You know what they say: "Size doesn't matter"

Far too many people are unwaveringly skeptical about their ability to pull off having a tidy, uniquely decorated workstation given the small available spaces in their homes. Whether you're living in a shoebox of an apartment or a shed-like home, there's always an opportunity for you to have the home office you so deeply desire. Here are some creative things you can try on your next home workplace project.

Leave No Wall Untouched

a small cozy office at home with a big painting

When people think of wall space, they usually think elaborate pieces of art or framed inspirational posters. Next time you notice a lonely wall around your home, consider a small desk to fill the space, especially if your office needs are limited to paying bills and the casual web surfing. The extra platform on the desk in the photo above takes up less desk space than a single platform unit, maximizing the space. This tiny office operator even threw in some vegetation on the left side of the desk for added flavor.

Having your dream home office means you have to use every square inch as best you can unless making additions or tearing down walls are luxuries you can afford.

For the Closet Workaholic

an office in a closet

We're talking tiny offices here and maximizing space is the name of the game. While it might seem off-putting to have an office connected directly to your closet, the use of space and resources makes it a wonderful choice for people who are tight on square-feet and money.

The dweller of this pad opted out for a traditional desk and went with high-standing chairs, a floating desk, a shelf above with light fixtures underneath, and an additional floating shelf for extra storage.

Let There Be Light

an office with a window for sunlight

A home office should truly serve as space where you can maintain productivity and de-stress in ways you normally couldn't when you're in a regular office cubicle. One of the best ways to make a home office a lovely workplace is to place it where you can receive natural sunlight!

If your allotted space has a window nearby, resist the urge to immediately drape over it with curtains. You'll want to befriend the sun if you haven't already, because not only can sunlight literally and figuratively brighten up your day, but the light from the sun offers a host of medical benefits.

The Floater

a computer mounted on a wall

If your needs are extremely bare-bones, something as simple as a floating desk might be a good enough option. These desks come in a variety of sizes and materials, are easy to assemble and install, and support a range of weight limits. Some people have even made their floating desks from scratch.

Floating desks and shelves are an increasingly trendy facet of the furniture industry because they present the illusion of more space in a given area, which is perfect for tiny home office peeps. While the design of a floating desk seems practical, it can sometimes be more of a burden than not. Be sure to install your floating desk in a place where you're less likely to be distracted by everyday occurrences and where it's not in your way when doing daily tasks around the home.

This Office Has A Good Shelf Life

a home office built into shelves

Kill two birds with one stone by getting a desk with built-in storage for your home! This type of furniture is ideal for someone whose needs are a little more demanding, say for organizing personal documents or storing additional office supplies.

Though the unit here seems more like a casual wall unit for a living room, it has a sliding tray for a keyboard and space on the lefthand side for a monitor. The desk owner managed to fill the space on the right with a perfectly-sized printer to seal the deal, efficiently transforming the unit into a feasible desk area.

Take a peek around your place and see where you can start building that cozy and efficient home office today!

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