Lovely flowers crafted from paper have so many applications. We can't wait to show you how to make radiant paper roses, pretty paper poppies, and terrific paper tulips. Read on for our DIY guide to all things fun and floral!

craft supplies for paper flowers

Paper Roses

Roses are a classic flower and make a perfect starting point for our faux flower journey. Make multiple roses for a simple bouquet, or mix and match with other types for a more modern look.

What You'll Need

  • rose flower cut out
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • pink, red, or yellow crepe paper
  • green crepe paper
  • pen or pencil
  • clear tape


Step #1: Template Time

Download and print cutouts template. Trace onto crepe paper, then cut out petals...5 teardrops, 15 heart, 1 calyx (green), two leaves (green).

Step #2: Petal Power

Using pen or pencil, gently round flower petals by rolling around the writing utensil. Then, start building your rose by affixing teardrop petals to each other with tape for the center, then building out with heart-shaped petals in layers.

Step #3: Final Touches

Around bottom of bud, wrap calyx-shaped cutout and secure with glue. Optionally add a leaf or two for extra greenery.

bunch of paper flowers

Perfect Poppies

Cheerful poppies are another great flower craft option, and they're as easy as 1-2-3! Read on for how to make a tissue paper poppy.

What You'll Need

  • multiple colors of tissue paper
  • 1/2 inch foam balls
  • floral tape
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • floral wire
  • scissors


Step #1: Charming Center

To create center of bloom, glue foam ball onto "stem" of floral wire. Wrap a couple yellow or green tissue paper squares around center to bulk it up. Next, cut a 3x1.5 inch rectangle of the same color (yellow or green) and fold in half; using scissors, cut small lines for fringe effect, and glue onto base of ball.

Step #2: Poppy Perfection

Using another color of tissue paper, cut four-inch strips. Fold into six layers, then cut into circle which makes six petals. Glue three petals around center ball, then layer with three more on top of those.

Step #3: Crunch Is Key

Gently crunch petals around center into cone-like shape. At the very base, attach a little floral tape so flower is securely fastened to wire stem. Then, open carefully and manipulate tissue paper until it resembles a poppy.

two rows of mounted paper flowers

Terrific Tulips

Tulips are a simple option for paper flower crafting, and will brighten up any home or party!

What You'll Need

  • crepe paper
  • cotton balls
  • sewing thread (same color as paper choice)
  • floral tape
  • floral wire
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks


Step #1: Pretty Petals

Cut six 5x1.5 inch strips of paper for each flower. Fold in half, then twist three times at the crease, and fold back into rectangle. With scissors, round outside edges so they resemble petals. Twist inside edges into a small point. Repeat five more times until there's six finished petals.

Step #2: Stamen Success

To create center stamen, shape cotton ball into a more compressed oval, and glue onto top of wire stem. Begin tying pointed base of petals around center with sewing thread, one at a time. Once all six are attached, carefully trim excess thread.

Step #3: Gorgeous Green

Wrap flower tape around base of flower. Then, continue wrapping down the wire until it's covered and resembles a green floral stem. Finally, fluff up petals so they open up a bit.

colorful paper flowers in a row

What To Do With Paper Flowers

Now that you know exactly how to craft homemade paper flowers, what can you actually do with them? There are plenty of cool options for these beauties. Some brides choose to use them instead of fresh flowers for wedding festivities. You can even attach them to a hair tie or bobby pin for an unexpected piece of hair flair. In similar fashion, faux flowers can be attached to a dashing gentleman's lapel or to a vintage brooch. They can also be used as decor around the home, to make a party pop, or as favors for a shower. The possibilities are truly endless!

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