If you need to add some color to your room or improve the feng shui but don't want to go buy a mass produced painting at a local retail store, layered art might be what you need to make the finishing touches in your decor.

Layered art is a technique of using a chosen material to create a 3D image. This can be done by either placing layers of material on top of one another:

...or by cutting away (often with a laser) at a raw material, carving and shaping it into a delicate image:

Mediums can range from paper and tissue to fabric, metal and wood. Layered art can depict anything from fairy tale scenes:

To places you hold close to your heart, like cities or countries you've visited or lived in:

And layered art is a great medium to express your fandoms, and is much more unique than simply hanging up a movie poster.

The artist behind the stormtrooper piece, Reddit user TheCraftiestFox, sketched out the image, hand drew the different layers and cut each piece out, they said in a post. The artist used watercolor paper for this creation, but experiments with other papers as well as using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to build the shapes and layers to make the process less tedious.

One more notable 3D paper artist is Maud Vantours. The French designer specializes in brightly colored paper creations and her work has been showcased in Paris and other cities in Europe.

"Paper has become over time her favorite material," according to her website. "She folds it, opens it, accumulates it, superimposes it layer by layer to create patterns inspired by volume. The paper matter, sculpted my Maud, is transformed into a precious object."

Her work includes images of florals, abstract geometric patterns and spirals. All of her pieces are made from her signature brightly colored paper that will make any room pop.

So spice up your space and forget the mass-produced painting prints from Pier 1.

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