As the seasons shift, it's normal to want to beautify your abode. Rather than a full-scale renovation, we have some DIY room décor tips that will easily spruce up your space. A little change in hardware, freshening of paint, and pretty plants can make any room feel like an entirely new dwelling.

colorful cans of spray paint

Frame Facelift

One quick and painless way to change up your décor is to update picture frames. Consider adding a chic metallic finish to a plain wooden or plastic frame for a noteworthy improvement. All you'll need is spray paint, which is cheaply and readily available at local big box and home stores, or online. We recommend completing this frame project in an open garage or outdoor area with plenty of ventilation.

1. Cover the floor or working surface with newspapers or a drop cloth so paint doesn't get on anything.

2. Remove the photograph or artwork from the frame, and put on some latex or cloth gloves to protect your hands.

3. You're ready to spray your frame, so get right to it. Make sure to spray carefully and evenly. You can even do multiple coats, based on your color saturation preference.

4. Allow adequate time for the paint to dry, according to the directions found on the can.

5. Once it's dry, simply pop your photo or piece of art back in your newly improved frame, and you're all done! With just $5 and a bit of time, this can easily up your frame game and elevate your living space.

succulents in a pot

Succulent Success

Not only do plants help filter our indoor air, they are also quite lovely to behold. So why not add some green gorgeousness to your home? Succulents require such little maintenance that they are a favorite of ours. Plus, we like using inventive containers to add more visual interest. Something like a cute coffee mug, cool patterned vase, or barn wood planter are just a few options. You'll want to tackle this activity out of doors to avoid a mess inside.

1. Start by filling your chosen receptacle with the proper soil; succulents, like cacti, need porous soil to encourage fast drainage.

2. Next, simply plant your succulents, making sure not to overcrowd so they have room to grow.

3. As an optional bit of flair, we love adding some cute touches like pretty rocks, moss, or decorative elements.

4. For upkeep, water your succulents lightly once a week, and expose to some sunlight. Adding an organic element like succulents to your space will truly spruce it up!

stacked drawers with different handles

Dress Up Your Drawers

Another easy way to improve any room is to update the hardware on your furniture. If you have an antique wooden dresser, you can remove those dated handles, and replace with something modern and sleek for more clean lines. A cheapie end table can transform into a unique piece with the proper hardware.

1. First, simply count how many pieces (handles) you want to replace.

2. Then, head to your local home improvement store or vintage décor store. There will be so many options at all different price points, you're sure to find something you love that will effortlessly enhance your furniture.

3. Next, make sure to have a screwdriver available to help remove and replace your hardware, and you're good to go with this project. Just be careful not to scratch the surface with the tools you're using.

It's so simple to elevate any living space with just a few key touches!

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