Command hooks are a lifesaver. All you have to do is peel off the strip on the back and stick--no drills or handyman skills required. Another great advantage of command hooks is that they are easy to remove, leaving no holes in the wall. These hooks are not just for hanging picture frames or canvases. They can be used for a multitude of things. Here is a list of genius ways you can hang anything using command hooks.

Hang Curtains

command hook curtain rod

Who needs a drapery hook when you have a pair of command hooks to hang your curtains? All you have to do is place a hook on each side of the window. Then, place your curtain rod across the hooks. Voila! You have a curtain fixture without the holes in your wall. It is worth mentioning that these hooks have a weight limit of 3 pounds so be cognizant of the weight of your curtain fabric.

Organize Your Jewelry

You haven't felt real frustration until you've reached for your favorite necklace just to find it in a tangled mess. Alleviate this stress by using command hooks to organize your jewelry. First, pick out a space for your jewelry station. Place the hooks and the wall and place one piece of jewelry per hook. This should make getting dressed and accessorizing so much easier.

Kid's Room Makeover

kids bedroom command hooks

If you're a parent, you've stepped on too many crayons and legos to count. Organize your kid's bedroom with command hooks. First, place hooks on a convenient place on the wall within your kids reach. Then place small buckets on hooks and put art supplies and legos in the buckets. For extra organization, label the buckets.

Key Hanger

Are you constantly looking for your keys? Putting a command hook next to your front door may be a smart idea. Grab a command clear mini hook and place on an area next to your door. If you want to be decorative, you can craft your own canvas for your keys.

Coat and Purse Hanger

While you're in a rush, the last thing you want to do it look for your purse or backpack. Solve this problem by having a command hook serve as a handbag hanger. Place the command hooks or decorative knobs in your entry and hang your backpack or handbag. To add a creative flair to your entryway, feel free to hang a mirror, so you can check your hair before leaving.

Hanging a Wreathe

wreathe command strip

Don't dare reach for a drill when you want to hang your seasonal wreathe! Instead, reach for a command hook to assist with your seasonal decorations. All you have to do is place it on your door and hang out wreathe. You can even use these hooks for wreathe storage. Just choose an extra space in your home or in a closet and place command hooks where you want your wreaths to be stored.

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