In our modern world, technology has become a mainstay of our lives. From televisions to state of the art appliances, devices are practically everywhere, helping make our days a little bit easier. However, cords and wires can take a toll on the appearance of your space, which can not only make your environment more cluttered but can add even more day to day stress.

The good news is that there are several ways to hide computer and tv wires. While some of the benefits include a less messy appearance, other reasons for cleaning up your tech space includes less of a likelihood of causing a fire, overheating and outages. If you are looking to conceal and secure your tech, here are some ways to take a sleeker approach so that you don't get your wires crossed.

Add Some Style

Computer console

If you are placing your computer desk in a position where your wire could possibly hang in plain sight, then consider repositioning it and your computer if you use a desktop. The more expensive route would be to drill a hole in your desk and planting an outlet into the floor, or you could utilize an outlet in the wall and hide with rugs, books and other and accessories.

Test the position of yourself and the monitor before committing to a location and try to set your desk in a position where the wires will be furthest away from the door, which can also then be obstructed with decorations. Once you've picked a location, purchase multiple zip ties, zip mounts, surge protectors and velcro to gather all your wires into one large grouping, then tucked and clipped into place underneath the desk.

Get a Charging Station

Charging Statiopn

Charging stations are exceptionally handy tools because they help to charge all your devices in one tidy place. Most charging stations can handle a laptop, phone, and tablet or other devices. Most importantly, charging stations also enable you to use only one outlet, so you aren't taking up multiple ones, which means less running around trying to charge all your devices, freeing up other outlets.

Some charging stations even have built-in chargers, while others may require that you incorporate your own. Charging stations don't have to be limited to your computer console as they can be placed by your front door, or wherever you need, for easy access. Charging stations can also prevent one from constantly checking your device, which can also save time.

Use Flatwire


There's wire, then there's flatwire, a state-of-the-art system of wiring the home, without the bulk that comes with conventional wiring. Flat wire works just like any other wiring, except it is flat, so that you can conceal more easily. Unlike regular wiring, which you may hide by tying and clipping, flatwire enables you to place the wire in your home or office walls, to be painted over, a much easier solution for those who desire a wireless appearance.

Flatwire is best installed by a professional and while it may be a dream to have a completely wireless home or office, flatwire lends the wireless look without doing damage to your walls or floors. This type of wiring is also best used with low voltage systems and can be used for a television, computer, and even storing video data.

Place Cables Behind the Wall

Mounted television in living space

A mounted television entails installing a tv on or within a wall without the need for a console or desk to place it upon. One of the advantages is that you gain extra space for storage rather than taking up room for a device. Mounted televisions can appear very sleek but can look tacky when wires are dangling from it. Instead, drill two holes in the wall-one behind the television, and one next to an outlet. it's especially important that you aren't hitting any studs, so acquire a stud finder before undergoing this project. Once your holes are drilled, install cable plates for mounting, then run the cords from the top to the bottom plate and into your outlet. If your cords are too short, then you may purchase a cable kit, specially made for mounting televisions.

Use Wicker Baskets

wicker baskets

Perhaps you have cords dangling and poking out from behind the television or computer console and onto the floor. This can look quite ugly when they are scattered all over the place. A wicker basket is an easy solution for keeping all technological mess contained. Wicker baskets are great at concealing and they're airy construction helps prevent wire overheating. Simply run any stray cords through the wicker baskets handles and slide the wicker baskets back into your television console. If your tv stand or console doesn't have a place to fit any baskets, floor baskets with lids make a wonderful alternative.

Cords and wires can be a pain. However, with the right tools and know-how, you can take your space from distressed to a serene in little time. Keep these tips in mind for hiding stray wires in your space for a more elegant touch.

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