If you're going to be sitting for eight hours a day for work, you might as well find yourself a chair that's comfortable and beneficial to your overall health. Before finding the right chair for you, it's crucial to know why it's best to have an ergonomic chair.

What Does It Mean To Be "Ergonomic?"

Ergonomic is something that is designed for both comfort and efficiency in a work environment. For people who work in an office, having an ergonomic chair can make a huge difference. Sitting in a poorly designed chair can have negative effects on your overall health, which can lead to a decline in your quality of work. Finding yourself the right chair can lead to less back pain, more overall comfort, and an increase in productivity throughout the day. Check out these four ergonomic chairs that could be an addition to your office.

Generation By Knoll

Four Knoll chairs around a square meeting table.

Height: 39.35 - 44.5"

Width: 28.5"

Depth: 26" (excluding the base)

Price: $849

The designers at Knoll created this in response to research on the positions that people tend to sit in during the workday. As such, the chair allows for a wide range of flexible movements and sitting positions. The Frameless Flex Back provides necessary lumbar support for the spine, and the Continuous Lumbar offers support even if you're positioned sideways in the chair. The seat can also recline in accordance with three separate recliner settings, giving you full control over the tilt of the chair, and the Dynamic Suspension helps to balance your weight as you recline. The adjustable arm height and various wheels for different types of flooring make this chair a strong contender for any type of office environment.

Aeron By Herman Miller

Herman Miller chairs in a board room.

Height: 38.5 - 43"

Width: 25.75 - 28.25"

Depth: 16 - 18.5"

Price: $697 (more depending on customization)

This chair was first released in 1994, but the designers have worked to remaster it as studies on the importance of proper human posture have emerged. The chair has a suspension system that supports you in eight different comfortable sitting positions, allowing you to rest back into the chair without worrying about causing damage to your spin. It also offers adjustable pads to imitate a healthy standing position while sitting. This chair is even made out of a special fabric that allows heat and sweat to travel out the back of the chair, helping maintain your body heat during warmer days. This chair's design is so notable that it has a permanent installation at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

A person reclining in a Steelcase Gesture chair.

Height: 39 - 44"

Width: 22.25 - 34"

Depth: 22.5 - 24"

Price: $1010

As the name implies, Gesture is designed to make sure every gesture and movement you make while seated is comfortable and easy. Gesture earned its reputation as a well designed and ergonomic chair by winning the Spark! Design Award 2013, the SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certification and the Best of NeoCon Gold Award 2013. Its design is based on the ability to support any and all body types while moving naturally with the human back, spine, neck and body by adjusting how much tension the chair places on your back to eliminate restlessness while sitting.

Office Star FreeFlex Seat Adjustable Office Chair

FreeFlex chair at a desk.

Height: 42"

Width: 26"

Depth: 29"

Price: $235.99

This modern chair has a one-touch, five-level multi-function seat control to reduce the number of knobs and handles needed to change your seat's settings. The firm cushioning on the seat reduces the amount of stress accumulated during long sitting periods. There are dozens of ways to customize this chair to personalize it to your own comfort, such as armrest height adjustment, seat angle adjustment, tilt tension adjustment and forward pitch adjustment. The seat also has minimal chemical emissions, meaning the chemicals used for making the seat won't have a negative impact on the indoor air quality.

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