Wrinkled clothing can make anyone's attire less than favorable; when you have an important meeting at work or a job interview coming up, unironed clothes can be a bummer. Not everyone has an iron, though, and even so, not everyone has the time to fix their outfit before heading out the door. So, what's a person to do? Stop panicking for one thing because these methods will help get you out of a crinkly mess!

How To Get Wrinkles Out Without An Iron

Bring Your Clothes In The Shower

a shower head

Don't turn the fan on just yet because the steam from a nice hot shower will help you get those wrinkles out. Before you hop into the shower, hang your clothes on a clean shower rod and make sure the doors and windows are closed. Keep the clothing as close to the steam as possible without getting the garment wet and once your routine is all done your wrinkles will have softened entirely. It typically takes about 10-15 minutes of steam to get those wrinkles out.

Use The Steam From A Kettle

I know what you're thinking: if I don't have the time to iron my clothing how would I have the time to shower? You're right! There's a faster method you can try and all it takes is a kettle. Boil a pot of water and hold the clothing about a foot away from the steam. The only thing you need to be wary of is that this method works best on small wrinkles and the larger ones might loosen but not disappear.

Break Out The Hair Dryer

an isolated hair dryer on a table

Still looking for a faster way? Look no further than your trusted hair dryer. Lay your article of clothing out flat and hold the blow dryer about 1-2 inches away before blasting it with hot air. Dampen the clothing slightly and keep at it until the wrinkles flatten. You're guaranteed to be left with a fresh garb.

Toss Some Ice In the Dryer

Chucking a wrinkled item of clothing in the dryer is already a good enough method on its own, but you can add something to it. If you throw in one or two large ice cubes and turn the dryer on high, you'll create steam that helps to straighten out unruly clothing. All you need is about 10-15 minutes in the dryer and the majority of your creases will disappear. Try not to add too much ice, but if you have larger cubes in your house you may need those because the regular ones won't stand a chance against the heat of a dryer.

Grab A Flat Iron

This one can be a little tricky, but if you do it just right you'll be left with ironed clothing. After all, there's a reason why it's called a flat iron! It works best on collars, but you can also use a straightener on smaller wrinkles in other clothing. Just watch out that you're not turning the heat up too high because that's a good way to burn your outfits.

Boil A Pot Of Water

a pot of boiling water on the stove

This is easily one of the most well-known tips out there. All you need to do is fill a pot with water and wait for it to boil. As soon as it does dump the water out and use the bottom of the pot as your iron. The remaining steam is enough to act as a makeshift iron. Just make sure that the bottom of the pot is completely clean so you don't iron stains on there. Also, take care not to burn your clothing or your hands by leaving the pot on one spot for too long.

How To Avoid Wrinkled Clothing

So, now you know how to get wrinkles out without an iron but how do you prevent them in the first place? You can be more mindful of a few things to ensure your clothing doesn't wrinkle on you prematurely.

Nail Down Your Laundry Routine

For the most part, we all know how to do our laundry without turning our underwear pink... right? There are some additional hacks to learn, though, that will keep your clothing wrinkle-free. Follow the labels and sort your clothing by fabric and temperatures to avoid wrinkles.

Wait For Your Clothes To Cool

clothing in a wicker basket next to folded towels and a bottle of detergent

It might be tempting to grab warm and dry laundry right from the dryer, but try to resist. Wearing clothing that's even a little bit damp brings on the creases so wait until everything is dry and cool before snuggling into your favorite sweater.

Purchase Anti-Wrinkle Sprays

One of the easiest ways you can prevent creases is to spritz your clothing with a store-bought or homemade anti-wrinkle spray. There are lots of recipes out there for a spray that you can check out but if you don't want to make one then you can always grab one online or in stores.

Knowing how to get wrinkles out without an iron is one of the best tips you can carry with you into adulthood. These simple tips to keep your clothing looking its best will save you from a wrinkly outfit spoiling the day.

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