So, you just took a pregnancy test and found out you’re pregnant. Congrats, mama-to-be! This is an exciting time in your life, and you’re probably so excited to share the good news with family and friends. Whether this is your first child or your seventh child, you’ll want to mark the occasion by figuring out a cute way to announce your pregnancy.

Here are some of of our favorite (and adorable) ways to announce a pregnancy:

Incorporate Children

Family feet and legs posing for baby annoncement

If you have other children, this way is a no-brainer. Adding a new child to the family can be an adjustment for your existing children, so keeping them involved in the process should help ease any feelings of displeasure or anxiety.

If your children are old enough, feel free to ask them for suggestions about how they would like to be incorporated in the announcement. You may find that they come up with an idea that you never would have thought of, or come up with an idea that’s incredibly hilarious.

If your children are younger, there are a few cute ways to incorporate them into your pregnancy announcement. For starters, you could have them hold up a picture of your sonogram. Or, you could have them hold up a sign that says, “I’m going to be a big sister!” Lastly, you could record their reaction when you tell them that they’re going to be a big sister. See? Lots of options!

Use Shadows

Pregnant Woman shadow full length shadow portrait isolated on white background. Mom Expecting Baby. Unrecognizable slim silhouette Pregnant Woman touching her Belly. Pregnancy. Baby Shower.

We love the idea of using shadows to showcase the fact that you’re pregnant. For this fun pregnancy announcement, all you’ll need is A) a picture of your side profile’s shadow and B) a basketball!

First step's first: Have a loved one take a picture of your side profile’s shadow. To accomplish this, you’ll need a blank wall, your lovely self, and some light! Try playing around with the lighting and positioning so you achieve the posture and look that you want. Then, have your loved one pass you the basketball. You’ll want to hold the basketball up to your stomach to mimic pregnancy in its full term. Then, snap away!

You’ll be left with a few pictures of your pregnant-belly shadow that you can use to distribute at your leisure.

Wrap Up a Onesie

Maligne lake, Canada - december 2020 : view of expective parents holding a baby onesie "Baby bear"

Onesies are the quintessential symbol for announcing that a newborn baby will soon be joining the family.

We’re partial to themed onesies that match the time of year when your baby will be born. For example, if your due date is in December, you can always give out onesies that say “Grandma’s Best Christmas Present” or “Aunt’s Best Christmas Present.” If your due date is in the summer, think about giving out a themed onesie swimsuit that says something like “Grandpa’s Favorite Summer Baby” or “Uncle’s Favorite Summer Baby.”

This way, you can accomplish three things at once: (a) you’ll announce your pregnancy (b) you’ll give everyone a hint of your due date and (c) you’ll be including them in the process and give them an opportunity to dress your newborn when the time comes.

What could be better than that?

Frame Your Sonogram

Little pumpkin coming soon sign. Baby announcement sign on a rustic white background. Coming soon concept. Autumn pregnancy.

This announcement is an oldie but a goodie. When you go in for your ultrasound, you will be given a print-out (or a few!) of your baby’s sonogram from your doctor. The sonogram is a surefire way to let people know you’re pregnant. You can frame your sonogram and give it to your family and friends as an adorable gift to be unwrapped.

But, we prefer the stealth method...switch out an existing picture with a picture of the sonogram and wait for the shocked reaction. Make sure to get it on video!

Use a Personalized Coffee Mug

pregnant woman wearing sweater holding coffee mug with cable knit pattern on it

This is a great way to inform the coffee and tea drinkers in your life that you’re expecting! Get a custom mug made on Etsy with the message that you want to convey (i.e. we’re expecting or we’re pregnant!) on the bottom of the coffee mug. That way, when the message recipient finishes sipping, they’ll have a delightful message waiting for them at the bottom of the mug...surprise!

Create a Personalized Puzzle

pregnancy announcement puzzle

Have any puzzle-lovers in your life? Creating a personalized puzzle just for them is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy! There are a few websites that allow you to create custom puzzles and have them shipped directly to your door, such as Shutterfly, PuzzleYou, and Collage.

You can get creative with the image you place on the puzzle, which is half the fun! Maybe you want the sonogram to be the final photo, or maybe you want to be a little less obvious with the puzzle announcement! You could have the puzzle act like a regular puzzle, or even be a collage of photos of you and your loved ones. But somewhere, in the corner, you could put a little “we’re expecting!” that will be sure to excite and inspire when your loved one is done with the puzzle. Fun!

Do the Photo/Video Fake-Out

Happy young couple announcing their pregnancy at a party. Man with his girlfriend sharing surprise pregnancy announcement with friends at dinner party.

This is a fun way to announce a pregnancy that has been making its way around social media. For this pregnancy announcement, there are no props or gifts. This is a simple way of announcing a pregnancy that can almost be done spur-of-the-moment!

The photo/video fake-out method is this: Gather the group of family and friends closely together for a picture. But the trick is that you will actually be recording a video (see where we’re going with this?) instead of a picture. Once everyone is ready to smile for the camera, slip in "on the count of three, we’re pregnant!"

You’ll be able to capture everybody’s elated (and shocked) natural expressions on video. You’ll always be able to look back and remember the exact moment you told people you were pregnant. Oh baby, what’s cooler than that?

Listen…there’s no right or wrong way to announce your pregnancy. You may find that different modes work for different people, and that’s totally okay! It’s your pregnancy, and however you choose to tell your loved ones is the right way for you.

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