What Is A Cuban Mop?

You've seen the string mop, the sponge mop, the mechanical mop, mops that even come with packs of disposable towels and more. But what exactly does a Cuban mop do? If you live in South Florida, particularly Miami, or live in a Cuban household, then you may have heard of this handy household cleaning item. Also referred to as a T-stick or stick mop, a Cuban mop is basically a wooden mop that is shaped like a T, to balance a rag or towel on the end for mopping. It's highly effective and a lot less costly than most mops on the market.

Cuban mops put other mops to shame because not only do they clean much better than the popular variety, you can just throw whatever towel you're using into the washing machine for reuse. The Cuban mop also fits nice and tidy into small corners for storage without the hassle of air drying. Unlike conventional mops, which can get pretty nasty over time, the Cuban mop encourages you to interchange the cloth, preventing bacteria from accumulating on your freshly washed floors.

Cuban mop

How to Use a Cuban Mop

A Cuban mop is very easy and effective to use and can be paired with any absorbent material that is clean, such as towels, old t-shirts, and reusable mop cloths, which does the job of picking up dirt and grime exceptionally well. So well, in fact, that they've become staples in a variety of households. No need for the bells and whistles, as Cuban mops are simple and effective. If you are using a towel or a cloth, you will find that cutting a hole in the middle will make draping it over your mop a breeze. All you'll need is your favorite cleaning product, your cloth of choice and you're good to go!

1. Fill a bucket with your favorite floor cleaner and water.

2. Place the cloth into the soapy solution, then squeeze extra product out.

3. Place the mop handle through the hole of the towel and slip onto the base, then fold the cloth over both sides.

4. Once you're done cleaning, place cloth into the washer and dryer for reuse.

Alternate Way to Drape the Mop

cuban mop cloths

Another method of draping your mop is by folding it over the head, which is how it's traditionally done. Once you get the hang of it, you won't have to use the hole method, but either way works. You may choose whichever method suits you.

  1. Place cloth into the soapy solution, then wring it out.
  2. Place the cloth flat on the floor, with the long side parallel to you.
  3. Place base of mop at the center of the cloth, longways.
  4. Beginning at the bottom edge, fold one corner over the top of the mop head.
  5. Fold the other both corner over the top of the mop head. Repeat for the remaining two corners.
  6. Capture the loose ends by lifting the mop slightly towards you, then push the mop along the floor to proceed.

Cuban mops are a common household cleaning staple in many Cuban families as an alternative to conventional mop brands. Not only are they less expensive, but are more convenient. The rustic appeal of the Cuban mop adds a bit of charm while you clean and although it isn't a widely known home tool, it will surely keep you, your wallet and your floors happy.

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