The dining table is the spot in your home where friends and family gather to eat and socialize. You'll want your dining table to be the focal point of that room, and it's important to find the decor that matches your tastes. Check out a few tricks for making that dining room table stand out.

Match Your Home

An essential part of decorating your dining room table is to make sure the table, chairs and accessories blend with the overall theme of your home. If the rest of your home is retro, you probably won't want to put a 19th-century Italian table and chairs set in your dining room. Focus on using other aspects of your home to incorporate into your dining room decor. For example, if you find yourself a fan of beach decor, r table runners and napkins that are light shades of blue will fit that style perfectly, and adding a seashell or driftwood as a centerpiece will make the whole room that much more complete.

Add Layers

kitchen table with a bowl and a pine cone in the middle

Layering items allows you to add dimensions and complementary colors to the room. Stacking a set of matching dinner plates and topping it with a bowl or folded napkin helps your dining table stand out. Layering tablecloths and table runners can be effective as well, as they'll add to the decor while also protecting your table from any messes.


table with napkins and glasses up high

Height is key to adding dimensions to your table, and this can be achieved by adding various centerpieces that blend into your dining area. Try arranging tall candles or flowers that pair well the tablecloths. Clear vases are also a nice addition because they shine well in sunlight and don't completely obstruct the view of your guests sitting around the table.

Switch It Up For The Holidays

When certain holidays roll around, adapting your dining table to specific themes is crucial. Revamp your decor for each holiday by meticulously choosing matching tablecloths and centerpieces that coordinate with the day. Add a small pumpkin, gourds, squash or pinecones for an autumn-themed table that will be beautiful during Thanksgiving. When Christmas rolls around, add a green and red tablecloth with your favorite Christmas decorations as a centerpiece.


Perfecting the lighting will make your room stand out and help set the mood. The shape of the room and the dining table will determine what light you end up choosing -- a round table should have a round light fixture hanging above it, whereas rectangle tables call for a more linear or oval fixture. If you have an especially large dining table, larger light fixtures such as a chandelier will complement the table nicely. Having multiple light sources is important as well, so don't just stick to the overhead light -- it's important to let in natural light through a window and have secondary light sources along the walls as well.

Choose The Right Table and Chairs

a dining room with natural light and a chandelier

The table and chairs you choose need to reflect your needs and your tastes. It's important not to buy a large table if you won't be having big gatherings. Choose a round table if your home is smaller, as it allows you to fit more guests without taking up lots of space. You want to find a table that fits comfortably in the room that also allows people to move around it with ease. Chairs are more straightforward -- you want to pick matching chairs that are comfortable and a proper fit for the table. The arms of your dining room chairs should be able to slide fully under the table.

Don't Forget About The Walls

Even a great table that's properly decorated will look underwhelming without the right surroundings. Place some wall art around the room to complement the dining room set. You don't want to overload the walls with multiple pictures or a giant elaborate work of art -- just a few pieces spaced evenly around the room to fill it up and make the dining room really stand out.

Keep It Simple

If you worry about overdoing it when it comes to your dining room, keeping it simple is a safe and effective way to go about decorating it. Straight forward artwork on the walls will fill up the walls without anything too distracting, and a simple overhead light fixture will do just fine. Match the tablecloths with the walls, and then filling the centerpiece with a small potted plant or a few little candles will still look outstanding even with the minimalist approach.

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