Spruce up your space with some lively hanging greenery! We love this DIY mason jar hanging planter. It's a great way to step up your indoor garden game.

What You'll Need

  • mason jars or recycled jars
  • string or twine
  • potting soil
  • scissors
  • succulent
  • pebbles
  • hook for hanging
homemade knotted hanging planters


Step #1: Prep Step

Cut twine or colored string into 8 equal lengths, about 24 inches long for a normal-sized mason jar. If using smaller recycled jam jars, cut smaller pieces of string, about 18 inches. If using larger glass jar (from pasta sauce) cut more like 34 inches. Knot one of the ends together.

Step #2: String Success

Divide strings up into four pairs, then knot each pair about three inches from the base knot. Take the outside strings from the first row of knots, and tie with the outside strings of an adjacent knot for a basket-like look about three more inches up. Continue repeating until there's enough space for your container, plus some extra. Size can vary based on your aesthetic preference. Set aside.

succulent in mason jar on wooden background

Step #3: Pretty Planters

Add about ½ inch to an inch of pebbles to the bottom of your container; this helps promote healthy drainage for your plants. Follow up with a layer of soil, and carefully add your plant to the jar.

Step #4: Final Touches

Gently place finished plant into string hanger. Tie the strands together at the top. Add a hook for hanging, and find a place for your greenery to pop! We love in windows or against office walls. Repeat this project until you have groups of hanging planters to pair together for an even cooler look. Mix it up with different colored string and shapes of succulents for an eclectic blend.

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