The right plants have the power to transform a home or garden into something extraordinary. With all the different varieties of plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits, you really do have a bottomless pit of possibilities. But, when all is said and done and you've got your garden ready to go, it's time to face the harsh reality that we can't cater to our plants 24/7. So, when you have thirsty greenery awaiting fresh water, what do you do? A self-watering planter is what! Adding the best self-watering planter to your gardening tools will guarantee that you give the very best care to your plants.

Best Indoor Self-Watering Planters

Lechuza 15577 Delta 20 Self-Watering Garden Planter

lechuza self watering planter
  • Costs $49.99
  • Weighs 4.5 pounds

This planter is a little on the pricier side, but its larger size and sleek design make it a must-have self-watering planter for any indoor plants you have. You can leave this planter on the windowsill so your plants will get enough sun while also getting the water it needs in case you forget to water it or you're heading out of town.

This model comes with an easy-to-read water reservoir that you can keep an eye on throughout the days. The reservoir has a water-level indicator that you can monitor to see when more water needs to be added without needing to worry about your plants drying up.

The Lechuza is best used for indoor plants, so keep that in mind as well if this is the one you had your eye on. The good news is that this particular self-watering planter has a liner that you can remove from the planter so you can wash away any dust that might accumulate indoors.

Misco Flare Self Watering Planter

misco self-watering planter
  • Costs $13.99
  • Weighs 2.6 pounds

This larger, light-weight self-watering planter will allow you to place your bigger plants without any worry. One of the best features of this one is that if you leave it in direct sunlight, the planter won't overheat or absorb the heat, which means that you can forget about any moisture loss. It comes with a built-in reservoir that reaches all the way to the lifeblood of your plants: the roots and only distributes water every few days so you won't be greeted by drowned greenery.

This model also comes with a lip that shows you how much water has been given and you can go safely from there. It might look a little clunky to handle when you first see it, but it's specifically designed to ensure that you have an easier time moving it around if you ever need to transport it.

Technically you can use this for outdoor plants as well, but its design makes it better suited for indoor plants in our opinion.

Rely2016 Self Watering Hanging Flower Planter

self watering wall planters
  • Cost $5.49 - $19.99
  • Weighs 4 oz.

The main thing on everyone's mind is usually cost. So, if you're looking for something reliable without a high cost, then you can look into getting a self-watering planter that can be placed right on the wall.

This particular model is made of a high-quality plastic that's accompanied by a chic design you can add just about anywhere in the home. It has a removable inner basket and cotton rope and lets you choose from three different sizes depending on what you're planting. What's so special about this model is that it doesn't matter if you're planting flowers or herbs, the three sizes will give you total control over where to hang your plants and how to give them the best care. Plus, who wouldn't like a self-watering wall planter for herbs that you can pluck right off the wall and use in a meal?

You can also use this planter outside, but we like using it inside due to the smaller sizes and the overall aesthetic appeal of having hanging plants in the home.

Best Outdoor Self-Watering Planters

Mr. Stacky Self Watering 3 Tier Stackable Garden Vertical Planter Set

stackable self watering planter
  • Costs $24.99 - $26.99
  • Weighs 2 pounds

Now here's an outdoor planter any gardener can get onboard with. A stackable self-watering planter is a perfect solution for those who don't want to spend tons of money on more than one planter or those who are growing herbs, fruits, or vegetables.

All you need to do is add some water to the top pot and you'll be able to keep 12 plants happy. The little drainage holes and tray at the bottom prevent any spillage from happening and won't leave any stains behind. That's really all there is to it. This particular planter is great if you're looking to maintain a significant amount of small flowers or small, yummy fruits like strawberries. Oh, did we mention that this is a good option for cacti as well?

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of this planter is that you can still start a garden even if you're limited on space or don't have the resources to start a garden in your yard. Purchasing a few of these and keeping smaller plants will satisfy your green thumb for a fraction of the cost.

GlowPear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter

a glowpear planter box
  • Costs $90.76 - $147.99
  • Weighs 7.5 - 15.5 pounds

A more expensive self-watering planter might not appeal to some people, but to those with larger gardens and a little more money to blow, it's a good route to take. The GlowPear model comes in a variety of sizes for your gardening needs; depending on the size you go for, the price will obviously increase, but not by too much. All the models are designed for growing tons of different greenery, including fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs.

Given that it can grow a larger amount of plants you'll need a self-watering planter that offers good protection for your green friends and an easy watering method. Well, rest easy because this comes with both of those things. This model has a drip tray to ensure surface protection and you even have connector hoses that allow you to link multiple water modules together.

Plus, this model is made from 100% recyclable materials.

EarthBox 1010011 Garden Kit

the earthbox garden kit
  • Costs $71.42 - $114.98
  • Weighs 20 pounds

The EarthBox is a little on the pricier side, but once we tell you about all the features it comes with, you'll know why. This model is on the larger side, which gives you an easier time planting bigger quantities of veggies, fruits, herbs, and flowers. At a heavier weight, you might need some help transporting it around the yard but this model has you covered with wheels on the bottom. The entire kit also comes with fertilizer, mulch covers, dolomite, and two germination covers. Of course, it also comes with a water fill tube, which is simple to use and just another addition this kit has to help you garden better.

It's a sturdy, reliable model that comes with everything you need to get started. So, if you've never done gardening before, then you should look into getting this self-watering planter specifically because it helps new gardeners.

One of our favorite things about the Earthbox is that it comes with an overflow hole to rid of any excess water in the reservoir.

DIY Option

Soda Bottle Self-Watering Planter

soda bottle self watering plant

Not everyone wants to dump their dough on a self-watering planter when you can make one yourself. You can create something cheap and equally effective with just a few soda bottles, string, and soil. A soda bottle planter only requires that you cut a bottle in half, weave some cotton string wicks through holes cut in the caps, fill the bottle with soil, and then continue layering until you reach the top. You'll want to spread out the wicks throughout the soil so the roots can find the string as the plant grows. Pretty cool, huh? Not to mention, this is way cheaper than any of the other planters on this list!

Getting a self-watering planter for your garden is one of the best ways to ensure that your greenery is taken care of if you're forgetful or heading out on vacation. Your plants will thank you for it and you'll come home to thriving life!

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