You might be in the middle of remodeling, repainting or redecorating your house when you suddenly realize that your old window curtains just aren't cutting it. However, when you begin reviewing your options for new ones, it's easy to become overwhelmed. There are so many options of fabrics, finishes, colors and curtain rods, it's hard to know what will look best in your room. Here are some of the most popular types of curtains and how to use them to make your room look incredible:

Different Types Of Curtains

Though there are many different colors, lengths and fabrics curtains can come in, a key difference between different types are the types of pleats. These pleats not only affect how they hang on a rod, but how the curtains drape and fall.

Box Pleated Curtains

box pleat beige window curtains

Box pleated curtains offer a tailored appearance to your space and are one of the most formal types of curtains. With deep folds running down the entire length of the fabric, the box shapes line up parallel with each other for a polished, pleated look. This curtain choice is a classic that will never go out of style and is best displayed in more formal areas of your home, such as a dining room, lounge or study.

Though they can be made with many different types of fabric, these curtains aren't as flowy and billowy as many other types and do well when made from heavier materials such as velvet.

Eyelet Curtains

yellow patterned eyelet curtains on silver rod

Eyelet curtains are also called Grommet curtains because of the rings (grommets) woven into the top of the curtains that hold the fabric and that the rod goes through. This option is a traditional look for bedrooms, particularly a child's bedroom, and should be made with light to medium-weight fabrics. The curtains hang loosely on the rod and easily open and close to your preference.

Because the curtain rod is visible with eyelet curtains, it's important to purchase a wooden or metal rod that goes well with your chosen curtains and has decorative finials for a more attractive appearance.

Goblet Pleat Curtains

goblet pleat curtains on white isolated background

Another formal style, goblet pleat curtains get their name from the pleat at the top of the fabric that resembles a wine glass. This style is best for large, long windows in rooms with high ceilings and give off an aura of elegance, making them perfect for a dining room, lounge or master bedroom. Because these drapes are so formal, it's best for them remain stationary and work to frame a window. So if you like to frequently open or close your curtains, this might not be the style for you.

Pinch Pleated Curtains

white pinch pleated curtains on light wooden rod

Pinch pleated curtains are one of the most common choices for pleated curtains. This style is a series of spaced pleats that are pinched toward the top of the curtain, allowing the fabric to cascade and fan out down the length of the curtain. Because the pinch isn't right at the top, the fabric creates mini fans along the top of the curtains to give it a decorative flair.This style is even more formal than box pleated curtains, and is typically used for dining rooms. Pinch pleated curtains can be two-finger pinch pleats through five-finger pinch pleats, and as the number of pleats at the top of the fabric rises, the fullness of your curtains increases. Three-finger pleats are the most common.

Rod-Pocket Panel Curtains

rod pocket curtains framing a window during sunset

Rod-pocket panel curtains consist of lightweight fabrics that are usually unlined for a more casual look. Instead of rings, the curtain rod simply slips through a channel sewn into the top of the curtains. You can bunch up the fabric or extend it down the length of the rod, but because it isn't easily adjustable like the eyelet curtains, this style is best for windows where the curtains will remain stationary, either opened or closed to the sunlight.

Tab Top Curtains

tab top curtains blue and orange stripes

Tab top curtains are similar to eyelet curtains, but instead of grommets this curtain has loops of fabric that the rod goes through. Also, the curtain hangs flat from these tabs with no pleat, which makes this a great style for showcasing the patterns or prints of the fabric. They work well with any type of fabric and are great for a casual space such as a family room or bedroom.

Tailored Pleat Curtains

beige curtains on beige walls with wooden floor

Tailored pleat curtains are similar to pinch pleat curtains, but instead of the pinch being a few inches below the hem, it is right at the top. This eliminates the fan of fabric along the top of the curtain, which gives it a more casual vibe. These curtains look best when made from a lightweight fabric and can be used in any space.

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