Gone are the days of stretching your garments over an ironing board and pressing a scorching hot iron against them. Steamers have increased in popularity given its simplicity compared to classic irons. To explain, a steamer is a tool that uses steam to remove the wrinkles from clothing. This method for releasing wrinkles is faster and greatly reduces the risk of permanently branding your clothes with the hot iron. Besides this, there are countless other reasons why you should invest in a steamer. Keep reading to find out more.

Steamers Vs. Irons

steamer and blue shirt

If you're not ready to do without your iron yet, consider some of the benefits that steaming has compared to traditional ironing. One of them being that you don't need to lug an ironing board out of the closet. Its handheld design makes it possible for you to remove wrinkles from your clothing as while its still on the hanger. This makes getting ready in the morning so much easier.

Aside from saving time in the morning, a steamer can save you money. To explain, a trip to the dry cleaners can cost you anywhere between $8 to $20, depending on what needs to be steamed. However, with the convenience of a steamer you won't need to pay to have your garments steamed, and who doesn't like to keep a little extra money in their wallets? In addition, steaming your clothes buys you time in between washes for steaming removes odor-causing bacteria and germs; thus, allowing you to freshen up your clothes without washing them. Unfortunately, irons do not have this capability.

Unlike ironing, steaming gives your clothing a relaxed finish versus a crisp finish that is achieved when ironing. Also, steaming is ideal for clothing with ruffles or pleats. Ironing works best for clothing pieces that require a crease such as dress shirts and pants, table linens, and pillow covers.

One of the best things about steamers is that it is multi-functional. Did you know that you can clean pillows, mattresses, bed skirts, bedding, carpets, and curtains with a steamer? Since it removes bacteria, they are perfect for cleaning items that cannot be easily laundered. To add, steaming upholstery eliminates allergens that attract dust mites.

How To Use A Steamer

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Begin by carefully pouring cold water into the tank. Make sure that all the parts of the steamer are secure for you don't want water seeping into other parts of the steamer. Plug it in and allow it to heat up and produce steam, this should take around 2 to 3 minutes. In the meantime, hang your garment on the pole attached if you're using a standing garment steamer, or hang it on the back of a door. Once it is heated, run the steamer or hose downward over the garment, pressing the trigger to release steam. When you're done, your clothes will be a little damp, so be sure to let them dry before putting them on.

Different Types Of Steamers

Handheld Steamers

Handheld steamers are convenient and small enough to stash in a suitcase thus making great for your on-the-go steaming needs. Travelers who find that their clothes are wrinkled upon arrival at their destination are especially fond of them. Further, handheld steamers have the highest amount of power relative to their size.

Standing Garment Steamers

Standing garment steamers are ideal for at-home and commercial use and are not suitable for travel. Given its size, it is great for handling large jobs in less amount of time. Can you imagine trying to steam your curtains with a handheld steamer? Another advantage of full-sized steamers is that you won't have to keep refilling the tank in between garments. You'll get the job done in one go. In addition, full-sized steamers usually have heat settings and detachment heads which makes them more versatile than handheld steamers.

Best Handheld Steamers

Conair ExtremeSteam HandHeld Fabric Steamer -- $29.99

Conair ExtremeSteam steamer

The Conair ExtremeSteam handheld steamer is small but has the capacity to penetrate heavy fabrics and release wrinkles 5 times faster than most steamers. A unique feature is its dual heat function which lets you alternate between low and high temperature settings.

PurSteam Elite Powerful Fabric Steamer -- $24.99

pursteam elite steamer

With the PurSteam Elite steamer, you don't have to wait ages for it to produce steam for it heats up in as little as 90 seconds. Additionally, it is gentle on fabrics like satin, nylon, cotton, wool, embroidery, and sequins.

TaoTronics Garment Steamer -- $20.99

TaoTronics steamer

The TaoTronics garment steamer can hold up to 172 ml of water and removes wrinkles in 12-15 minutes. Also, you don't have to worry about accidental spills for this steamer is guaranteed spill-proof with its stable water pump.

Best Standing Garment Steamers

J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer -- $175.98

jiffy garment steamers

The J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer makes it easy to steam long clothing pieces and curtains with its 5.5 foot long hose. To add, it is capable of 1 1/2 hours of steaming time.

Rowenta IS6300 Fabric and Garment Steamer -- $139.99

Rowenta steamer

Unlike many other standing garment steamers, the Rowenta IS6300 steamer has an adjustable height telescopic pole makes it easy to store. Also, it's flexible hose makes it possible to release wrinkles from every inch of upholstery and curtains.

Conair Compact Upright Fabric Steamer -- $59.51

conair standing garment steamer

The Conair Upright Fabric Steamer removes wrinkles in a pinch with its 1200 watts of power and 360-degree rotating hanger. You'll also enjoy its compact design and adjustable height pole for storage.

Tips for Steaming

  • The fabrics most ideal for steaming are wool, wool blends, silk, cashmere and other delicate synthetic blends.
  • Avoid steaming suede, plastic, or waxed jackets for they may melt.
  • For a garment that is severely wrinkled, steam it from the outside and inside.
  • Never steam your clothes while you're wearing them. Ouch!
  • Move the steamer or steaming wand in a sweeping motion and gently tug the fabric to help release wrinkles.
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