We've all been there. The duvet cover has been freshly laundered and smells lightly of lavender. But instead of feeling pumped for checking another item off our household to-do list, we're deflated. Just thinking about getting the duvet back on the bed has us dreading the task at hand. The last thing we feel like doing after laundry is wrestling with our pesky comforter as we try to force it evenly into the duvet.

Thankfully, we have carefully curated three unique options for how to put on a duvet the best way. We'll first break down why duvets are actually awesome, plus those multiple ways to tackle this formerly annoying chore. After reading our guide, duvets will surely get your seal of approval. Read on for our tried-and-true tips!

Duvet All Day

rumpled duvet and pillows

A duvet is a type of bedding that is essentially a soft fabric bag, the duvet cover, filled with either down, feathers, or a comforter. The cover is basically like a pillowcase that should snuggly fit your heaviest blanket. Duvet sets are great because you can remove the cover and easily wash it, instead of continually bringing your fancy comforter to the dry cleaner. You can also switch out the blankets inside to lighter or heavier based on the seasons without changing the look of your bedroom. Now that we know what duvet sets are and why they are popular, let's explore some easy ways to put on a duvet cover.

Method #1: Inside Out

woman making bed

This approach is simple yet brilliant. Essentially, you begin by turning the duvet cover inside out. Next, locate the corners of your comforter (what will go inside the duvet). Shake the coverlet down over the top of your blanket as you hold the corners of the blanket. Finally, snap, zipper, or securely fasten the duvet like normal. Bing-bang-boom and you're all done!

Method #2: Binder Clips

binder clips on white background

This way is great because you likely already have the key ingredient, binder clips, forgotten on your desk. You'll begin by carefully putting the duvet into the duvet cover, one corner at a time. Then, secure each corner with one of your binder clips and spread the combined set onto your bed. Next, crawl (under) into the center of the bedspread and lift it so the sides fall around you like a parachute in gym class. Shake the inside so the sides fall evenly into the coverlet. Lastly, get out from underneath and spread the finished product back over the bed. It should be nice and evenly distributed, despite all that movement. Remove the binder clips and you're all done.

Method #3: The Burrito Roll

white bedroom set with duvet

Perhaps the most inventive of the three, the burrito plan is basically roll, pull through, and unroll. Marvelous. You'll begin by laying out the cover, inside out, then placing the duvet innards on top. Then, roll them together beginning at the closed end of the coverlet; you'll end up with a two ingredient bed burrito. Cozy! Next, open the cover, reach in, and grab the end of the burrito and pull it through the cover. Repeat with the other end of the cover and the middle as well. Finally, unroll the whole thing and smooth out over your bed. Ta-da! You're all done.

In conclusion, you'll be amazed how quickly you can easily accomplish the task of putting your duvet cover on using these three distinct methods. Try them all and choose your favorite for easy bedding laundering for life.

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