These different types of chairs can add something extra to your living room, bedroom, study, or terrace. Learn about the different types of chairs you can incorporate into your home and how to make them work in your home!


An armchair is a pretty classic chair for your home, but it's easy to categorize armchairs in with a bunch of other chairs as plenty have arms. Though an armchair can add a great accent to a room and The Spec reported that Kate Arends, founder of Wit & Delight said that they can add a "rich and comfortable touch to a room." She added that she prefers her armchairs to be in a warm, standout color like cognac.

Armchairs come in a fantastic variety of colors and fabrics. You can always choose a color that accents your room and with fabric and leather options available, you can really add to your living room or even your bedroom to give yourself a place to read.

There are different types of chairs that you can incorporate into your home as well, which will affect the cost. If you're looking for something on the larger side then they could set you back anywhere from $300.00 - $600.00. Though, there are ones on the smaller side or ones that rest on a wooden frame, which will cost significantly less around $60.00 - $150.00.


These types of chairs are great ways to add some extra comfort to your living room. You often see these guys set up in front of the television or in a family room because there's nothing quite like kicking back and watching your favorite show or getting lost in a video game for a few hours.

Now, we need to remember that these bulkier chairs have been a deep-seated debate for couples everywhere because though they're comfortable, they can be hard to place in the home without them sticking out like a sore thumb. But, never fear! There are ways to incorporate a recliner while also remaining stylish. Centsational Style spoke of different ways to rework your space with a recliner in it. Just because they're big, doesn't mean that you should omit them!

The bigger types of chairs that we all think of will set you back anywhere from $300.00 - $700.00. Though, if you're looking for the types of chairs that designers would love then those will cost you around $900.00.

They also talked about how many people choose the larger ones because of comfort, but designers aren't the biggest fan of them. If you want a compromise, hit up the list at the end of their post to look at tailored recliners.

Butterfly Chair

Butterfly chairs are the types of chairs that offer a lot of versatility, which make them a great addition to your home.

If you're looking to include some sort of lounge chair into your living room, a butterfly chair might be the way to go. It adds a little something to your space while maintaining a minimalist approach to your decor. You can also stick a butterfly chair in your bedroom for a nice place to curl up with a good book or just to add an accent to your room. These types of chairs also work really well outside on a terrace because of their minimalist style.

Another great thing about these types of chairs is that they're low-cost for the most part. Compared to the other types of chairs on this list, these guys will only cost you about $75.00 - $500.00. Depending on the type of material that you get for your butterfly chair, you can accent your home for a low cost or splurge a little and grab a leather butterfly chair to add a rustic accent to your space.

Chesterfield Chair

The Chesterfield chair is a great way to add elegance to your home. It's such a classic add-on to your room that is completely timeless. You really can't go wrong when you have this type of chair in your home because it adds a great classic note while also modernizing your space.

Like a lot of different chairs, the Chesterfield comes with a variety of fabrics, though leather is probably the most classic. Leather should be something you consider as well because it wears well and it's also easier to clean. This is also one of those versatile chairs that work just about anywhere in the home. You can place them in your living room, a reading room, or keep it in a family room for a comfy place to sit while also modernizing your space.

These chairs run a little more on the pricey side, though. These will set you back anywhere from $370.00 - $2,000. It really all depends on the kind of fabric you want and the size you prefer. Like all good leather, these types of chairs will cost you a bit more if you want to grab leather upholstery.

Slipper chair

Slipper chairs are wonderful additions to the home! These little upholstered, armless chairs are great accents to your home due to their simple design, but the fabrics can range from a variety of patterns, which not only give you the option to have it blend it into your decor or have it stand out with a design that goes against your decor. There are some slipper chairs that will be a solid color and others are patterned, so the possibilities are endless for you!

These are the types of chairs that can be used in the dining room as well! You can have them around the dining table, set them up in your living room, or have them in the hallway so you can use it as a reading chair or have them next to an end table. They can also be added to a study, not necessarily as your desk chair but as an added space to sit in your room.

These little chairs aren't going to cost you too much either, which make them a great choice for a lot of people. On the cheaper side, you'd be looking at about $150.00, but the more expensive ones will set you back around $320.00.

Director's Chair

Of course, there are plenty of chairs that aren't just for the main rooms of the home! These little chairs here are wonderful additions to your dining room or terrace. With their simple design, they can be used as dining chairs or you can have them in front of counter islands to give people additional places to sit while also reserving space.

Given that these chairs don't take up a lot of space, you can keep them outside as well either on a terrace or around the backyard. These simple chairs are best if you have company because they can be easily moved and they offer tons of comfort.

These little guys don't take up a lot of space, they're comfortable, and they don't cost a lot either! If you're looking into these types of chairs, you'll need to spend about $70.00 for the less expensive ones or $126.00 for the more expensive ones.

Rocking Chair

Now, rocking chairs have often been associated with our grandparents, but you can include one in your home without it taking away from the decor!

One of the common misconceptions about rocking chairs is that they're all wooden and creak and tend to be out-of-date. But, there are so many modernized rocking chairs out there that have a variety of upholsteries and designs! There are amazing rocking chairs out there that look like armchairs or have plastic seats.

Rocking chairs can be added to your living room, bedroom, or even your porch! It really all depends on the kind of chair you'd like. The classic rocking chair can be added to your porch, while the more modernized versions can be placed in the home for fantastic additions.

There are updated types of chairs available for $170.00 to about $380.00 for rocking chairs that look like loveseats!

Ladderback Chairs

These classic chairs are great additions to your home because of their versatility. Usually, these chairs are kept in the kitchen at a counter island or the dining room table. Though, feel free to get creative with these types of chairs because they don't need to be confined to the kitchen!

Ladderback chairs can be used near the front door as well for entrance seating. It's more practical to have a small nook or loveseat, but these types of chairs can be used for this purpose as well, which only adds to their versatility. What's great about these chairs too is that there are so many different variations of upholstery and patterns of the ladder backs.

There are some chairs available from $250 and others on the simple side that cost about $150.00. Some come with cushions and others are solid wood, so it's really up to you on how you want to accent your entrance or adorn your dining room table!

Barrel Chair

Barrel chairs are perfect for the home. They're a form of armchair that comes with a rounded back and cocoons someone in a comfortable seat. These are another type of classic chair that is often seen in living rooms, but they can be distributed to different rooms in the house like a family room, study, or even a bedroom. These guys aren't fairly large, which make them great additions to a smaller room like a study or a bedroom without needing to worry about it taking up too much space.

They range from having fabric and leather upholstery, so you can add whichever one you like to your rooms. Leathers will give you more of a vintage look while fabrics are more versatile in that you have more color variety and patterns. Some of them also come with a Chesterfield style backing to add more of a classic look, while others are smooth for a modern aesthetic.

Depending on the size and upholstery you're looking for, these types of chairs can set you back anywhere from $210.00 to $1,200 for a worn leather look.

Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs are another classic addition to your home and they've been a comfy accent for decades. These old-school, classic chairs have high backs and wings near the top. They're often quite wide as well, which is sure to offer you a cozy place to sit.

These types of chairs are on the larger side so would be best suited in the living room or a family room. Wingback chairs are terrific lounge chairs and these timeless pieces come in a variety of leathers or fabrics. You can adorn them with a blanket or throw pillow for added comfort, but you can't really go wrong by including these guys in your home. You also don't need to worry about this being an outdated choice because depending on your additional accents and the variety of designs available, these types of chairs are versatile and more modern than you might think.

Some wingback chairs will only set you back about $100.00, while others might cost you about $350.00. These prices aren't too shabby for such a timeless piece!

These are just some of the chairs that you can include in your home, but there are dozens of others you can try. But these classic chairs are oftentimes the ones you see in homes!

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