Dust mites are microscopic arthropods and are present in every home. They're also one of the most common causes of year-round allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, an itchy nose, and sneezing. We've done our research and broken down a handful of effective ways to limit dust mite activity in your household. Read on for our best tips to tackle these diminutive pests:

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How To Handle Dust Mites

Fear The Fiber

Dust mites thrive in dark, warm places such as rugs, carpet, drapery and upholstered furniture. If possible, try to limit these fibrous options in your home in favor of easy-to-clean wood or vinyl flooring, leather couches and plastic blinds. If you can't part with carpet, make sure to steam clean once a week at 140 degrees. For rugs and window coverings that are removable, wash once a week at 140 degrees. This is just one way to help limit your dust mite exposure.

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Blissful Bedding

Another spot that is a haven for dust mites is your bed; this is because they primarily feed on shed human skin that is present in your bedding. The most effective way to combat these critters is to wash bedding weekly at 140 degrees. Additionally, it would be helpful to purchase allergen-impermeable covers for your mattress and pillows. This means the mites won't be able to get to those surfaces. Take our word for it, this bedding step is crucial in your battle against dust mites.

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Forget Fido

As much as we love our doggos, their dander attracts and satiates dust mites. So, it's best to keep pets out of the bedroom altogether, since they are another common source of household allergies. Ideally, pets would have their indoor spots limited to a few rooms that have wood or tile flooring. If that's not possible, at the very least do not allow them into the bedrooms.

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Troublesome Temperature

One other weapon you can use against dust mites is to strategically regulate the temperature of your home. Aim for 70 degrees, which is comfortable for humans but uncomfortable for dust mites, which prefer warmer temperatures. Added bonus? You'll save a few bucks on your heating bill with this tip.

Remember, dust mites can't be avoided or completely eradicated, but with our fabulous four tips you'll stand a fighting chance and be able to limit your exposure to these pesky pests.

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