-of-the-box space-saving ideas. For example, a pro installer from The Home Depot set you up with a Murphy bed, which can make your WFH office that also doubles as a guest room way more functional. “Think about taking a guest room that was used only a few times a year and throwing in a murphy bed with built in drawers, hanging space and even a desk, and now you have a space you can use each day without sacrificing a room for visitors,” says Autumn Singh, Associate Merchant at The Home Depot. Or, perhaps, your designer will find that your small eat-in kitchen can benefit from a built-in banquette with storage; in a laundry room, your expert consultant might suggest putting your washer and dryer on a pedestal with drawers. If there’s a way to eek out more space in your home, your assigned designer will find it.

The Home Depot

Dingy Carpets

If the carpet in your family room has more spots than a leopard, or there’s a well-worn path in the rug from the front door to your kitchen, it’s time to get someone in to replace it. Take advantage of The Home Depot’s Carpet Installation services and you can browse carpet options and order samples, which include lots of on-trend and highly durable styles. When you’re ready, they’ll send an expert to take precise digital measurements and note any special installation requirements. They’ll also give you a quote that includes materials and installation — though installation can often be done for free with purchase, so be sure to ask your consultant! Bonus: Most carpet installations can be completed in one day.

Old, Drafty Windows

The weather is warming up so you may not be worried about cold drafts right now, but anyone who has been thinking about getting new windows should know that it’s actually the perfect time to have them replaced. You know, when it’s nice out.

On the fence about whether or not it’s time to make the change? There are a few tell-tale signs: “You should never see condensation on the inside of your windows,” says Karla Thompson, the merchant for Windows and Doors at The Home Depot. “If you can see a rubber seal that’s dropped down in the window, that’s another sign it’s time to check those windows because it means that the gas that was in there to prevent heat exchange or cold exchange is no longer in there.” Also, if your windows are more than 15 years old, there’s a good chance that there are now better offerings to help save you money. (Glass that absorbs UV light or has special panes to regulate temperature changes, for example.)

Home Services by The Home Depot offers free consultations in your home or virtually. You’ll get professional recommendations (down to the best type of glass for where you live), a free quote, an estimated calculation of the potential energy savings you can expect, and an evaluation of how much your home’s value can increase. Way less overwhelming than you thought, right?

Sad Window Treatments

Yellowed shades and blinds that are cracked or constantly crooked can make a room look dirtier or messier than it really is. Chances are, you’re already aware of this, all too well. Swap them out using The Home Depot’s Window Treatment Installation services. Once again, they offer in-home and virtual design services with local and vetted professionals—and the custom options are almost endless. Choose from vertical shades, horizontal shades, banded shades, gliding panels, wood blinds, and so much more. In fact, we have a complete in-home shopping experience where our designers bring the exclusive Kirsch Custom Window Coverings or Interior Shutters that are not shown in stores.

“The biggest benefit of choosing a custom solution is you can get the exact look you want, whether your style is modern or traditional. With so many more options compared to what’s available in-store, your window treatments are guaranteed to match your décor. Plus, the fit will be so much better,” says Andi Jenkins, Marketing Special Projects Custom Decorators, Inc. With your designer guiding you in the right direction, choosing the just-right match for your windows is simple. All the blinds and shades are backed by manufacturer warranties, fabricated exactly to your window’s measurements, and come with a one-year service guarantee on installations.

The Home Depot

A Dated Kitchen

The kitchen really is the heart of the home, so those chipped countertops and dated cabinet doors are hard to ignore. Luckily, you have lots of options with Home Services from The Home Depot.

For starters, you can just have their professional installers swap out your existing countertop for a new one. You can use the online design tool to play around with material, color, and edge style, to see what speaks to you. Once you decide to move forward, a local Home Depot Service Provider will set up a time to come measure and create a template, so your new countertop will fit perfectly. Installation takes around one to three days and the local, authorized Home Depot Service Provider will handle everything, including any plumbing disconnect-and-reconnect that may be needed (at an additional cost).

Another option: a Cabinet Makeover. “Most existing cabinet boxes are in excellent condition,” says Victoria Yang, Associate Merchant for The Home Depot’s Installation Services. “It’s just the exterior that’s outdated.” Through The Home Depot’s Home Services, you can have an expert come out to change your cabinet doors and drawer faces. Small improvements such as changing the color from dark wood to white, switching a raised panel to a shaker door style, or opting for concealed hinges instead of external ones can make a serious impact, Yang says. Just set up a free consultation (again, either in person or virtually) and your design consultant will walk you through the options and come up with a quote. From start to finish, most cabinet refacing can be done in as few as three to five days.

If your kitchen needs something more drastic, Home Services from The Home Depot is still able to help. The retailer offers Kitchen Cabinet Installation services and full-blown Kitchen Design Services. The trained designers will walk you through all the options for a gut renovation and make it all happen, with no DIY effort on your part.

A Dated Bathroom

Dingy wall tiles and a worn bathtub don’t exactly scream self-care, do they? Home Services from The Home Depot also offers a Bathroom Remodeling service, using local and vetted installers. A consultant will come out to your house to help with creating your dream bathroom, provide a quote, and handle everything from measuring to hauling away the old materials. You can get a truly bespoke sanctuary with on-trend tile and lighting, custom shower doors, and sleek fixtures. Home Services from The Home Depot can set you up with someone who can remove fixtures and replace with a new sink, toilet, or faucet.

A Dilapidated Fence

It starts with one post that turns wonky. And before you know it, your entire split-rail fence is just a pile of wood beams along the perimeter of your yard. The Home Depot’s Home Services offers Fence Installation that will last. Proof: The service has earned more than 4,500 verified 5-star reviews! A local installer can help you choose between a low maintenance vinyl fence, a decorative metal one, a sturdy wood one, or a chain link or picket once. They’ll do the measurements, get you a quote, and even secure the necessary permits.

Whatever your next project is, The Home Depot’s Home Services can help you check it off your list. Schedule a free consultation today.

The Home Depot is licensed and stands behind our installation work. Learn more here.

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