Let's be real, people. Of all the things you could do with your friends, helping them move is one of the least fun activities ever. It sucks a good portion right out of your day and you're almost guaranteed sore arms in the morning from lugging all those boxes around. But helping a friend is helping a friend, and even though the task doesn't seem that great we do it anyway because we're there for our buds.

Now, if you feel all these things, chances are your friends will too when the tables are turned. It can be tough to convince someone to sacrifice a weekend or two for you, but there are ways to sweeten the deal. These simple methods for making moving somewhat enjoyable will help you recruit some friends for the big day.

Give Everyone Advance Notice

a couple moving one box into a new apartment

It's common courtesy to give your friends and family advance notice that you'll need moving help. Let them know a week or two ahead of time so they can plan out their weekend and book any time off if need be. The last thing you want to do is spring a tedious task on your loved ones.

Have The Majority Of Stuff Ready To Go

We all know packing is a hassle, but that doesn't mean you should spring the job on those offering to help. Get things in order before they come over so everything is already labeled, in boxes, and ready to go. Your loved ones are there to help you move, not to help you pack or sift through junk. An added bonus of going through everything yourself is taking inventory of your things and making mental notes of better ways to declutter in the new place. Who knows, you might even take up a minimalist lifestyle.

Offer Your Helpers Some Incentives

As much as we'd like to believe our friends will always be there to offer free moving help, it would be nice to offer them something in return. If you're moving a lot of furniture into your new place or if the new apartment is a good distance away, lighten the load as much as you can. This can include buying your friends and family lunch so they have some sort of fuel to keep them going or giving them first dibs on anything you planned to donate.

If moving won't take all day or afternoon than you can offer to take them out to a nice dinner later on once everyone has had the time to relax. Even giving them gas or good faith money goes a long way.

Keep The Guests Entertained

a collection of taped up boxes in an empty apartment

Perhaps one of the worst things about helping someone move is the lack of entertainment. That doesn't mean you should all take breaks as soon as one box is loaded into the truck. What I am saying is why not play some music in the background to keep things alive? Put on someone's playlist (preferably your friend's for further incentive) or play episodes of a sitcom in the background. Keep in mind that if you're going to be "watching" television, it would be best to play something you've all seen before and agree on so it acts as background noise and not a full-blown distraction.

Do Some Of The Work Ahead Of Time

It really doesn't make any sense to wait until moving day to move. And quite frankly, there's no real reason for it either. It's precisely because of this that you should move some of your belongings on your own. If you can swing it without desperately needing moving help, bring some boxes to the new place yourself so everyone else has an easier time.

Remind Them You're There For Them

There's nothing worse than helping someone, especially a friend, and feeling that they wouldn't do the same for you in the end. Remind them that if they ever need your help, you're more than willing to come to the rescue.

Use The Time To Catch Up

a couple moving boxes into a new apartment

Regardless of how much you're moving, it's going to take some time to transfer everything over. Take an interest in your friends and use the time to catch up. You guys are going to be in an enclosed space for hours, so ask them about their day and what's new in their lives to make your friendships even stronger.

Be Sure To Thank Them

This sounds like a no-brainer and it is for the most part. You should obviously thank them for the moving help, but you can also take it up a notch and thank them in special ways. Do they have a favorite candy or brand of chips? Why not surprise them with a small gift that won't put you out of pocket but still lets them know how much you appreciate their help?

Create A Plan For All Of You

Maybe you do need some help with packing after all. If that's the case, let everyone involved know what to expect. Are you guys just moving boxes around? Do you need them to dismantle some furniture? Are the boxes overweight? Do you have a lot of stuff? Keep everyone in the loop so they know what to expect and aren't bombarded. Plus, a plan will keep things moving forward.

These are just some of the little things you can do to help your loved ones in a big way. Stick to a plan, keep things light, and make sure they're well taken care of throughout the day. Asking for moving help can be a bit tricky but it doesn't need to be when you know just how to charm everyone.

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