Over 12,000 People Gave The Chi Spin N' Curl A 5 Star Rating, And It's Easy To See Why

CHI Spin N Curl - Onyx Black

Onyx Black
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Curls can add a whole extra layer of style to any look. A curling iron can give you effortless beach waves, classy finger waves, and bouncy coils. But not every curling iron lives up to your curly hair dreams. Some don't heat up enough, making the curls you worked so hard for straighten out within hours. Or worse, some curling irons get WAY too hot and actually damage your hair. Not to mention all the times you burn your fingers because you have to hold the iron at all these awkward angles. To make a long story short, a curly hairstyle can be beautiful but it can also be VERY difficult to get it just right.

Your curling iron struggles can be a thing of the past with CHI's Spin N' Curl. This curling iron does all the curling for you so your curly hairstyle and look (and actually be) effortless. Plus with its built in curl timer, you won't have to worry about damaging your hair. Get the perfect curls with a push of a button with CHI's Spin N' Curl!

CHI Spin N Curl- Special Edition Rose Gold

Rose Gold
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How It Works

CHI recommends this curling iron for shoulder-length hair (6-16"). You can choose 3 different temperatures depending on your hair type. For people with fine hair (thin strands of hair) set the curling iron to 370°F. Medium hair textures (the most common hair type) do well with the temperature set at 390°F while coarse hair textures (thick strands of hair) should set their irons to 410°F. The Spin N' Curl can heat up to all of these temperatures in less than 20 seconds, so you can get right to curling! 

When the Spin N' Curl is heated up and you're ready to start styling, hold up the curling iron vertically to your head with the back of the iron facing your head. Then, grab a 3/4" to 1" section of your hair and put it into the curl chamber at a 90° angle. The curl chamber is what protects you from burning your fingers and keeps your hair secured around the rod. The Spin N' Curl will automatically curl your hair around the curling rod and start a timer for the perfect curl. When the time is up, you'll hear 4 beeps. That's your cue to release the button and slowly pull your hair out of the Spin N' Curl chamber. Voila! A perfect curl in seconds. Rinse and repeat for the rest of your hair. If you want to have different strands curled in different directions, then press either the left or right arrow buttons when you're putting your hair in the chamber. CHI's Spin N' Curl will make you feel like a professional hair stylist!

CHI Spin N Curl - Ruby Red

Ruby Red
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Read Some Of The Best Reviews

"I’m blown away!! As a dad it’s always hard for me to try new things with my daughters hair because it’s stubboran and I’m in construction so I don’t have the lightest hand!! I’m BEYOND happy with this product!!! I did her hair in 8min!! And it came out great! I would definitely recommend this for anyone! Super simple with fantastic results!!!"

-Dustin Greenawalt

"Love it! These curls are lovely and tight! They loosen up with fingers run through them. I have very long hair and it didn’t get caught ! It jammed a couple times, but it beeped and released it right away. I was never in danger of my hair getting stuck. I’m very impressed."


"My hair varies between chin to shoulder-length. Straight as the days are long, color treated. I have briefly burned myself on occasion just with my clumsiness. I was intrigued by the fact that the heating element is inside, so you really can't burn yourself by accident.

Before I tried using it, I watched some YouTube videos to get an idea. After getting acclimated with how it works, this was easy to use. You can alternate the curl direction with the touch of a button. When it beeps 3 times, you release the curl. It was pretty fast, did my whole head in about 10 minutes. It helps to twirl the hair a bit to make sure it goes into the chi better. You can choose the temperature depending on your hair type. Thinner hair, lower temp. My boyfriend who's very into hair and styling said he liked the outcome of the Chi better than my other curling iron. It shocked me.

My cousin with thick, long hair tried it, and now she plans to get one too! Her hair is below her shoulders and she had more mishaps, but you knew there was a problem when it just continuously beeps, so you just remove your hair and start again. It was typically if she used too much hair at a time. Overall, I really like it! No complaints."


"I have baby fine, thin hair. And for whatever reason, I got the brilliant idea to bleach it and chop it off. Which left me clueless as to how to make my hair look full and well styled, because I’m a messy bun and extensions girl. I’ve always adored the curled bob hairstyles, but I’ve never had luck getting my hair to hold a curl, which is massively due to not knowing how to properly use a curling iron.

I was super apprehensive to buy this curling tool; it was a lot of money to potentially waste if I tried it once and hated it, but knowing I’d been satisfied with other Chi products, I was willing to take the risk. I did my research, watched a few YouTube videos, and decided Amazon had it cheaper (and quicker delivery options) than anywhere else.

First time using it, and I cannot rave about it enough! I got exactly the look I wanted, my hair actually held curls for over 12 hours, it looked full and voluminous without extensions. It was so easy to use, and only took me 20 minutes to style a full head of hair, which typically takes me 45-60 minutes.

I highly recommend buying it, I cannot even find a negative thing to say!"