As the challenging year of 2020 quickly comes to a close, many of us will feel a sense of relief. This holiday season, we're ready. Comforting warmth of the Christmas spirit is what we've all needed to brighten our hearts during these unprecedented times.

In a year shrouded by separation, the holidays have special magic that has a way of drawing closer together. But what makes that holiday magic is the people you share it with every day.

Yet many gatherings, such as your annual company holiday party won't appear the same. But that certainly doesn't mean you can't throw a virtual office holiday soiree!

Even if you can't celebrate with your employees or coworkers in-person due to social distancing, a virtual holiday celebration will strengthen connections and boost company morale. A remote work holiday party will also provide a sense of normalcy when many other events have taken a backseat throughout the year.

Celebrate the end of the year and the holiday season with your team by choosing one of our remote work holiday party ideas.


wrapped christmas gifts

Whether your workplace team enjoys a secret Santa or a white elephant exchange, the annual office gift exchange can still take place with the help of Elfster! Elfster is a free top-rated online secret Santa generator for your virtual office holiday party. Start by inviting employees or coworkers to download the Elfster app via Facebook Messager or text message. Then develop a holiday wishlist to brainstorm potential remote worker gift ideas. Finally, draw names and have a virtual party!

Virtual Cocktail Experience

christmas cocktails

This year you may not be able to treat your staff to an open bar at the company holiday party. But, you may be able to deliver the bartender to them.

Hey Bartender is a virtual cocktail experience guaranteed to put your company staffers in a festive mood. Hey Bartender is the first virtual bar that will connect you and your employees with expert bartenders that will help you celebrate the holiday season.

How it works: Hey Bartender will create an unforgettable holiday experience, featuring options to either ship spirits directly to employees' homes before the event, or supply them with a list of ingredients to procure on their own. During your virtual holiday party, expert bartenders will demonstrate how to create festive cocktails to everyone's tastes.

Virtual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

woman and man in ugly christmas sweaters

Love 'em or hate 'em, ugly Christmas sweaters are here to stay! Luckily with this year's ugly Christmas sweater party, you'll only need to be ugly from the waist up since we're all partying on Zoom! Have virtual guests participate in an ugly sweater contest and let everyone choose a winner! Keep it simple, and award the winner of this year's ugly Christmas sweater party with a digital gift card.

Holiday Recipe Exchange

peanut butter blossoms

A beloved tradition at Many company holiday functions is to have staff share potluck dishes and baked goods. Instead of missing out on several Christmas goodies this year, insist that your team participates in a holiday recipe exchange.

Email coworkers and request that they submit their favorite Christmas snack or Christmas cookie ideas. Compile the holiday recipes into a list and share them with the team. Enjoy a virtual bake-off!

Virtual Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

two gingerbread houses

During the holiday season, nothing is sweeter than the time-honored tradition of building and decoring a gingerbread house. Put both decorating and teamwork skills to the test with a company-wide virtual gingerbread house decorating contest!

Choose your material: traditional spicy gingerbread, simple graham crackers, or even cardboard, plus icing and your choice of decorative sweets. Or, let Teambonding help host your festive and fun event. Virtual gingerbread house hunters will ship each group participant an individual gingerbread house kit. Through gingerbread challenges, games, and trivia, teams will earn the right to help their gingerbread house stand out beyond the rest!

The Bubble Tap Trailer

red glass ornament hanging on christmas tree

For those looking for an all-out holiday bash comes something truly awe-inspiring. A virtual holiday event that'll make your employees forget that it's actually 2020. The female founders of the incredibly trendy Bubble Tap Trailer, the first mobile bubbly bar in the US, now offers a virtual office holiday party, fit for companies, brands, and corporations. #bubbletapthat

The Bubble Tap Trailer Company's virtual holiday parties feature festive cocktails, lively dancing, caroling, raffle prizes, and so much more! This exciting holiday extravaganza is sure to spread holiday cheer!

Virtual Escape Room

padlock on old wooden door

Escape rooms are all the rage, but with social distancing, gathering a group to meet up in a small space is not possible now. Thankfully, The Escape Game Remote Adventures makes playing full escape games fun, safe, and easily accessible from anywhere via Zoom.

Work with your team (up to eight players per game) on your chosen adventure. Everyone will have a blast connecting, team building, and, most importantly, creating happy memories with their coworkers.

Virtual Holiday-Themed Scavenger Hunt

man viewing cell phone

Looking for a smash hit Christmas team-building event for your virtual holiday party? Look no further than GooseChase, the original scavenger hunt app that will help you organize the ultimate virtual Christmas-themed scavenger hunt.

Create a compelling virtual game, complete with photo, video, and text missions, guaranteed to captivate all your players. GooseChase is a creative and fun way to bring holiday cheer to the team this holiday season.

War of the Wizards

man wearing wizard hat

If you and your coworkers love to engage in team-building activities at your company get-togethers, there may be no better way than a session of War of the Wizards. Fun and collaborative, this role-playing style game takes place over Zoom. Hosted by a staff member from the War of the Wizards, the game itself takes about 90 minutes to complete. The online team buildingexperience is very similar to an escape room.

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