Beds are important. They are the place we sleep, rest, and recharge our batteries at night. Also, if you care about aesthetics, beds are the centerpiece of your bedroom. The bedding is often the first thing that catches your eye. For all of these reasons and more, picking a duvet you love is extremely important.

If you're unclear about the proper definition of a duvet, you can be forgiven. The word commonly refers to one thing in Europe, and a different thing entirely in the United States. It gets a little confusing.

Duvet is a French word. It translates to "down comforter". In the United States, however, when people speak of a duvet, they are usually speaking not of the comforter, but the cover. It's kind of like a pillowcase, but for a blanket. For the purpose of this article, when we use the word duvet, we will be using it to refer to the cover, as is the custom in the United States.

If you recently bought a new comforter, you may wonder if you need a duvet. The answer is, you don't. Your new comforter can keep you plenty warm without one. But duvets are highly desirable in certain circumstances. Read on to learn more about the reasons you may want to purchase a duvet.

Duvets Are Washable

Two dogs sleep on a duvet.

Many comforters are not machine washable. This is can be true of some down comforters and weighted blankets. And even the ones that are washable may require the use of a commercial washer or dryer. These are not something the typical person has in their house.

If you don't wash your comforter, it will eventually get dirty. This is true of even the most careful and fastidious individuals.

Dead skin cells, body oils, hair, and lotions will all settle over your comforter if you leave it unprotected. Not to mention the blobs of coffee and maple syrup that might adorn it if you're lucky enough to be served breakfast in bed every once in a while. And don't even get us started on the myriad of stains that mysteriously appear when you have small children and pets.

A duvet alleviates that worry. It keeps your comforter protected from stains. When it's dirty or no longer fresh you can simply remove it and throw it in your normal, residential washing machine.

Duvets Are Fashionable

A duvet with a yellow floral pattern.

If you have a down cover, chances are it's white. White can be very beautiful, but it may or may not suit for your fancy. Perhaps you prefer a bold color like red or a mint green pastel. Heck, maybe you'd like to go crazy with several colors and a pattern. You can do all that with a duvet.

Duvets come in a variety of colors and patterns to complement your decorating aesthetic. Perhaps best of all, you can change them with the season, or if the colors you've chosen go out of style.

Duvets Come In Different Fabrics

A soft, white duvet.

Do you like to sleep beneath a cool, crisp cotton? Or do you prefer something soft, plush and furry? The choice is yours with a duvet.

Duvets are available in a variety of fabrics, allowing you to pick one that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable when you sleep. Popular types of fabric include cotton, silk, and flannel.

Duvets Come In Different Price Ranges

If you just purchased a new comforter, you may not be in a position to shell out big bucks for a duvet. That's okay. Duvets don't have to be expensive. They are available at various price points, depending on the construction, thickness, fabric, and even the brand.

Duvets are functional and practical, but they can also be beautiful. Here's to lying beneath one as you enjoy a good night's sleep.

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